Card Passwords (MGA2)

Enter the passwords at the password screen to unlock the desired card. You'll obtain these cards the moment you load your saved data.

Hnmt = Reiko Hinomoto
Mccy = Roger McCoy
Shiimeg = Ishii Meguru (JP Version only)
Ccy = Gijin-san (JP Version only)
Vrs = Strain (JP Version only)
No Place = MGS4 (JP Version only)
Nonat = Sano Natsume (JP Version only)
Kinoshitaa = Kinoshita Ayumi (JP Version only)
Xx = Hinomoto Reiko (JP Version only)
Rgr = Roger McCoy (JP Version only)
Dcyctps = Decoy Octopus (JP Version only)
Hrrr = Sea Harrier (JP Version only)
Xmeight = XM8
Sgny = SIGINT (JP Version only)
Mika = Mika Slayton
Karen = Karen Houjou
Jehuty = Jehuty
Viper = Viper
Snake = Solid Snake (MGS4)
Otacon = Otacon (MGS4)
Signt = Mr. Sigint
Konami = Reaction Block
mk2 = Metal Gear MK. II (MGS4)
shinta = Gijin-san
nojiri = Strand
mgr = Ishii Meguru
aym = Kinoshita Ayumi
ntm = Natsume Sano
Gekko = Gekko (US Version Only)
tobidacid = Solid Eye (US Version Only)
smoking = No Smoking (US Version Only)
Dcy = Decoy Octopus
shrrr = Sea Harrier ( US Version Only )
Ronaldsiu = Banana Peel
Ginormousj = Emma's Parrot
thespaniard = possessed arm

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