Big Boss Emblem: Act 2


[edit] Act 2

Good, you've beaten the first act! That advent palace was some tough stuff, huh? Well, you'll be happy to know this is the easiest part of the BBE challenge. Just be sure to have some tranq.'s. Don't have them? It'll be slower, but there's a "non tranq" version here, in case you weren't resourceful.

[edit] Foreword

Things you will DEFINITELY need to complete this section are:

  • Tranquilizer Darts x5 (IF you're really good, 10 if you're not that great)
  • "Emotion" Darts x5 (x10 if not very good)
  • A magazine (no need to have more than one; if the first fails you're pretty much screwed over anyhow)
  • Solar Gun (not NEEDED, but very useful against the bosses. If you're a good shot forget about it.)
  • Face camo is helpful.
      • Mossin-Nagant w/ as many tranq's as possible (if you're looking for a speedy completion)
  • Rail Gun (For the market place)

[edit] First Stage (Cove Valley)

[Note: Using emotion darts here is BAD BAD BAD. they'll wake up in a matter of seconds, and will instigate a caution, making the rest of this level excessively hard.]

Snake arrives at dusk! DUN DUN DUN! There are two ways to get passed this first area. The hardest, but fastest way, is to pull out that mosin-nagant of yours and free the resistance members, who will later on make a nice little distraction for you if you're lucky. First things first, and that's the first guy you see, which is in this case, the PMC closest to you. Drop him with a nice shot to the head from your mosin. His friend will be there shortly to help him out. No mercy, drop him too. now, here's the tricky part, quickly & stealthely reposition yourself so that you're able to see the two pmcs holding the resistance members hostage. PLINK! shoot the one that comes rushing down to wake his buddies, and reload. If done correctly, just as you finish reloading a man will come out of the house If you can't pull off the reload trick, you have a safety net of time in which you can take him out with your remaining shot (he comes out shooting so it might be a good idea to throw a smoke grenade to stop him in his tracks - and save the Mercenaries from being taken out).In either case, the resistance members will be getting up now, so it's time to take out the other pmc that was with them. There MAY be a few resistance casualities if you're unlucky. Finally, turn on the solid eyes nightvision (you didn't ALREADY have it on!?! :o) and go tranq the remaining pmc. HURRAY! now the resistance members are a little bit more pleased with you, and you have saved OODLES of time. If you can't do this, it's time to go to plan B...

Get out your face cammo immediately after the stage starts, crouch, and crawl to your left, down the road. when it's safe to proceed, crawl/crouch to back of the building with the erm... ??? what's that pmc doing? Nevermind that. Go prone in the buildings shadow and let that camo index fill up! Wait for the poor pmc to make his appointed rounds, then give him one of your own, straight from your Mk. II to his head. Or, you could let him continue to the right. At any rate, whatever you choose, crouch/crawl across to where the other building is, and then go prone (if you're not already) and wait for your camo index to fill up. OH NO! the pmc is looking right at you! if you want to save time, you can do one of two things, the first being cap him with your mk. II, the second being inch out, then crawl after he turns his back. or you could just wait for him to turn his back. Whatever you do, when it's safe to proceed crawl/crouch your way to the back of the shed... thing... and then go around, skillfully avoiding the rock and, if it's safe, crossing over to the back of the next building. if you're anything like me, you'll want a full camo index before you leave the back of the building, as there'll be a guard prancing around with a resistance member, showing off how cool he is, on top of another guard who will likely be standing there, staring at the corner you'll exit from (doesn't he have something better to do?) when you exit that area. Anyway, fill up your camo index, and whenever you see it decrease too much, let it fill again. make your way to the little knoll/hillock/hill thing that the pmc stands on while doing his patrols. throw that magazine i told you about, which will delay his patrol making. then proceed to your left. PHEW! hard part(s) over!

This part's a cake walk. neutralize anyone you encounter with those emotion darts I mentioned before so you can save up on anesthesia. Crying/screaming are your best choices, as they prevent the enemy from acting or seeing you before they pass out. The solar gun is a good alternative; so long as they aren't within the annoying "GO!" radius. It's funny, snake says "GO!" as loudly as he says "SUNLIGHT!" but only the "GO!" shows up on radar. Anyway, the rest of the mission should be easy if you try to stick to the left and hug the walls.

[edit] Second Stage (Cove Valley)

Okay, you got that codec call, and you've met your psychiatrist! Continue to press through, and hug the RIGHT wall, being sure to keep your camo index at 90%. Go ahead and equip nightvision on the solid eye, and hopefully you got all six of those helpful batteries from the Nomad cutscenes (that'll come in handy when tracking Naomi). Anyway, hug this wall, and you should only have to take out one man along your way. If you want to conserve anesthesia, just pop him with an emotion dart, and move on. Some troops may be coming to reinforce the pmcs fighting the resistance, don't bother with them, let them pass if they show up at all. Continue on the path and you get to your checkpoint/save point.

[edit] Power Station

Very easy level. Stay on the left side of the path, and turn on nightvision as to better neutralize the pmc snipers. But wait! how to get past this seemingly impassible blockade?! If only there were more soldiers like Solid Snake... they'd crawl on the right hand side and keep up their camo index... Oh well. The resistance makes a nice distraction. When you get to the station itself, keep to the right and keep your camo index up. Neutralize with emotion darts if you feel comfortable that you're near the drebin tank thing. This is not a safe stage to use the Solar Gun on (Figures, right? So much sun, nothing to do with it...) as normally your enemies will be facing you, or can hear you shout out that dorky phrase.

Keep in mind that a few elements have changed in The Boss Extreme... for one, those pmcs that come out of the path you must go on (just past the drebin tank) have snipers behind them. Two of them, as a matter of fact. Tranq the pmcs, put on your nightvision and move up to get a shot at the first one. The mosin nagant is what I used, but if you're a hard-core Boss, or if you're out of Mosin ammo (prithee how?) you can try your luck with the Mk. II. When the first sniper, and the two pmcs that were in front of him, are down, continue along, until you pick up the other sniper in nightvision. BOOM! Headshot. *CLEAR!*

[edit] Vista Mansion

This part isn't too hard. At the beginning, get yourself a full cammo index, and creep along the right hand side. There will be a PMC in the bottom part of this basin-like thing. Take him out with an emotion dart, and proceed up the grassy path.

A dozer will come by. wait for it to take down the barricade. Once it does, crawl along. Move along the dirt path to the right, until you reach stairs. then proceed left up the stairs and use the back door to gain entrance.

If you follow that path, you shouldn't have much of a problem getting in to the mansion. When you hear the guards upstairs talking about the battle downstairs, hide somewhere. When they leave, go back upstairs and proceed to the next boss battle. If you beat this level with less than three tranq's, you're golden (also, there's a dart case in the basement. =) goody!)

[edit] Boss Fight: FROGs

WHOA! This & the next few stages are very lengthy, so much so that you may lose a little bit of time here. Never fear; all this can be made up for in acts 3, 4, and 5 especially, so don't worry if you go over two hours (hey, it happens to the best of us).

Now on to the actual fight. It's not SO bad. Just hide under the bed IN THE SAME ROOM YOU START IN. This is important. What this does for you is later after the Octopus cut scene, the Frog bodies will be gone, allowing you to use lethal force on Octupus' Beast form without worrying about your kill count. If your shooting gallery friends get held up, kick the can next to the bed, or toss a magazine. Try to aim for under 5 minutes here if you can. 7 is also okay, but 10 is really pushing it. When the caution phase ends, very VERY quickly get up, and exit the room you started in, entering the HALLWAY. turn to the left to start the laughing octopus battle.

[edit] Boss Fight: Laughing Octopus

Okay, now it should be smooth sailing for this part. Simply equip the Patriot and the Rail Gun, and if you did the last step right, you won't have to worry about accidentally killing any Frogs.

[edit] Tracking

Get up, get out! Run along the path, ignore the ration. When you come to the junction, choose the left path. If you ever get lost, remember: The boxes are always right. That's all I've got to say about this level, other than the fact that past the river, you should take the left path, and then crouch out, because there's a FROG hiding behind a rock.

[edit] Drebin Chases

I hope your aim is REALLY good. Whip out that solar gun of yours and give the powered suits a beating. One fully-charged blast does them in... it's not even fair. You guys will be staring at your T.V.'s after this stage, saying: "Did I REALLY put this on The Boss Extreme?" You might even check to make sure. Don't worry. It gets harder.

On the second stage, you're going to want to use the turret. DO NOT blindfire unless you're confident you're aiming right at the gekko. The solid eye is a must use. Also be careful not to hit pmcs. Be sure to save at the start of every drebin chase level, as it's very annoying to have to start back at the mountain trail or laughing octopus.

On the third stage, you'll have to take out an MGS. Don't worry about it until drebin says something to you, it won't kill you. Until then, focus on that gate. It has a lot more life than it did on all the other difficulties. Believe me, it takes at the very least 50-110 seconds just to destroy it. When you're pressed for time, this is a bad place to be held up. Not to mention taking your time means being borded by PMCs which is never a good thing.

HURRAY! The fourth stage!!! Easy. take out the gekko that drop down in front of you, then aim behind and take out the one that jumps behind you. BOOM! MGS!!!! Take that out. *Yawn* time left to use the toilet if you haven't (not really!!). Keep your turret aimed & firing at the gekko and you'll make it through in one piece.

[edit] Market Place

Get your rail gun out. If you don't have HP, (and you're probably stressed with no psyche if you're like me), crouch in the shade to your left and listen to "Sailor" or "Rock Me Baby" on your Ipod, and use the syringe. 10 seconds later you're ready to go! If you have the "Metal" cammo downloaded, this is a good place to use it. equip that & the rail gun and make a dash for the corner of the first building. Keep strafing around as your rail gun charges, or charge it on the way, and take that gekko out! Another one will be "dropping in" shortly, so hurry up and round the second corner. charge your rail gun, and proceed. a gekko sensor will appear shortly, followed by some crazed gekko kicking stalls (What's wrong with him!?). Boom. Headshot. RUN RUN RUN! never mind any more gekko. If you're a lunatic like me, you haven't taken any damage, and want to keep it that way. the gekko blocking your path will not fire at you, only kick. one shot to the leg with the rail gun will stop that, and you dodge roll and...


You finished Act 2. Congratz. Act three is a LOT harder, but you'll be pleased to note that it's a LOT shorter.

[edit] Acts

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