Characters (MGS2SOL)

Here is a list of all the characters in the game.

Remember that there are MANY SPOILERS on the follwing sections.


[edit] Cyborg Ninja


Full Name: Unknown
Alias: Cyborg Ninja/Mr. X
Codec Frequency: 140.48
Description: He has a ninja suit which was worn by Grey Fox in MGS1. He helps Raiden during the Big Shell and he sends him useful information.

[edit] Emma Emmerich


Full Name: Emma Emmerich
Alias: E.E.
Codec Frequency: 141.52
Description: A genius in the field of computers and the step-sister of Hal Emmrich (aka Otacon). When Hal ran away from home, she brokedown, but decided to try and find him.

[edit] Fatman


Full Name: Unknown
Alias: Fatman
Organisation: Dead Cell
Description: An explosive expert that has a dream to become world's greatest explosive materials specialist. Due to his size, he has to use roller blades to run.

[edit] Fortune


Full Name: Helena Dolph Jackson
Alias: Fortune/Queen
Organisation: Dead Cell
Description: She is the commander of the Dead Cell group and is exceptionally lucky, hence her name. Her father was the Marines commander Scott Dolph which was killed in the Tanker Incident. A very close friend of Vamps and uses a rail gun as a weapon.

[edit] Olga Gurlkovich


Full Name: Olga Gurlkovich
Alias: Unknown
Organisation: Russians
Description: The daughter of Sergei Gurlkovich, she was brought up in army which became her family. Supposedly kiled during the Tanker Incident. She oftens takes part in military operations with her father, however, she does not take part in actual combat much as she is pregnant.

[edit] Otacon


Full Name: Hal Emmerich
Alias: Otacon
Codec Frequency: 140.85/141.12 & 140.96 (to save in Tanker)
Organisation: Philanthropy
Description: Computer genius and Snake's best friend. They work together in Phliantrophy. Otacon gathers info about Metal Gear's and provides codec help to Solid Snake. He ran away from home when he was young and has a sister called Emma.

[edit] Raiden


Full Name: Jack
Alias: Raiden/Snake/Jack the Ripper/White Devil
Organisation: FOXHOUND
Description: He was sent by the Pentagon to save the President from the Big Shell when the anti-terrorist group Dead Cell take it over although he has a lack of combat experiance. His supervisor is Colonel Roy Campbell. He was trained in VR missions, he thinks it is his only training but he was trained by Solidus Snake, when he was very young.

[edit] Revolver Ocelot


Full Name: Shalashaska
Alias: Revolver Ocelot
Organisation: Patriots
Description: He sold the tactical data of Metal Gear on a black market. He was a close friend of Solidus Snake and worked in spetznas. His right hand was cut off in Metal Gear Solid by the Ninja, but he got another one from Liquid Snake's dead body. However the arm started to take over his body and can sometimes take complete control over Ocelot's body. He also double crossed the russians in an attempt to steal Metal Gear RAY. Credit to Xonora for the image of Ocelot

[edit] Rosemary


Full Name: Rosemary
Alias: Rose
Codec Frequency: 140.96 (to save in plant)
Organisation: FOXHOUND
Description: She is the analist of Raiden's mission as well as his girlfriend. She was the one that had to convince Raiden to do what he was odered to do and loves him very much.

[edit] Roy Cambell


Full Name: Colonel Roy Campbell
Alias: Unknown
Codec Frequency: 140.85
Organisation: FOXHOUND
Description: He is a retired FOXHOUND commander, however, this time he's in commend of Raidens mission. Raiden has never met him face to face, and so this has led to distrust between them. He's avoiding questions from the past

[edit] Solid Snake


Full Name: David
Alias: Solid Snake/Iroquois Pliskin
Codec Frequency: 141.80
Organisation: Philanthrapy
Description: After the Shadow Moses incident, Snake joined Hal Emmerich's organization called Phliantrophy, their main aim was to destroy all Metal Gear REX specimens. One day Otacon got a note that there is a new type of Metal Gear transported on a tanker. Snake is sent to check it out, however things go from good to bad, and from bad to worse, and when the Tanker is destroyed Snake is the one to take the blame and is also declared dead. However, he is alive and well and uses the alias Iroquois Pliskin to help Raiden out in his mission.

[edit] Solidus Snake


Full Name: George Sears
Alias: Solidus Snake/Big Boss
Organisation: Patriots
Description: The ex-President of the USA who had to resign from presidency after the Shadow Moses incident. All he wants now is revange, he wants to finish his father's plan - make Outer Heaven. He wants to look like Big Boss, he's proud that he has lost his eye. He pulls the big strings behind the Patriots.

[edit] Vamp


Full Name: Unknown
Alias: Vamp
Organisation: Dead Cell
Description: He was born in Romania, as a child he has lost his parents. He survied by drinking their blood. When he grew up he moved to USA, where he joined Dead Cell. He can run on water, his very quick and he bacame a vampire so he can't be killed be ordinary means.

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