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[edit] Introduction

Welcome to the Metal Gear Solid 4 NeoWiki guide for the Big Boss Emblem, this guide is here to help you prepare for and ultimately help you achieve the Big Boss Emblem, the highest accolade in the game. To attain this emblem you will essentially have to play the 'perfect game'. It requires encyclopaedic knowledge of the game and clinical accuracy with the gun.

- Complete in under 5:00 hours

- Have 0 continues

- Use 0 health items (Rations, Noodles, Regain)

- Have 0 Alerts

- Have 0 kills

- Use of special items (Stealth/Bandana) is forbidden.

- Complete on The Boss Extreme mode

Needless to say it's a tough challenge, but with some hard work and a little bit of help from this guide you will no doubt achieve the rank of 'Big boss' and you too can become a legendary soldier.

[edit] Preparations

Before you even think about attempting the Big Boss Emblem run there are a few items that you cannot live without, and preparations that you must take if you are too succeed…

-Make sure you have the Solar gun This is your first priority right here, it runs on sunlight and is recharged at the start of any chapter, and as long as you are outside and there is sufficient sunlight you can restore its ‘ammo’. It’s effectively infinite. It will help save those much need (very scarce) tranq rounds, not to mention there are many moments that would be a hell of a lot harder without it. If you don’t have it you simply need to collect all the figurines. How? Defeat all the beasts with Non-lethal ammo THE BEAST FORM, NOT BEAUTY and defeat all the Frogs in Advent Palace non-lethally, Rat patrols kills don’t count. The figure of Advent palace is found in the parking area, and the Beast figures must be found BEFORE the battle with the beauty ends. Use your solid eye to find the quickly. The Solar gun also makes enemies drop ammo when shot, and if you're lucky, it could be tranq ammo.

-Ensure the Mk.2 (Pistol) has over 50 rounds You will be capped at 50 throughout The Boss Extreme. To make things easier, make sure you start off with a full set. Just make sure there are over 50 rounds at the end of the previous play through.

-Buy 10 of all the grenades and have 10 Chaffs and full S.G mines This includes emotion smoke grenades; they will have various uses throughout the challenge. The chaffs will make passing the Dwarf Gekko of Shadow Moses a lot easier. Finally the S.G mines work wonders in the advent palace.

-Own all non-lethal weapons It’s common sense really, since these are the only means of which you can fight. At the very least, have the Mk.22 the Mosin Nagant and the solar gun.

-Fill up on emotion bullets Sure, they are crude substitutes for Mk.2 ammo, but if you run into an emergency they could be your only way out.

[edit] The Boss Extreme difference...

Don't be afraid to dive straight into the Big Boss Emblem from normal mode, there are however a few things you should bear in mind before playing. There are numerous differences between the modes purely designed to make your life more difficult.

Snake is literally destroyed by gunfire, each hit takes of around 1/5 of his health, less if you're lucky, and more often its more (even going up to 1/3 to 1/2 during Act3 bike scene) keep out of the gunfight between rebels and PMC's and you'll be fine. Of course set piece gun fights like advent palace will demand your skill.

All the enemies have improved sight and hearing; don't be surprised if they hear you often. You must always be aware of your surroundings and should never attempt to crawl past an enemy in close proximity in this mode. Neutralising them is the best course of action. Also, their sight has vastly improved. Always ensure you have the best camo rating while passing a guarded area.

Obviously, the number of enemies has been greatly increased and their ability to stay alive is also buffed up. This makes your stealth a lot more difficult and engaging in a fight a small disaster (but you shouldn't be engaging in a fight... if you actually want the emblem). This also means an increase in units in places like the Advent Palace or Laughing Octopus's pre-battle.

Also don't forget that Drebin doesn't sell non lethal ammo on this mode (what an ass...) so don't go Rambo with your Ammo, ration it, and you shouldn't have any problems. Anest rounds can be found on the battlefield, but only use non-lethal explosives when you have too. This is where the Solar Gun really comes into element.

[edit] Hints and Tips

-Turn off ALL cutscenes and codec conversations, and always return back to the ‘CHAPTER: END’ save after installation. And pass through the cutscenes again and save at the next interval, despite the belief that installation time doesn’t rack up the time I was able to shave upwards of 2-5 minutes a time off my clock each chapter. Also Pause screen counts as time, so access you inventory quickly and efficiently.

-Try to aim for under 1 hour per Act. My times are as follows. [Act 1 00:50:00] [Act 2 00:45:00] [Act 3 00:35:00] [Act 4 00:35:00] [Act 5 00:25:00] that's around 3 hours + est. That was straight from playing Normal Mode. Plus there is 00:15:00 of credits, make sure to leave enough time for them.

Its not as hard as it looks!!!

-Contrary to popular belief, the Solar Gun is the ideal weapon for the beauty forms. Charge it to full, and wait for her to dodge twice (without firing) then fire. Repeat. This shaves a lot of time off of her stupid dodging v-rings.

-At least play through the game a couple of times to get a feel for each area and study the various routes

-The Rail Gun is the weapon of choice against most bosses

-Don’t fire the Solar gun directly (at their front) at an enemy, the chances are they will see you and initiate an alert.

-Mk.2 ammo in scarce, don’t use it at every interval, sneaking past the enemies is faster and more efficient.

-Ensure you have the best camo rating when you are in an exposed area

-You don’t need to go prone all the time, crawl running is faster and often all that is needed.

-Use Sailor or Rock me Baby ipod tunes to restore your health

-cautions DON’T count as alerts

-Sleep and knock-out time is vastly reduced, each star or ‘z’ is roughly one minute, remember a caution phase will be initiated if a knocked out PMC wakes up

-SAVE OFTEN you will be retrying many, many, many times

-If you need health fast (useful on on-rails sections) alter the PS3 clock, each day accounts for 25% recovery of Snakes life, though you may consciously decide not to do this.

-Check the MISSION BRIEFING screen (from main menu) occasionally to make sure you haven’t accidentally killed a PMC or Frog somewhere.

-On the options screens you can change you movement speed when aiming, I find it helps to move faster when aiming, especially on boss fights

And finally…

-Be bold, be brave. Experiment with new paths, if it fails? Reload and restart

And above all…have fun! ^_^

That should just about cover it, I’ll add anything more when I remember it, find it out. Or feel free to edit yourself. If you follow these tips and preparations you should have no trouble succeeding in the challenge.

[edit] Acts

My name is Panosher.i went for the Big Boss Emblem on my second playthrough on The Boss Extreme difficulty but i found out that it was rather easier than i had thought.ofc it wasn't a walk in the park and there were many places which took me a while to get through.i edit this one here to explain to upcoming Big Bosses about what i did for the emblem.

**NOTE: For more detailed and helpful walkthroughs, click the link at the top of Panoshers brief walkthrough. It will give detailed walkthroughs and hints in SECTIONS, as well as strategies for every level.


-Hide in the shaded areas, you'll get higher cammo index and keep a more steady psyche guage.

-If you instigate a caution by means of making a noise, or a guard spotting you, crawl away as efficiently as possible with a full cammo index. Otherwise, you'll be spotted. (normally it's game over anyway if you draw a guards attention to you this way, so just fair warning it may not always work out for you).

-The solar gun is an essential tool on advent palace; it knocks out frogs in one hit and you don't need to charge it fully.

-There's a militia uniform in the house near to where the rebels are being held captive. Equipping this will make them friendly to you (VERY USEFUL!)

-FROGs seem reluctant to look under tables or beds in the battle before Laughing Octopus. Keep this in mind, and keep smoke grenades handy.

-Not much to say about this. Simply follow the resistance member and tranq the pmcs. Just takes a while.

-However, on the Chase Scene with big mamma, remember: You can hide behind her with triangle!

-Have chaffs saved.

-There is a "Secret" underground tunnel network. You can use this to your advantage. ;)

[edit] Etc

A Brief List of contributors:

Panosher - Wrote the Skeleton for this guide. (apparently)

The_Abyss - Wrote Most of Act 1, and 2, and provided tips for 4 and 5.

All other people who contributed to this walkthrough (if I left out your name, I'm sorry. Just edit this page and add yourself here!)

Fun Stuff:

In Act IV, there are ghosts you can capture with the camera at certain places. Some of these ghosts include: Ocelot Sniper Wolf Liquid (Unchecked, believed to be near Hind-D) Hideo Kojima

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