Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough


[edit] Background

[edit] Controls

Left Thumbstick

  • Move

Right Thumbstick

  • Camera rotation


  • Zoom (while using the Solid Eye)

Button x.gif

  • Crouch (tap)
  • Crawl (hold)
  • Roll (while running)

Button circle.gif

  • Reload

Button square.gif

  • Toggle auto aim on and off

Button triangle.gif

  • Action Button
  • FPS Mode (with weapon is drawn)
  • Skip dialog

Button l1.gif

  • Aim with your currently selected weapon

Button l2.gif

  • Open Items (Hold)
  • Quick Item change (Tap)

Button r1.gif

  • Fire Weapon
  • CQC (empty handed)
  • Melee Attack (empty handed)

Button r2.gif

  • Open Weapons (Hold)
  • Quick Weapon change (Tap)

R3 Button

  • Reset the camera position
  • Move weapon position (when L1 is held)

Start Button

  • Pause (during cutscenes)
  • Open main menu
  • Skip Codec conversations

Select Button

  • Display button configuration
  • Use Codec

[edit] Characters

[edit] Foreword

Blue Moon 2006 had gotten busy writing up his walkthrough so therefore I (MarkyC) have taken over and have completed my walkthrough I will also update on other things I haven't done like the Emblems but so far I have created a fairly detailed walkthrough from the start at Act 1 to the end on the Epilogue or Act 5 what ever you want to call the end really. I'd just like to say the settings this walkthrough is on: Solid Normal Difficulty and is a Naked Run. A Naked Run is simply like first time playing though where you have nothing on you that you had in your previous saved file. I will also be going trigger happy, in other words I won’t be sneaky much I’ll be killing most things that I see. I will update this page a little later on like the Characters and Background part.

[edit] Chapters

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