Characters (MGS)

These are the antagonists and protagonists in Metal Gear Solid.

[edit] Big Boss


A legendary soldier, and the original "Snake". During the '70s, the U.S. government wanted his genes, so they cloned him, this was known as the Les Enfant Terribles project. From this, Solid, Liquid, and Solidus Snake were born; though we don't know if Solidus was born this way, since he looks much older than Solid and Liquid. He was also the other ex-commander of FOXHOUND. Big Boss was later on killed at Zanzibar Land at the hands of Solid Snake.

[edit] Decoy Octopus


A master of disguise and a member of FOXHOUND. After Revolver Ocelot accidentally kills the DARPA chief while torturing him, Decoy must pose as him so that Snake thinks he is still alive. When Snake meets Decoy (who is posing as the DARPA Chief) Decoy catches the FOXDIE virus from Snake and dies of what looked to be a heart attack.

[edit] Donald Anderson


The chief of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). He oversees the building and simulation of Metal Gear REX on Shadow Moses Island. When FOXHOUND and the Genome army seize the island he is tortured to death by Ocelot.

[edit] Hal Emmerich


The chief designer of Metal Gear REX, he is under the employ of Arms Tech. After the takeover Snake finds him in the computer room, where he is trying to get away from a mysterious Cyborg Ninja. Snake and the Ninja fight and Snake makes the Ninja retreat. Afterwards, Hal further explains Metal Gear REX's capabilities and promises to help Snake via Codec.

[edit] Jim Houseman


He is the Minister of the Department of Defense. He's the big guy who is overseeing the whole mission. He only appears twice during the game.

[edit] Kenneth Baker


His company (Arms Tech) are the ones who are paid by the government to design and build Metal Gear. He also oversees the simulation of Metal Gear. After FOXHOUND's takeover Ocelot breaks his arm and ties him to a pillar in the armory that's loaded with C4. When Snake finds him he first duels Ocelot, after Ocelot retreats from the armory Snake unties Baker from the pillar. While explaining what must be done to shut down Metal Gear he is stricken with FOXIDE and dies.

[edit] Liquid Snake


Twin brother of Solid Snake and the leader of Special Forces FOXHOUND. He is another survivor of the Les Enfantes Teribles project. Liquid served in the Middle East before joining FOXHOUND. Unlike his brother he speaks with an English accent. Liquid and the rest of FOXHOUND and the Genome army seize Metal Gear for their own and plan to use it as a nuclear threat.

[edit] Master Miller


He was once a military instructor, and he helped out Snake during the Zanzibar uprising, but after that retired to Alaska. He provides advice to Snake via Codec. Though, is he who he says he is?

[edit] Mei Ling


A young girl who designed a lot of Snake's equipment. She supports him via Codec.

[edit] Meryl Silverburgh


A rookie soldier who was captured during the takeover of Shadow Moses island. After she escapes from her cell and meets Snake she supports him throughout the mission. She is also Roy Campbell's niece.

[edit] Naomi Hunter


Another person that supports Snake via Codec. She is the one who injected Snake with Nanomachines before he started his mission.

[edit] Natasha Romanenko


An expert in the field of nuclear weapons. She provides help and advice to Snake via Codec.

[edit] Ninja


An enigma who seems to know Snake from somewhere. While Snake is fighting Ocelot in the Armory, he appears and cuts off Ocelot's right arm. After Ocelot flees, the two fight and the Ninja ends up running away. He again confronts Snake in the computer room. Snake defeats him again. Nothing is known about the Ninja except that Arms Tech made his exoskeleton.

[edit] Psycho Mantis


A member of Special Forces FOXHOUND, Mantis is believed to be telepathic and can move objects just by using his mind. Mantis wears a gas mask to cover his face, which is badly scarred from a fire from when he was a child. Mantis is also rumored to have ties with the ex-Russian government the KGB.

[edit] Revolver Ocelot


A member of Special Forces FOXHOUND, he is known for wielding 2 Colt .45 single action army revolvers into combat. He is believed to be Russian and have ties to Russian mercenaries. Ocelot served in the Russian- Afghan war and it's where he got the alias Shalashaska. Ocelot is considered to be Liquid's right hand man.

[edit] Roy Campbell


Ex-commander of FOXHOUND and Snake's support over Codec during the Shadow Moses incident. Campbell is a good friend of Snake and asks him to help with the Shadow Moses incident. Campbell also helped support Snake via Codec when he infiltrated Big Boss' military nation Zanzibar Land.

[edit] Sniper Wolf


Another member of special forces FOXHOUND, she is the sharpshooter of the group and it is said she can wait for weeks until her target shows themselves. She is also a Kurd and was on the run in the Middle East until a man called Saladin rescued her. Saladin is a known alias of Big Boss.

[edit] Solid Snake


The legendary ex-FOXHOUND commando, and also one of the results of the Les Enfantes Teribles project. Snake has twice defeated the menace of Metal Gear. His former comrade Colonel Roy Campbell calls him back to duty to stop terrorists from using a Metal Gear they acquired during it's testing on Shadow Moses Island in Alaska. The leader of the terrorists is Liquid Snake, the twin brother of Solid and current commander of the Special Forces FOXHOUND.

[edit] Vulcan Raven


A member of FOXHOUND, Raven is immensely strong and carries a Vulcan cannon into battle. Raven came over to Alaska by walking on a strait from Russia. Before joining FOXHOUND, Raven was an athlete and often competed in strength competitions around Alaska. Raven is also believed to be a Shaman and good friend of Revolver Ocelot.

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