Big Boss Emblem: Act 4


[edit] Act 4 Briefing

Since you’ve played the game through once before (or should have…) you should know how simple this place is. It’s a short area with a group of boss battles at the end. As long as you have a few chaff grenades handy, it’s going to be a walk in the park.

For this chapter you will need: Chaff grenades, Smoke grenades the Solar gun, the Rail gun and the M82A2

The chances are, you will be running low on Anest. Rounds, so try to refrain from using it in this Act. Either way, I’ll be telling you where you can find a few on your way through Moses.

[edit] Shadow Moses/ Heliport and Tank Hangar

Head west (straight ahead) don your full Octocamo and go prone to register the snowfield pattern, as you pass into the clearing head up the snowy verge in front of you, run over the top and fall of the verge at the end, hug the right hand wall and you should be able to run past the Gekko without being seen. On to the Heliport.

Devoid of enemies it’s a simple place, head to the extreme west of the heliport to find the makeshift garage rooms, within the open garage you will find some Anest rounds for the Mk.2, take them if needed. Head onto the balcony above the Tank hanger door and walk to the west end of the catwalk, you should find some Anest. rounds there also. When you’re ready head into the hangar.

Immediately throw a chaff grenade and head into the Snowfield through the laser passage. The Dwarf Gekko will be out of commission thanks to the chaff.

[edit] Canyon and Nuclear Warhead Storage Bldg

Okay, I'll make this simple; you know how too, so Quickly head to Otacons lab. Once there press in any of the secret codes/real code you want and skip the respective cut scenes. Once you leave the lab and head to the electric floor area a gecko will jump down a usual, charge up your Rail gun and shoot it. One shot one kill. Feel free to use the electrical floor for comic relief. Don’t get sloppy though, don’t let it see you!

When you make it back to nuclear storage the gecko will appear as Otacon tries to open the door. Rail gun the gecko blah blah blah… very similar to the other modes isn’t it? Pass through the door and its onto Crying wolf.

This easy area has probably made you lax; this battle will test you a bit >:-D

[edit] Boss Fight 3: Crying Wolf

[edit] “Go on… let me hear you CRY!”

And you probably will in this battle, this is going to be hard, probably the toughest boss battle in the BBE. For this battle you will be using four guns, the Mosin Nagant the Rail gun the Mk.2 and the M82A2. Lets just get on with the battle…

Your main goal here, is not too be seen by the frogs that is the true challenge of the battle. Immediately go prone and register the snow, also the solid eye is an absolute requisite. Thank fully the snowstorm will also help your camo rating. As you begin, you have a choice to make, left or right, either way you have to take out a couple of frogs, consider the Mk.2 when they are in such close proximity. Either way you choose you will have to head to a vantage point. The field to the right or just beyond the comm. tower on the left side are usually good places to start looking for her. Be prepared for frogs to appear at any time, be vigilant. If you feel too threatened pop some smoke. When you find her, she will be given away by here blue ‘crying’ emblem. Charge up your rail shot and shoot her in the head. Another 4-5 shots will finish her off.

Unfortunately her positions are completely random, so the best I can do is give you tips at this point:

-Always look out for frogs, but don’t waste non lethal ammo unnecessarily, if one hears you go prone and try to hide it out, if they come too close knock them out with whatever means possible.

-If Wolf sees you, don’t panic, find cover and locate her position. Shoot her in-between her shots

-If the screen camera shifts to ‘hunt mode’ ready a rocket launcher of some description (any will do) and shoot her before she hits you, when she is on the floor, pull out another (different) rocket launcher and shoot her again. The damage is small, but every little helps. She usually flees after this.

-Remember cautions don’t count, listen for the Alert music. You don’t want too hear it. But its worse finishing the battle only to find you got an alert later on.

-The Mosin and the Rail gun are VERY loud, use common sense, don’t fire them when there’s a frog near by.

IMPORTANT: This could save your life, if you have shot her with three or four shots, but are beginning to worry about being discovered, hide under the truck at the start and wait for her too appear, use the M82A2 to finish her off. Still bear in mind that nearby frogs could initiate an alert if you fire too close to them. However the truck will protect you from damage, stress, and constantly recovers your health and Psyche, the only drawback being that it takes longer too beat her, but if you have carefully managed your time through the game this should be of little consequence.

After plenty of tears, you will finish the battle, and it’s onto the beauty. Just use your solar gun and be done with it, or any other method aside from the Mk.2 rounds. REMEMBER TO SAVE ABOUT HALF OF THE SOLAR GUNS ENERGY

Another, easier way to end this battle is to immediately move along the right wall, keep a full camo index, and tranq the frogs, until you come across Liquid's old Hind-D. Neato! Now your directly to the right of Mrs. Cry. You can see her perfectly, too, throught the solid eye's night vision! Plop a fat ol' smoke grenade at her feet, and get out that grenade launcher you earned in the previous act. Switch to stun. 1,2,3,4,5,6... boom, she's out. Saves at the least 15 minutes of annoying boo-hooing... not to mention the tranq's you save.

--- After Wolf, feel free to collect the items around the area (there are a few Anest. Rounds in the area Meryl was shot in MGS1), but don’t look around for too long, you have a time to keep too. Enter through the open door and head into the underground facility.

[edit] Blast Furnace & Casting Facility

You have to do this bit right, that is too say, use a chaff grenade. Hop over the fence in front of you and drop to the lower level, walk across the catwalk in the centre of the room, (there will be a disabled Dwarf Gekko) pass it and turn too your left and hop over the fence to reach the elevator. If the chaff runs out throw another or hide in the barrel and hop into the elevator when it opens. However, the dwarf Gekko now have super hearing, so the latter in not recommended.

[edit] Blast Furnace

Being on the boss extreme, this area is populated with Gekko and a few Dwarfs, you should immediately shoot the Gekko in front with the rail gun. Take out the Dwarf stationed on the wall at the far side and sneak past the remaining Gekko, you can take him out if you want too. You shouldn’t get any alerts for shooting the Gekko and Dwarfs as long as you stay out of sight.

Choose either the left or right path out of the area, the left has Anest. Rounds if you need any.

[edit] Casting facility

This area be difficult, and that being said, it is the second last ‘sneaking’ area in your run through :( . For starters you know the way out the area. But too have any hopes of reaching the exit you will need to dispose of the Geckos in the room, take out the gecko on the centre conveyor, this will initiate a ‘caution’ phase, a second gecko may come over too investigate, stay hidden until you get a clear shot (fully charged rail gun remember) and take it out. Now throw a chaff Grenade and walk along the left side of the room, the Dwarfs are disabled. Ready your rail gun and shoot the Gekko on the other side of the conveyor, or quickly sneak past as he turns away. Now on the right side of the room (there will be Gekko blocking the door if you didn’t initiate a caution) head through the door/archway and down the stairs and into the underground tunnel.

That was kind of complicated and a long winded explanation, it’s probably best that you experiment yourself with the area as there are numerous ways of getting through.

[edit] Underground Base & Supply Tunnel

Head through the small shaft and throw a chaff grenade, simply walk to the door at the end of the area. If you need rail gun ammo you can head to the top left side of the room, move quickly though, the chaff grenade doesn’t last forever.

Simple area, time for boss 2/3

[edit] Boss fight 4: Vamp

[edit] “This place will be your grave… as my queen wishes”

Remember that I said you should save your solar gun?

Pull out your solar gun, charge and shoot him no more then two times. CQC + Syringe. Fin

What a waste of a section… seriously >.>

[edit] Suicide Gekko

This is more of a boss fight than that drop-out, but it’s still easy. Even on The Boss extreme. For the best results, get out your ipod and listen to Sailor or Rock me baby and crouch underneath REX (between his legs) charge up the Rail gun and shoot them as they appear. If you get damaged you will be crouching and the song will aid the restoration of your health (make sure your psyche is up, or the health restoration won’t work, use the syringe if you need too).

That’s pretty much it, you shouldn’t die if you follow this strategy, also if you run out of rail gun (somehow…) there is a bunch of them behind REX. Raiden will eventually finish of vamp and it’s off to a set of cut scenes. Skip em’ as usual.

[edit] Surface Tunnel (REX Escape)

You know how to get through, just a few pointers; always keep moving, 1st person can be used to shoot the Gekko, this also helps you stop the missiles shot at you which deal uncomfortable amounts of damage. Don’t overheat your machinegun in the process it will leave you exposed, either way, just remember that REX is more fragile and be a more careful than in the other modes.

Just for the record, I stayed in 1st person and just shot the gecko while running to the exit with little to no regard for my health. I made it through with about 40% health left. You don’t need to be too careful.

[edit] Boss fight 5: Metal Gear Ray

[edit] “Brother! ... It’s not over! Not yet.”

You know how too fight Ray, but this time its different, he’s a lot harder:

Firstly, the damage he does too you is staggering, getting hit by his higher powered moves (missiles, water cutter) is a small disaster. You have too be at your best, dodge to the side and keep moving, shoot all the missiles. And use the melee at every interval (triangle). To make matter worse, all of your damage has been cut

He will occasionally block your missiles with one of his arms. When this happens I usually charge at him (X + forward) this will not be an issue when he loses has arms (30% health)

When Ray charges at you should dodge too the side, then use you melee charge and/or triangle to cause a small amount of damage, if he crashes into you ram triangle, this usually gives you a chance to counter Ray, but it’s no always something you can guarantee to happen.

He likes to shoot his missiles while on top if the centre building, this makes them very awkward too shoot, back off and shoot them from a distance. DON’T get hit by them.

The water cutter is still easy to dodge, with a penalty for getting hit by it. Fortunately, he’s wide open after using it.

If you missiles run out use the Gatling gun. When he hides, use the Laser, charge it up to at least level two and shoot him in the open. He cannot block against the laser, the fool goes down, then follow through with a Dash and triangle.

Unlike other bosses he becomes weaker as the battle goes on, he loses his arms and can no longer block missiles, keep up the pace and don’t let up. He will take advantage of sloppy playing and you will be dead before you know it (bloody fragile REX)


You will eventually succeed, thus marking the end of Shadow Moses, hopefully your time is under 04:00, if that’s the case your right on track. Check the briefing as always and skip the following cut scenes.

Time to move onto the final Act of the BBE.

[Still under construction…]

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