Beauty and the Beast Unit

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The Beauty and the Beast Unit consisted of four members all with names that begin with an emotion and ends with an animal. Each member is also female and there face is always covered this is the Beast form after you defeat the Beast form there masks and all other excess stuff will fall off revealing the Beauty inside. Every time you defeat a member you will get a call from Drebin and he will tell you a little about each of the girl's pasts and because of the past is the reason why the girls are like what they are now.

When you first meet all of these members for the first time they create utter chaos and you will see one of them that looks familiar does Psycho Mantis ring a bell?

The first of the member's Snake meets one-on-one is known as Laughing Octopus she wears OctoCamo just like and and even has FaceCamo that can take any form it wishes. She will also where a protective armour on her back and connected to this armour are tentacles like a Octopus has. The reason why this member is called Laughing Octopus is because in her past as a child she was forced to kill family, friend, neighbours, everyone and she was forced to laugh while doing this and she gets her Octopus name because her home town were famous for Octopus.

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