Bosses (MG)

Every game has them so does this game, here are the bosses and the directions to beat them. Some characters had different names in the MSX2 version, those names appear in brackets.


[edit] Shotmaker (Shoot Gunner)


Boss No. : 01

Weapon: Gun
Strategy: Defeating Shotmaker is pretty easy. Firstly you should dodge his crazy bullets and then go into the door that is located on the bottom right of the screen. Inside you will find a bag with your weapons and equipments. Check your equipment and look at the Transmitter. This item alerts the guard of your presence so get rid of it by pressing A while it is selected. Now equip Card Two and Remote Controlled Missiles, and now that you have all your equipment back you can take down the gunner. Just hide behind the crates and fire missiles at the boss. It takes only four missiles for him to die.

[edit] Machinegun Kid


Boss No. : 02

Weapon: Machine Gun
Strategy: This is basically just a tougher version of Shotmaker. You will find that he only moves around in the north and so you can use the walls as defense. There are two tactics for you could use. The first is to pop out and fire handgun bullets at him, and the second method is to run the other side of where he is, stand to the left or right of him and fire away. It will only take 10 bullets to kill him.

[edit] Twin Shot


Boss No. : 03

Weapons: Guns
Strategy: Run quickly to the small area to the north-east, right next to the east twin. Once there equip the Grenade Launcher, and you'll notice that your launcher can launch the second of the twins. It will take 10 grenades to kill him. Once you have done that, go to where it was and then take out the first of the twins using another 10 grenades.

[edit] Tank


Boss No. : 04

Weapon: Turret
Strategy: Equip yourself with Body Armor and some mines. Do not bother shooting it and at all costs do not touch it, shooting has no effect an touching it means instant death. Hang out at either the left or the right side of the building near the opening the Tank is trying to guard. When the Tank is backing up, run near it and lay three of the mines by tapping A. (Make sure it's in its route). Then just run away and as the tank runs over the mines it will take damage. It takes around 12 mines to defeat it, so keep repeating the above process whilst trying to evade the Tank.

[edit] Bulldozer


Boss No. : 05

Weapons: It is a weapon
Strategy: To defeat it you need to be pretty quick. Just run a little upwards and fire away. You will be able to fire two grenades at once. It only takes eight grenades to defeat it. Being slow will mean that it will run over you, killing you in the process.

[edit] Bloody Brad (Arnold)


Boss No. : 06

Weapons: -
Strategy: As soon as the boss battle starts, run immediately to the center of the room. There are two Arnold's for you to fight, the bottom one is slightly harder than the second one so you'll have to take care of him first. To do so equip the rocket launcher and go directly to the left or right of him. He will try to run towards you and attack you, when he does this just fire a rocket and run up. It takes four rockets to defeat him, so keep using the above strategy to kill him. You will then be left with one Arnold. Now go north and instead of standing to the left or right to him, stand right behind him (like in the screenshot). He won't move and this will allow you to fire four rockets at him killing him. You will get the Card Seven for defeating them.

[edit] Dirty Duck (Coward Duck)


Boss No. : 07

Weapon: P.O.W.'s (as shields), Boomerangs
Strategy: Do not kill even one P.O.W. or you won't be able to beat the game, so follow this procedure exactly. To the center of the room is a set with a pit of death which you should make sure you avoid at all costs. Jennifer will call you and tell you that one of those P.O.W.'s happens to be her brother and that Duck has Card Eight. Immediately run to the left until you bump into a wall and then run straight north. You will rescue the left P.O.W. Continue north until you are to the left of Duck. Shoot him ten times with a Handgun. This will kill him and save the P.O.W.'s.

[edit] Fire Trooper


Boss No. : 08

Weapon: Flame Thrower
Strategy: This is an easy battle, just creep along the north wall and wait for Fire Trooper to stop torching. When he stops run next to him and fire fifteen handgun bullets. That should be enough to get rid of him.

[edit] Super Computer


Boss No. : 09

Weapon: Laser shooting camera's
Strategy: Just quickly kill all four of the guards by using a Sub-Machine Gun if you have one (hold down A). It's the best way to take them out. Once you've killed the guards you have to destroy the actual computer. To do this just keep placing explosives until it explodes and the door to the right opens. You will only need sixteen explosives to destroy it.

[edit] Big Boss


Boss No. : 10

Weapon: Gun
Strategy: Go behind the southwest crate select the Rocket Launcher as your weapon. Whenever you go to the Weapon Select Screen, Big Boss resets his position and will move somewhere else. Wait for him to move to a spot near you to the west, where he just moves back and forth without firing at you. Now go to the right a little bit where you are in-between the two southeast crates. Fire rockets at Big Boss. Ten direct hits and he should be defeated.

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