Bosses (MGS2SOL)

Bosses are in all games, and this game is no different. Below you can find strategies to beat each and every boss on extreme mode. You can use the below techniques to beat the bosses on all the modes, but please note that the bosses on hard and below will be made VERY easy using the following methods.


[edit] Fatman

Location: This can be quite a hard battle, he is located on Strut E in the Heliport.
His Weapons: Bombs, Skating into you, Gun, And more bombs.
His tactics: He sets bombs, starting two bombs. He skates into you while you are trying to diffuse it, he may even occasionally guard his last bomb by shooting you. He shoots you when he is angry. He sets more bombs, when he sets four bombs you have 20 seconds, when he sets 5 you have 30-40 seconds.
Your tactics: When you start, diffuse the bomb on your left and holding L1 down and socom-equipped fire at fatman. He will fall over after 3-5 continuous hits. Quickly diffuse the second bomb and the bomb timer will disappear. If you are fast enough shoot Fatman in the head (its better if you also have an infinite ammo wig, as you will use a lot of ammo). Use an infinite ammo wig ONLY if you know where his bombs are (they are always in the same place to begin with) otherwise collect the ammo as you go along. M9 bullets will not stop him so don’t waste your ammo because when he says, was that suppose to hurt, he is not being sarcastic, his armour protects him from bullet fire.M9 bullets won’t even knock him down. Follow him and keep holding L1 down and firing. When he falls plant claymores wherever you think he is going to go and remember where you put them. You may blow yourself up instead. Shoot him in the head and then get out of his way or he will run over you. If he manages to plant a bomb, (you know when he says a number) don’t bother diffusing it now instead don’t let him plant another bomb. Making him fall down and shooting him will cause him to start the timer. If there’s one bomb planted make him fall another time then diffuse the bomb. Do not shoot him before you diffuse the bomb or else he will skate into you and start shooting. You should have enough time when he plants up to 2 bombs. If he plants, more then the timer will start from 20-40 seconds not giving you enough time. He will also guard his last bomb and he may run into you. He has many places where he can plant a bomb. It can be in the middle of each side of the large boxes, on top of the and under them. It can be on top and on the sides of the barrels and small crates. These are just some of his preferred bomb locations.

[edit] Fortune

Location: One of the most difficult boss battles, its more of a survival than a battle as you cannot kill her. She is located in Strut A, Deep Sea Dock.
Her Weapons: The Rail Gun – Deadly, accurate and fast.
Her tactics: She will do two things. Aim and shoot at you. Aim and shoot above you so you fall down (she shoots at the tube lights)
Your tactics: She may have been easy to dodge in the other modes but in this mode, she will completely destroy the place. If you hide behind the crates in one or to goes, they will be space dust. She completely flattens the place out. Therefore, hiding is not an option. You must be on the move to dodge her rail gun. The best thing to do is keep flipping between the two barrels (do not touch them because if she shoots them they will blast open) not the crates. Keep running between the two barrels and if she blow the barrel just ignore it and when on fire equip a box and keep moving, never stop. If she gets you, your health will slowly start to deplete. Remember I said don’t run between the crates, well that’s because if she hits you, you can use the crates as a temporary hiding spot where you can crouch until your health bar goes blue. After it turns blue start running again. You will never be able stay behind a crate for long. Instead of flipping, you can also run with a box equipped. When she shoots above you this means, she is angry and she is trying to knock you down. Just keep moving and you will be safe. The only time you stop is to regenerate, when she hits you. Keep doing this and the lift will come down soon.

[edit] Harrier

Location: Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge
Its Weapons: Cluster Bombs, thing move he starts with Mini Machine Gun Homing Missiles Engine heat from close up Missiles to take out the bridge
Its tactics: He goes in a certain order here it is: Cluster bombs from afar until about the ¾ way mark. Engine Heat to burn you (if you don’t get his health down to half he will use more cluster bombs). Missile attack to take out half the bridge. Cluster Bombs Homing Missiles More Cluster Bombs Mini Machine Gun Back to stage 4 until he is defeated.
Your tactics: These tactics have not been used by anyone other than a select few and me. The method to beat him is complex but the easiest way to beat him and hopefully uninjured (you don’t have to use many continues). It is a combination of many tactics used by people. As you start its good if you hold the up button down so as you start you get the stinger. It’s a good idea to have infinite Wig equipped as well. As soon as you get the stinger, select it and aim at the Harrier that is right in front of you. You will have to be fast. If you are very fast, you can get three shots in. Then as it goes behind you don't bother aiming or shooting it. Instead go to the square railings and push yourself against it as if you were about to flip. You will then face the harrier, it may take a while for it to come out of hiding but when it does shoot at it and get ready to flip again. As you hear it coming (the missiles not the Harrier) or hear the bleeps are now more rapid FLIP. Timing is important. If you flip too soon you will die even if you have orange wig equipped. If you are too slow, you will take some damage. Re-flip and face the harrier. Try to lock on to the harrier and when you see the harrier is locked onto by the stinger FIRE. You may be able to do this two or three times before, he attacks again. When he attacks from the west lean on the railings on the right hand side of the square railing thing. Alternatively, you can go to the railing nearest o the harrier and fire then flip. Repeat until it is near the 3/4 mark. Always try to hit it on your first go. Then you will see a cut seen where he gets ready to "Burn You". This can be easily dodged by going down a few steps and aim your Stinger up, and fire. Keep firing or else he will get close and burn you. Do not get cover because this is a great time to inflict damage. If it doesn't go near the halfway line he will use his cluster bomb attack again remember time yourself then flip. When you see another cut-scene where he is about to blow you up quickly run downstairs and stand next to the control unit that you blow while tiptoeing. It gets harder from here. First, he will use the cluster Bomb. Dodge this and inflict some damage. Now get your Chaff grenades out and chuck two of them anywhere. If you see now the square railing thing has lost a side, jump down here. This is where he uses the Homing Missile attack. This is his most violent attack yet that kills you with one blow in extreme, and it can be easily defended against. Run between where you jumped down, and the lower entrance of the stairs. It may be easier using Raidens flip. As soon as you see, no more missiles coming shoot him once make sure you have a clear target or else you will die. When you shoot him, he will run away. Run up the stairs again and evade the cluster bomb attack again, it will be from the west side to where you come in through the shell 1 door (Strut D). After evading this, he will use his machine gun. To evade this use the technique of running (careful you don't fall down) to the entrance of Strut G/ Shell 2 and lying flat on the right hand side. If you’re getting bored, put out the fire near the entrance while lying down. When he finish's with the gun, he will use the cluster bomb attack always from the west. This gives you enough time to get ready. When hehas finished with them, he will go back to using the homing missiles. It’s better if you throw some chaff grenades first but you don't have to. (This is why it’s better to have infinite ammo). Dodge it again by flipping from one end to the other. The top area is too small to flip so always go to the bottom. When he finishes attack. Go back upstairs and fire at him while he uses the cluster bombs. Then he uses the machine gun. He will keep using the tactic of Cluster Bomb, Machine Gun, Cluster Bomb, Missiles, Cluster Bomb, Machine Gun, Cluster Bomb, Missiles, and so on until he is defeated. If the harrier gets in your way while he uses the cluster bombs avoid attacking that turn you will get plenty more chances. You may find that you are burnt at some point, at that point quickly put out the fire by equipping a box. If he starts burning you, you are as good as dead because then he will use his machine gun early and you will have no cover he will not give you any time. Remember you can use the downstairs as a cover for everything nearly. Just as long as you look at which direction, he is firing from. With this tactic, you will beat him in no time.

[edit] Metal Gear RAY

Location: Arsenal Gear, Rectum
Its Weapons: 3 Locking missiles from their back when far away Machine gun from far away or up close A Hydro attack from his mouth. Dual close range highly manoeuvring missiles from legs Rays leg stomps
Its tactics: When your close it will use the Hydro Beam thingy. Uses Machine gun when you aren’t to close or too far - may use it even if you are far. Steps on you if you are next to his leg. Fires the manoeuvring missiles when you are near the edge - from the one in the centre only 3 Locking missiles when you are far away.
Your tactics: The amount of Metal Gear RAYs that you have to defeat depend on the difficulty with the most as 20 in Extreme Mode. Firstly, at the beginning have R2 pressed down so you can quickly select your stinger. Then shoot the middle ray with it followed by the one on the right and then the one on the left (of the middle ray). Do this again. The next hit will force the one you hit to come out. So chuck a Chaff grenade and shoot the middle one as it is the biggest pain in the neck. When he come shoot directly in the mouth don't bother with the knee. This is because his health is at the least and one hit on the face should kill him. Now quickly aim at a ray and fire, aim at another ray fire (knee then mouth not just knee or mouth) by mouth I really mean face. Only shoot twice because the first one you shot at will now get in the ring (centre). Again, one mouth hit should kill it. Now shoot the other one and you will gain more time before a ray comes in. Shoot the other two newsiest rays, and before they get in the ring launch a chaff grenade. If you see, the ones in the back firing the missiles attack the one in the middle then move. The middle ones first move will always be the hydro attack from his mouth (don't know if you know or not but its some sort of hydro attack call Otocon and he will tell you). If the opponent has more then one face strike health then shoot at the knee even if his mouth is open because you may fail. Make sure that when the middle one is defeated you launch a chaff grenade and you only shoot them once unless the one with the lowest health is still in the middle. If there are two MG Rays both with the same health, the first one will come (middle, right, and left) when he uses the hydro attack you have enough time to dodge it. When he use the mini machine gun, you are lucky. Just flip over the bullets and quickly select the stinger and shoot at the knee then the face. Just remember and keep the rays under the influence of chaff grenades and you will find the experience all fun. When ever you defeat a ray fire a chaff grenade. If you are hit, kill the ray in the centre and crouch. If you have more than 40% life, crouching will do you no good and you can still withstand another hit, so just continue battling. Remember you cannot crouch and fire the stingers at the same time. I strongly recommend infinite ammo wig and rations. You can get them from snake while you are helping him fight the ninja like men in black dudes. Try to beat ray without using any rations and you will have two rations for battling Solidus. Also if you see a ray with this blue stuff coming out of his mouth (not the hydro attack, the blue stuff comes out a bit does not hit the floor, it happens when he roars), shoot it quickly and you will get the same damage as if you shoot its knee and then the face. When you see a Ray jumping into the centre, move out of its way because he may stamp on you then use the hydro attack or use the hydro attack. Always attack before moving when you see a ray fire the three rocket like missiles, it takes time to get to you.

[edit] Olga Gurlkovich

Location: Olga can be found on the deck of the ship on the Tanker Level, and is the only boss of the level.
Her Weapons: USP – Deadly, accurate, if you are in plain sight she will not miss. Grenades – Only when you are hiding and her bullets can’t reach you. Tarp (shoot and it will brake, only in Very easy to Hard mode). Floodlight (again shoot to brake, in Very easy to Hard mode).
Her tactics: Hide and Shoot – She hides in three places and shoots either direction. Behind the crates Behind tall box on left At the back behind the tarp covered shelves.
Your tactics: She is not as hard as she looks. Normally you would start by shooting the tarp and the floodlights out, but in Extreme+, this is not possible so try to defeat her as soon as possible. It is better if you have rations before you start this battle. You get rations from the guard with flies all over him. His is only in Extreme and below difficulties. If you have a Bandana, it is helpful to wear it, as there aren’t many bullets there. When you see your health bar is red hide and crouch to make it go blue. Remember in only two of her shots are necessary to kill you so don’tmake yourself a clear target. From the start move up to the gap to the right of the boxes, go into first person and aim your gun, now hold the left shoulder button to lean into cover of the boxes. This is the best spot for cover, she will keep moving to the boxes opposite so learn where her head will be and wait for her to stop shooting. Get a shot in then get back under cover again. About half energy, she will shoot the tarpaulin, go to the far left and get a shot in and she will clear the sheet. When she starts aiming the light at you make sure you are all the way right then watch the radar for her yellow triangle to blink darker, this signifies a grenade throw. Roll between the gap to get to the left as she throws the grenade and get a shot in, and then roll back to the right. Repeat until she is knocked out. When she uses the tarp or the floodlight she always knows your position so there is no point rolling to anothercorner and firing at her thinking she didn’t see you because she did. Only shoot when she throws a grenade. Make sure you are distant from an exploding grenade or else you will die.

[edit] Solidus Snake

Location: Federall Hall His Attacks: Left tentacle extend - Blockable Tentacle sweeps - (Never blocked it, always fell to it although you canflip at the right time and it will miss you.) Fire trail Downward Double Slash, Unblockable at times Various Combo slashes - Blockable 4 Tentacle missiles - Unblockable at times Head butt - Block able Tentacle leap to the other building and then, stomp on you, Unblockable you just flip out the way Roundhouse kicks - Blockable Speedy slashes - Blockable Speedy elbow, Unblockable, just move again.
His tactics: He will use his tentacles to trip you up or lift you and deprive you of oxygen when he is close to you. Uses his swords to cut you. When you attack him 6 times (2 pairs of 3 attacks), he will fire the missiles. If he is too far away, he may leap on to another building and on to you. Fire trail to knock you down if you hit him some times, can be followed by the tentacle missiles. After half his health has gone he losses his tentacles. Leaves fire trail and attacks at the end.
Your tactics: A good idea is to have the blue side of the blade equipped (do this by clicking the square button). This means that if you roll over solidus and he falls over he will loose health from the same bar as your blade. To start run to the side and wait for hi and when he is near jump off. When he comes near you and says, What are you doing?, exit hanging mode and attack him quickly three times like in the other Method. When you do this about, 2 to 3 times he will get angry and Start to shoot the blue missiles. As all of you have noticed in this level, getting away from the missiles seems nearly impossible. The best way to escape them is by running toward Solidus where the missiles want follow you. If you tried doing it and it does not seem to work you can, do one thing. Before he gets off the ground after you hit him three times, just stand next to him, and he will zoom to the other side (leaving a trail of fire) and shoot the tentacle missiles.Now all you have to do to dodge them is walk off the roof and they will all miss you. Just remember that when you walk next to him, you are not to far away, or else he will go in the wrong direction and all you can do, is run. After a third of his life has gone, he will start to get more aggressive. Just use the above method and you will be fine. If you catch on fire, equip the B.D.U or box and run around. After he looses his tentacles, the battle actually gets easier. Try and always hold L1 down to block. When he does his fiery trail attack, he will attack you with a jab. Just hold down L1 and then attack him three times. Run away from him, and then face him and press L1, this will make him come towards you and you will block his attacks. Quickly go and attack him otherwise, he will block all your attacks. Keep doing this until he starts using his triple Jabbing attack. Block all of these and you will have a chance to attack him. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

[edit] Vamp

Location 1: Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 2
His Weapons: Knives from the Railings, Personally coming to slit your throat, Pulling you into the water.
His tactics: Throwing Knives at you from the railing - If he can. Coming personally top slit your throat. Throwing two or three knives from the railing - If he can.
Your tactics: There are two ways I know to beat Vamp, the first is slow, uses Claymores and the other is fast, and uses M4. Naturally, you would choose the fast one, but in this case, there’s more chance of you surviving in the slow one. The slow one is less complex and easy, whereas the fast one means you have to dodge knife attacks and move around a lot. I’ll stop explaining the ups, & the downs, and I will tell you the methods, and let you decide for yourself. The beginning of the battle is very important because it tells you how long the battle is going to last. It would be great if you have infinite ammo wig otherwiseI wouldn't really try this method. First as it starts get your stinger out and aiming with the R1 down (do not auto aim) aim at his head when he bows. Shoot twice then move to the left and shoot again. If you are lucky, all your shoots will be on target. If you see that you fire a shot, and he receives no damage then abandon shooting. No more bullets will hit him its just a waste of ammo. After he goes in shoot out all the lights if you want to (pressing [] lightly when Aks-47u and M4 are equipped only targets like when you hold [] when M9 and Socom are equipped. Press harder to shoot). Go to the top right hand side and lie down flat. As no knives will touch you while you are there flat, (crouching will not work) vamp will personally deliver his attacks. Hopefully you have claymores and an Infinite ammo wig. If you do, this match will be over quickly. All you do is equip the mines and keep pressing [] don’t worry if he is coming. Just make sure your facing him when putting down the mines. When he goes down into the water shoot, the PGB grenades (grenade launcher) into the water. Just keep on placing claymores and he want be able to touch you. The beginning is most important as it determines how long the battle will be. This is because if you shoot him 3 times in the beginning he will have less health for you to deplete. You should get the idea by now. If you do not have, claymore mines then use C4 (It should also do the job) or use M4. When he gets real close and you are using a M4, use it when he is close to you or else it may not hit and if it does, he may just jump and come at you from the other side. Do this and he will be beat it no time and you want even feel the pain of his knives. Just keep staying flat on the floor by the top right exit and keep laying claymore mines. When he goes in the water a few well-aimed shots of the grenade launcher will get his energy down and him out. Remember don’t stop laying claymore mines. The second method useful in the early difficulties (not much in this one as he throws too many knives and more energy is taken off from his personal shots. You always start by aiming stinger and firing. If you don’t have any stinger ammo then just use the grenade launcher. Shoot out all the lights and watch where he is. When he throws his first knife, dodge it. He will move to another railing and throw more knives. When he moves he usually walks to the end, you have enough time to fire. He will then throw a knife at you then move again. Keep doing this a few times, and he will throw five, six knives at you. Evade all of them and shoot him with either the grenade launcher or the sting. If you are fast, you may be able to get him twice with the grenade launcher. He will then go in the water. If you want to you, can launch two-three grenades (via the launcher) or stinger missiles in the water for extra damage but he will come out quicker giving you less time to shoot out the lights. When he comes out, he will run to you and try to slit your throat. Don’t let him; shoot him with anything other than M9 or the PSG1-T and the normal PSG1. Shoot him when he bends and he will go back into the water. He will keep doing these two things until he is beat. However, when he has less than half his life he will use two-three knives when on the railings. This is hard and ammo consuming. Nevertheless, people may find it easier. In addition, plant claymores and C4’s so when he starts to come at you he will be stopped dead in his track. Just make sure you remember where you put it.
Location 2: Strut L, Oil Fence
His Weapons: Stabbing Emma
His tactics: Stabbing Emma until she or himself pass out/die.
Your tactics: Use any Pentazemin to steady your aim and fire the PSG1 in his head. Make sure you don’t shoot Emma by accident. You can also use the PSG1-T that doesn’t do much damage to Emma but a lot to Vamp just don’t switch during battle.

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