Camouflage (MGS3SE)

Descriptions of the various camouflage outfits that you can get throughout the game and where..



Description: This camo will reduce the damage from fire or explosions by half.
Location: Defeat The Fury non-lethally. Use the Mk22 or Mosin Nagant to bring down his stamina.



Description: The Fly camo is considered a "stinky" camo uniform. The uniform smells so bad it attracts flies, but also enemies will think twice before fighting you up close. Go into first-person view when you have it on to see flies buzzing around your head.
Location: You can find the Fly camo in Graniny Gorki Lab 1F. It is in one of the locked bathroom stalls, so knock it down to get the Fly camo.



Description: Wearing this enables you to hear Kerotans calling (toy frogs) so you can detect them easier. Do not wear this if you are trying to hide, as Sigint will tell you. Call him for a funny conversation involving him and Para-Medic.
Location: The Ga-Ko camouflage can be found in the very Northeast part of Chyornyj Prud. It is in very shallow water placed right by some Chaff Grenades.

Hornet Stripe


Description: When wearing this, you will ward off hornets, leeches, and spiders. You will not have to worry about being stung when obtaining a hornet's nest while wearing this.
Location: You earn this by defeating The Pain non-lethally. So use your Mk22 to bring down his stamina.



Description: The Leaf camo is best effective in underbrush. It is a forest camouflage created to provide cover in woodland areas. Now that the U.S.'s involvement in Vietnam is expanding, the military is thinking about adopting it for official use.
Location: You have the Leaf camouflage from the very start of the game.


Description: Wearing this camo will allow you to walk around the Shagohod hanger without alerting others, making your mission much easier.
Location: This camo can be found in Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing, in one of the lockers on the far right.



Description: When standing in the light, you will gain stamina. It's useful in forest areas. Also, if you lay in the grass with this camo on, you can reach 100% in your Camo Index.
Location: You earn this by coming up at The End from behind and holding him up. The End will raise his hands up. Aim at his crotch or head for best results, and he will shake and give you the Moss camo. Try to use the most powerful weapon you got, or he may flash bang you and escape.



Description: While you may think you look cool running around with your shirt off, it is not recommended. Your stamina decreases faster, and it does not provide much camouflage cover at all. Call Sigint though without anything equipped, and wear no face paint. It will start a funny conversation about Snake wondering if he can take his pants off too, along with some other things.
Location: You have this "camouflage" from the very beginning of the game.


Description: While worn, the fellow soldiers and scientists will not be alerted. After you have your disguise revealed, the uniform will not work any more. Your Camo Index will also be very low because of the lack of camo patterns. Press Triangle with the outfit on to do a salute. Pressing this will make someone who notices you be less suspicious.
Location: The Officer camo is the uniform that Major Raikov was wearing. You obtain it by knocking him out.

Olive Drab


Description: Olive Drab, commonly known as OD, is the standard uniform for the G.I.'s (General Infantry). Because it is a single-color battle uniform, it does not provide much camouflage at all. One of the few times where it may be your number one choice is during the boss battle with The Fury.
Location: You have this camouflage from the very beginning of the game.

Rain Drop


Description: The Rain Drop camo was used by Germany during WWII. It is still used a lot in Eastern Europe. Of course, it is designed to be used best in the rain, and your Camo Index will be higher if it is actually raining hard.
Location: You can get this camo near the beginning of the game. It can be found in Dolinovodno. Go across the bridge and keep going forward, before leaving the area though, turn around and follow the path behind you. Hug the cliff wall until you get to the crevice. This is where it should be at.


Description: You cannot use any firearms or lethal weapons while you have the Scientist camo equipped. It disguises you as a scientist. You will have your cover blown if you are stained with blood or you do weird acts such as rolling into people. If you do get blood on it, switch to another outfit, and the blood should come out after a little while. Press Triangle with the outfit on to push up your glasses. If a scientist sees you, pressing this will make them less suspicious.



Description: The Snake camo sort of works like the EZ Gun does. Whenever you have it equipped, it provides you with a really high Camo Index rating no matter what environment you are in.
Location: Earn this by defeating The Boss non-lethally. Either use the Mk22 or the Mosin Nagant to bring down her stamina. Check the Boss Strategies section on how to go about doing this.



Description: The Sneaking camo is made of special bulletproof fiber. Wearing it will reduce all damage taken by half. The waterproofing and heat and moisture insulation in the suit reduces the amount of stamina you use. It also increases your overall Camo Index. The Sneaking suit is later made the official uniform of FOX/FOXHOUND, just a different version. This Sneaking outfit is the latest battle uniform developed by the Soviet Union.
Location: Groznyj Grad East Wing in the same locker Raikov was stored in and before planting C3.



Description: Snow is a winter camouflage developed to provide cover in a snowy environment. It is not solid white though. It has a little bit of vegetation pattern mixed in, too. It will work best if you are up against a white background.
Location: This camo can be found in Chyornaya Peschera Cave, on the path that leads tothe right before you fight The Pain (near area where Shotgun is found).



Description: Wearing this will give you stealth capability, but, it will also bring down your stamina when worn. So use it only in emergencies.
Location: You earn this by defeating The Fear non-lethally. So use your Mk22 to bring down his stamina.



Description: The Spirit camo is The Sorrow's personal camo uniform. It eliminates footstep noise, and allows you to drain stamina from enemies for yourself when choking them in CQC. Call Sigint when wearing it for a weird conversation. This camouflage is best combined with the Stealth camo, making you completely worry free about being spotted or heard by your enemies.
Location: Obtain this by making it to the end of The Sorrow sequence, and use the Revival Pill when you reach The Sorrow at the very end.



Description: The Splitter camo was used quite a bit in World War II on German aircraft and stuff. the pattern helped mask the plane's attitude and direction in dogfights. It works best when you use it against a steel or stone background.
Location: The Splitter camo is located in Bolshaya Past South. As soon as you enter Bolshaya Past South from Chyornyj Prud, continue straight ahead and go to the far right of the fence. Crawl under it, and continue forward (watch out for mines). Run along to the right of the fence until you see a log. There will be an opening in the fence in front of it. Continue to the right, and go around the muddy swamp on the right-hand side. Go straight and you will see two rocky steps that lead up to a ledge that is to the right of the second muddy swamp. Climb up the two steps, and hug the wall as you continue forward. You will eventually reach the end and will obtain the Splitter camo.



Description: Squares is a Mountain camo that is just a bunch of square patterns. It works best against reddish or brown backgrounds, like bricks or rusty metal.
Location: You have this camouflage from the very beginning of the game.


Description: The Stealth camo will make you invisible. Combine it with the Spirit camo to mask your footsteps and make yourself completely undetectable.
Location: Obtain the Stealth camo by activating all 64 Kerotan Frogs (check our guide). Location 2: The alternate method is to complete the entire game with absolutely NO alerts and no continues.

Tiger Stripe


Description: Tiger Stripe is a forest camouflage, that mimics the stripe pattern on a tiger's coat. It was originally worn by South Vietnamese Marines. The camo caught the eye of an American military advisor, and now the U.S. are thinking of introducing it into all kinds of special forces units. It works best in places with lots of trees and grass, but it should blend in with mud and dirt too.
Location: You start out with this camo from the very beginning of the game.

Tree Bark


Description: Tree Bark is a forest pattern created primarily for hunters. It is best used while hugging against a tree. The camo is pasted with photos of tree trunks and leafy branches.
Location: You start out the game with this camouflage.



Description: You cannot wear face paint when you are wearing it, and you cannot do CQC or equip any knife-type weapons. It is best used in dark areas. Call Sigint when wearing it.
Location: You earn the Tuxedo camouflage by beating the game once.



Description: This camo is best used while underwater (duh). The water pattern was used a lot by the old German Defense Force. Even though it is called the water pattern, it wasn't designed specifically to blend in underwater. They only gave it that name because the pattern resembles the waves on the surface of a pool of water.
Location: You can find this camo in Bolshaya Past Base. As soon as you enter, continue to your right, and you will soon see a building behind some demolished red walls and a wired fence. Walk across the wodden plank and go up to the door. On your right will be a ladder. Go up the ladder, and go to the top-left corner to pick it up.

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