Big Boss Emblem: Act 5


[edit] Act 5: Briefing

Well this is it, hope you had fun. If you are around the 4:00 time you should have no problem getting the BBE. This last act is rather short (as you know), and the final stealth section of the challenge is surprisingly easy. You will have slight trouble with Mantis and Liquid, but these are inconsequential hurdles if you have made it this far.

…On with the show.

[edit] Outer Haven/Ship Bow

Go prone get the best camo rating and crawl to the left side, take out the frogs directly in front of you. Headshots are nice, but body shots are easier and more than suffice. After you have taken out the first group crawl past them, the whole idea is too hug the left wall all the way to the end. The second group of frogs will jump in froth upper level. Take them out (bear in mind that there is a ‘road’ along the floor, and a darker path at each side of it, try to stick too one of the surfaces to keep your camo rating constantly high. Just take out the frogs as you go and you will eventually reach a hexagonal building with four cylindrical (???Fuel tanks??? ) either way continue to hug the left wall and squeeze between the fuel tank and the crates (there is a small gap). Trust me; you’ll understand when you’re playing. After squeezing between, go prone and restore your camo rating. Just crawl forward and eventually the back of the left side of the zone will be in view (watch out for the Gekko’s in the central area, they will see you if your moves in this area are clumsy).

At the back of the bow another group of frogs will drop down, just take them out. This is the daring part, head to where those final frogs where door to the right and you will see the water tight door:L Blocked by the Gekko, and possibly another gecko aimlessly wandering around. Pull out the Mk.2 and shoot the wandering Gekko first IN THE LEG. He will go numb and then fall, then do the same for the door protector, when they fall they won’t be initiating an alert phase so readily. Head behind the door gecko turn the valve and head on in. Don’t take too long, if the Gekko’s get up it’s all over. You can also opt to shoot the Gekko with the rail gun, but the chances are you’ll pick up an alert somewhere in the process.

Head into the elevator and you’ve got no more stealth to deal with.

(HINT) Timing is a factor, but if you have enough time to wait, you can avoid these last two Gekko altogether. After you take out the last of the frogs, go around the building on their right and stay laying down. Before too long, artillery from the Missouri will take out the Gekko guarding the door - then all you have to do is wait for the other Gekko to turn around. As I said, timing is a factor - you don't want to be waiting on the Gekko to get killed when the frogs right behind you wake up. (This method was mentioned in the official Metal Gear Solid 4 guide book).

Another, perhaps easier way is to use the downloadable "Haven" cammo in conjunction with the Mark II, and do as this tutorial recomends. Basically, just stick to the left the entire time, and whenever you hear the noise that signals that FROGs are falling, stop dead in your tracks. Aim with the mark two, and wait. when they show up, a headshot will put them out of their misery. Use a rail gun on the gekko when you reach the door, taking care to charge before stepping out. The other gekko will show up, charge, kill, go to the door, unlock. Doing what I just told you, I beat this part first try. I never even changed my camo from haven. Too easy.

[edit] Command Center

This could have been the hardest moment of the BBE, well whatever. Just hide in the entrance hallway (about half way in) pull out your solar gun and shoot at the frogs, go prone and listen to sailor if you want. Any damage taken here will be carried on to the Mantis battle, so play defensively. You may choose to use the Mosin when they attack from the balcony.

The game will eventually run out of Frogs to throw at you…

[edit] Boss Battle 6: Screaming Mantis

[edit] "Dance, you puppet! Dance!"

If you need health wait in the entrance and go prone while listening to an ipod tune that restores health, she will stay on top of the hologram in the center of the room until you shoot at her. Use the syringe and shoot the Mantis doll with a fully charged rail gun to kick things off. Now pull out the Automatic gun of your choice and head to the top levels of the command center, the entrance in now useless thanks to here throwing knives. (I use the M4 custom, and fleshed it out with its scope and its grip for greater stability) so basically you now need to shoot at the Psycho Mantis doll. Use the solid eye if you’re having trouble and after a few hits, it’s onto stage two.

Meryl can be a pain in the ass, if she gets in your way syringe her. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same as stage one, just always remember to keep firing at Screaming Mantis constantly, this will decrease the possibility of her throwing her (very deadly) knives at you, each knife doing around 20-25% damage and considering she throws three or four at a time it’s something you should really try to dodge. She may also lunge forward and swing her switchblade at you, it can be dodged easily with a roll or otherwise and often gives you a close up shot of her doll, she may occasionally lunge twice in a row, be ready for it.

After enough shots you will eventually be onto the third and final stage, here, Mantis will be swinging her puppets all over the place, even Meryl. And they will begin to invade your personal space on the top level of the area occasionally. If Meryl comes near I recommend you syringe her. If the frog puppets come up onto the top area, just run to the opposite side. Right, just continually fire at the doll, try to shoot beyond the puppets she uses for protection (scope is an option) and eventually she will drop the doll. Hurry up and pick it up, then use it against her too win the match

(on this mode Mantis can knock the doll out of your hands, when you see her lose psycho mantis for the first time act quickly and try to be accurate with the doll itself)

Then the beauty, ummm yeah… you don’t need ammo anymore, soooo…

It’s a tough battle, but you will eventually succeed… Tip- You may find it easier to use a shotgun with V-Ring ammo. so you don't kill anyone, you can just aim and shoot, plus it takes about 10 shots to knock the doll free.

[edit] And then the rest…

Use a chaff to easily pass the Dwarf Gekko in the hallls, don’t worry, you can’t receive an alert phase from them anymore, cutscnes will follow then the microwave scene followed by a sore thumb followed by yet another few cutscenes…

…Leaving only Liquid standing between you and the BBE

[edit] Liquid Ocelot

[edit] "We still have a score to settle…"

This battle can be hell if you don’t know how to beat him, it’s just one of those battles that demands a specific strategy to beat him. Unfortunately this time he’s been buffed up and you’ve been nerfed. Keep your damage to a minimum (if humanly possible) and try to spread it out between the three phases.

Phase 1

A tip i found is to use your combo at the begining of the fight. Liquid blocks the last kick and punchs you every other time except at the very start

I always used to find this the hardest; I could never find a way too beat him without taking considerable damage myself. Fortunately there is a trick that doesn’t work on the easier modes yet it works on the Boss Extreme… basically press R1 three times and just before snake does the fourth kick press X to duck and repeat so: puch punch kick duck, punch punch kick duck. You should reach phase 2 with little damage taken.

Alternatively, there’s the hard way, dodge around his attacks and punch him continuously until with the final kick. Use your dash punch to disable him and attack from a distance when he approaches, but as I said, I was never able to find a way to beat him like this without taking too much damage.

Phase 2 Oh god, you knew it was coming the punch, if you are hit by this punch the game makes sure that you feel it. It takes off a scary amount of health and considering you have a single health bar for all 3/4 phases it doesn’t really bode well. Dodge at all costs. The difficulty in this match is dodging at the right time and trying to anticipate his big punch, he sometimes hits you with a normal punch while you are waiting for the big one. When he does his big punch dodge and follow with an R1 combo, this is the only really reliable chance to get him (playing offensively often ends up in him blocking and the hitting you square in the face with a big punch). Try to anticipate his moves, will it by a big punch? Or a small one? How will you predict will determine whether you make it too phase 3.

Phase 3 Hell yeah! Snake Eater XD

Don’t play defensively, just attack him, use your X to duck under his CQC attempts it will often follow a “take this” giving you indication to press X, just use all variety of dodges dashes punches and kicks, if he gets you in a CQC hold ram triangle to escape as early as possible, if he chokes you rotate the analogue and ram triangle. It’s no hard so to speak, but it really depends on how much HP the other phases left you with. When you beat liquid in this form, the battle is pretty much over.

Phase 4 Just hit liquid when he comes within range, don’t think about it too much or you will be hit (it is possible to lose on this stage) eventually liquid will weaken the more you hit him and the fight will be over!

Congratulations skip these cut scenes and you’ve finished the BBE!

(I should probably mention that the credits CAN’T be skipped, I hope you’ve been wise with your time, it would suck to fail the challenge due to a credits section)

[edit] "You’re pretty good…"

[edit] Reward

Obviously you will attain the BBE, but along with that you will receive three pretty nice items: the patriot, Big boss face camo and Big Boss ipod song. And though it’s not tied directly too the emblem, if you get all of the emblems you will receive the ‘Snake Eater’ ipod tune… now that you’ve earned the hardest emblem, you might as well get the rest. Here a brief description of the items you earn:

Patriot A quite powerful fully automatic machine gun/pistol, it’s got infinite ammo excellent range and occasionally plays the opening instrumentals to Snake eater when fired. If you’re aiming to gather the rest of the emblems then this gun will be there to help.

Big Boss face camo Enemies that see you wearing this camo will scream and faint, making it an excellent item to help you rack up alerts (especially if you’re aiming for the infamous chicken emblem), frogs however, will just faint… shame.

Big Boss Well, it’s not the most pleasing song to listen too, but it’s useful on the battlefield. Snakes hands shake less, stun damage is upped, and PMC’s may scream when held in CQC with this song on.

Well, that should cover it, thanks for reading and I hope you found it useful. Feel free to edit any mistakes that you come across or add any extra tips and tricks that you may have come across.

I've found that the 40mm Stun Grenades help out tremendously when dealing with the Beauty and Beast units. For example, one grenade can drop a Beauty instantly if shot at their feet. But be careful of blinding yourself, obviously. It can also be used to great effect during the battle with Screaming Mantis, breaking control of any Frogs closing in or blocking the dolls, or when fighting and searching for Laughing Octopus. It was quite useful. There wasn't a spot that this trivia seemed to fit, so I'll leave it here.



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