Big Boss Emblem: Act 3


[edit] Act 3 Briefing

Now, how do I begin with god forsaken Europe? For the most part it's strikingly similar to the other difficulties, the only difference being the amount of PMC's and the time they spend asleep after you knock them out. You really shouldn't need a guide for this, you follow him and you put to sleep the PMC's as he walks to them. Timing is everything, don't shoot too early, they will wake up and mess up everything.

Another difference is the paranoia of the resistance member, he can (quite literally) hear a pin drop and will stop frequently to look behind him, be prepared: keep your camo up, sneak quietly, go prone when necessary and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE

Please remember that if you feel as if you have taken too long, or the resistance member has been shocked and ran one too many times, it's always worth restarting from the save or beginning. That being said, remember to save at every checkpoint if you think you have done a good job (time wise).

Lets just get on with it…

Tip 1: If you wear the E.E disguise and a different face mask the PMC’s will ignore you completely, unless you brandish a weapon, go prone or roll. The resistance guy still hates you however and will panic if he sees you -_- Tip 2: If you are short on time follow the Resistance Member until he goes to the next checkpoint when he runs through save it then reload- Voilá! The Member is at the next checkpoint and all you have to do is wear the E.E disguise and run. Instead of a 30 to 40 minute run you can do it in around 7 minutes.

[edit] Eastern Europe/ Midtown S sector

Walk onto the road take your first left to initiate the resistance cut scene, just follow him at this point if you look to the left as you approach the stairwell there are some valuable ‘Anaesthetic round’ in the shadows (just beyond the Raven Sword poster). You can go on ahead and take out the first group of PMC’s if you wish, but they wake up quickly and it could be a pointless waste of ammo anyway. Tail him until you reach the first group of PMC’s. Put them to sleep and he will walk past the first group <i>(if you take too long/don’t bother shooting the guards he will back up and head up a set of steps he past a few seconds earlier and across the balcony skipping the groups of PMC’s taking him to the west side entrance of the park) He then sets his sight on the southern entrance of the park, simply take out the guards you see and watch him cross the road and move to the west side entrance of the park

Now you’re in the park tailing him. As he relieves himself against the statue take out the two guards that appeared at the Northern entrance, don’t be two hasty (they don’t sleep long) and body shots are easier to pull than headshots. Either way he will pass the two guards and leave through the Northern entrance.

Now it becomes a little bit tricky, he will head up the ramp and wait there for you to get close enough, DON’T FOLLOW HIM UP just yet…, take the low road and as you turn the corner to head north you will find two PMC guards, the second tends not to show himself readily (these are here only on The Boss Extreme) shoot the first and the second if you get the chance, if the second doesn’t appear he will tend to his sleepy comrade. Before he wakes him up put the second to sleep. Now, return to the ramp close in on the resistance and initiate his movement, immediately head back to the low road so you can see the two sleeping PMC’s. The resistance will take the stairs down from the balcony onto the low road, keep your distance and make sure the two PMC’s don’t wake up as the resistance passes. If you are not confident, pop them with a second tranq each. The resistance member will then pass safely and continue to take the northern exit out of the area.

Phew… hard bit over…

[edit] Route change????

If the resistance changes his route, just follow him and stay calm, this usually happens if you don take out the two ‘underpass PMC’s’ in time, he will take the North western exit and head through the sewers. Just tail him (watch the searchlights) and his path will eventually lead to the last area ‘MIDTOWN N SECTOR’

[edit] Midtown NE Sector


Simply follow him, he will cross the road and head north, Otacon will warn you about the search lights, but they won’t be a problem if you just follow the resistance member on the fringe section on the plaza, he keeps his nose clean and there won’t be any problems. That is until…

… he reaches an area with a balcony, you will see two PMC’s with their backs to the balcony. The cocky bastard will try to sneak behind them, unfortunately, he’s no Big Boss (like you ^_^) and the clumsy oaf will hit a paint pot causing a profound racket that alerts the PMC’s that he’s there. Before he begins his suicide run take out the PMC’s with your solar gun or Mk.2. he will then pass safely onto the final area through the north exit an onto the MIDTOWN N SECTOR

[edit] Route change????

If the resistance passed through the sewer you will eventually come upon the plaza area with the searchlights however… at the opposite end, you will be close to the guards, so go prone and crawl quietly. The resistance will take care of himself (hopefully…) and after passing the guards in the plaza you’re home free for this area just watch as he heads north (skipping the ‘clumsy oaf scene’) and the two routes will join back into one as we head to the final area.

[edit] Midtown N Sector


**Now is a good time to follow the tip in the Mission Briefing if you haven’t already been doing so, it makes this last area a cakewalk**

You should have already done this route on any of the difficulty sections you’ve been on before; the route remains unchanged (Aside for a few more PMC’s and vehicle checks, none of which should be of any concern if you follow the tip.

So basically just pass through as you do, the resistance member’s paranoia has decreased so feel free to be less cautious, but don’t push your luck, remember the difficulty setting you’re on. So just follow the obviously suspicious ‘PMC/resistance’ until you reach the speed bump signalling your coming to the end of the challenge. At this point put on the Octocamo mask and all, go prone and get the road pattern. Go to the weapons inventory and equip: Smoke grenades (Blue), Stun Grenades, Mk.2 and Solar Gun and follow the resistance member to the chapel to finish off the section.

Celebrations will be short lived… you’re now coming up on the hardest moment of the BBE challenge, are you ready?

[edit] The Bike Chase

For the sake of making this stand out I've created a separate heading. This is the BBE challenge you have been waiting for. Hopefully you've equipped all the items you wish to use (above) and are ready to go.

[edit] Church Courtyard

It all opens up with a bang, as you encounter your first enemies chuck out stun grenades, try not to throw them directly in front as you will end up damaging yourself (psyche), and take cover behind Eva to reduce any damage taken. However it will only start to heat up when Eva stops and you see the twin Gekko's flanked by PMC's at each side, making matters worse, they're gunning for you... throw two stun grenades one at each side, switch to the smoke grenade and cove the area in front with blue smoke, that should prevent you taking any damage. Quickly pan to the left and you will find another group of PMC's blocking your exit, take too long eliminating them and Eva will drive through, try to disable a few of them with stun grenades (but the chances are, you're going to take damage here. Either way, spam stun grenades continuously until you reach the next area...


[edit] Riverside West

SAVE!! (Damage dependant)

Whether or not you're going to be able to do this section depends on the damage you received in the first part, hopefully you should have made it out with atleast 3-4/5 of your life remaining. You're going to need it. If however you are damaged too badly now is a good time to use the 'PS3 clock trick' mentioned in the introduction section of this walkthrough.

All that aside, let’s get on with the chase. Immediately you are thrust into a situation that demands you make it through with no damage, as you come up too your first corner there is a congregation of PMC's and a PMC vehicle (I will refer to them as Vehicle from now on) many people find that a stun grenade lets them pass free of damage, personally I find a single smoke grenade is far more reliable, try to aim it so the smoke ejects in front of the group. You should (hopefully) make it through free of damage. You get a small rest now, a vehicle will drive up alongside the van you need to protect, take out the gunner if you can, though it's not necessary. You are more concerned with the Frogs that jump on board use your Auto Aim to take them out quickly; you really need that van to have enough stamina for the last few moments of this section. After you have shot all you need too you will eventually come up too the riverside. This area will make or break you, Eve will try heading down river only to find a blockade of PMC’s, she will then turn around and face another blockade. The one you have to deal with. Some people recommend Stun grenades, some say smoke, I say use both. Throw a stun then a smoke then a stun then a smoke, the reason you use both is that stun grenades stop the infantry while smoke stops the vehicles simple enough? Pffft… Yeah right!. Aiming is very important; each hit from vehicle turret can easily shave 1/3 of your life off. They are the top priority. Eventually Eva will turn around and head to the first blockade, ready your smoke… as you go up the ramp start throwing, as you land use the stun grenades to disable the infantry, then throw smoke, and swap between the two grenades, hopefully you wont die x_x. If your still breathing, Eva will turn around and you now have one road between you and the health replenish and a save, unfortunately the road is infested with PMC’s and Frogs, this is usually the part were I just spam stun grenades and take cover behind Evanow and again, your success is balancing on the HP you have left. Tired and weak you will launch into the final (and hardest) area.

The Van will be attacked on the last part after the blockades, don’t work about it, it should have enough HP to survive until the next area


[edit] Riverside East


now is a good time to check the mission briefing to make sure you haven’t accidentally got any kills anywhere

Health and psyche is now replenished (thank god) and so begins the last area, let me first say that the sliders are completely decorative, that is to say, they cannot damage you, so just have a little rest if you wish, this areas is split into five distinct challenges, I will give them all their own paragraph to make for easy reading.

Challenge 1 Eva will eventually come upon a two way junction, she will try to drive forward through the back alleys but a slider will bomb the road and she is forced to pull a sharp right onto a main town road. In the distance you will see a vehicle and it’s respective turret waiting for you to come closer so it can get a shot. Don’t give it the chance. Its stationary so whip out the solar gun charge and shoot at the turret, this should knock out the gunner. It can be difficult at first but you will be able to take him out eventually. Having auto aim OFF at this challenge often makes things easier. Try not to get damaged here

Challenge 2 Soon after the first, you will pull onto another main road and a vehicle will come up behind you, this is a hard shot to succeed with, aim behind or wait till it drives alongside shoot the gunner with a solar shot. Auto Aim is a hindrance it often aims at the vehicle not the gunner. It’s a simple objective but hard as hell to pull off without being damaged. If you aren’t damages here, you’re on the path to victory. If you are, don’t panic… but it’s going to be an intense finisher.

Challenge 3 This occurs after challenge 2 after a few twists in the road two vehicles will drive out in front of you, one after the other; you have two choices, throw a smoke grenade or try your luck at shooting them. If you plan on shooting them try to take out at least one, and then take cover behind Eva. The smoke grenade can prevent all damage to you, the only drawback being that if you don’t take out one of them there is a high chance they will shoot the vehicles you pass after the challenge, causing a damaging explosion… very cheap if you ask me, but what about this mode isn’t?

Either way it’s quite largely down to luck, unless you can take out the two gunners (Personally I’ve never been able to do this however…)

Challenge 4 Cool scene time ^_^. Two vehicles will be swept of their feet as the game goes ssssloooowwww act quickly, activate auto aim, pull out the Mk. 2 and take out the two frogs, stopping them from damaging you. Be wary, the auto aim may target the doomed gunners instead of the frogs, manual aiming is always an option. You will then pass through the gauntlet, ensure auto aim is on and wildly shoot at the Frogs as they run the streets, Auto Aim is essential. Surprisingly you can severely cut the damage dealt too you (you can use stun grenades, but I recommend against it, they are really unreliable when you are moving at such a quick pace on the motorcycle)

It’s almost over. When out of nowhere Eva is shot by a frog sniper in the shoulder

Oh no! D:

Challenge 5 If you’re anything like me you’re weak and one or two frog shots and its bye bye Snake, you really need to concentrate and throw the stun grenades at this one point, throw one immediately down the stairs as you are driving down, that should disable the two frogs. The set your sights on the group that lurk at the bottom right in front of you, throw a grenade now… ok after that, just spam them, make the screen completely white with flash. Doing so should get you past this last challenge (with a little bit of good luck included) just throw them until you reach the cut scene, marking the end of your trying ordeal…

I have typed a lot here, trust me, it’s not as long as it looks, but it IS hard. DON’T expect to fly through it the first time through, take your time and keep calm. You will eventually succeed

[edit] Boss Fight 2: Raging Raven

[edit] “Show me your RAAAGE!!”


No doubt you will have plenty of condensed rage after that challenge. It’s time to put the second BB to sleep. Before that, you may want too heal… the Bike Chase doesn’t leave Snake in the best bill of health. Head to the top of Echoes Beacon, but before you step onto the balcony you will find a small alcove with a window, go prone and listen to Sailor or Rock me Baby, use a syringe to restore psyche (don’t worry, it doesn’t count as a restorative item… heh)

After that, it’s onto the fight which is ridiculously easy, I’m deadly serious. Just pull out the Rail gun and shoot at the sliders, this should harass Raven into making an appearance. When she does find you, she will stop suspended in the air (pretty much asking to be shot) all it takes is 2-3 fully charged Rail gun shots and she’s finished. Just don’t take two long aiming at her, she enjoys shooting at you with that grenade launcher of hers ^_<

After that, you fight the beauty. Well you know the drill. Solar gun fully charged if you have the energy left, if not and your Mk.2 bullets are running scarce just resort to the ‘rage’ emotion bullets. It takes a while but she will eventually go down. No point wasting good stun grenades on her.

And that’s it… when the beauty falls you’ve finished Europe

Congrats! You deserve it.

[edit] Act End

Well you’ve finished the most frustrating and arguably the hardest chapter of the BBE run through. Skip the cut scenes as per usual. And you’re off to Shadow Moses.

One of the easier chapters of the run, you’ll be happy to hear.

[Still under construction…]

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