Characters (MGA)

Here is the list of characters in Metal Gear Acid.


[edit] Alice Hazel


A young woman from England. She's been using her psychic abilities, namely remote viewing, to aid the FBI and CIA in various cases for a number of years.

[edit] Gary Murray


A mysterious man working at the research facility at the time of the incident. He also requests help from Snake.

[edit] Lieutenant Leone


His nationality is unknown. He heads a mysterious group of mercenaries. His group was dispatched to the Moloni Republic to fight in a civil war there, as part of an anti-government militia.

[edit] Roger McCoy


A member of the CIA. Originally from New Jersey. He's been away from actual combat missions for quite some time, and has been working as an instructor for new recruits.

[edit] Snake


A legendary mercenary, and former member of the FOXHOUND Unit. He is currently living out his retirement -- no longer affiliated with his former duties.

[edit] Teliko Friedman


She is half American and half Japanese. Collin Friedman is her father. She's a soldier in the HRT special forces unit, and was once working under Roger's instruction.

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