Characters (MGS3S)

This is a list of the main characters throughout the game. Don't worry, it is spoiler free.


[edit] EVA


EVA is a female spy who supports Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. She is also a former NSA codebreaker. Her signature gun is the Mauser and is always seen on her motorbike.

[edit] Major Zero


Major Zero is a 55 year old former member of the SAS. He was born in Exeter, England. He is a good friend of Naked Snake, and is the leader of the Virtuous Mission, giving orders to Snake to help him throughout his mission. Major Zero is hoping that this mission goes well so FOX unit can become official.

[edit] Snake


A former member of the CIA and spending many years as a Green Beret, Naked Snake joined FOX; a next-generation special forces unit. His mentor was The Boss, who is legendary for her heroism during World War II. Snake is a master of Close Quarters Combat, a fighting technique that he developed along with The Boss. On August 24th, 1964, Snake is the first person ever to perform a HALO jump into enemy territory. And so, his mission, codenamed the “Virtuous Mission”, begins in Tselinoyarsk, Russian territory, to save Sokolov.

[edit] Ocelot

Ocelot is a Major working for Col. Volgin and is the leader of the Ocelot Unit, which is an elite unit of the GRU Spetsnaz. Ocelot is a genius when it comes to handling and shooting his guns, though he lacks real life battle experience because of his young age. Ocelot is seen to have multiple encounters with Naked Snake throughout the game.

[edit] Para-Medic


Para-Medic is a 28 year old doctor from Boston, Massachusetts. She basically watches over Snake on his mission, and gives helpful insight onto the flora and fauna of Tselinoyarsk. She also loves to talk about horror and monster movies with Snake.

[edit] Sigint


Sigint is a 24 year old technology and weapons expert from Nashville, Tennessee. He also knows much about the Cobra unit, and will be happy to provide you information on them while you fight them.

[edit] Sokolov


His full name is Nikolai Stephanovich Sokolov. He's the head of the secret OKB-754 Design Bureau. He's also the developer and designer of the Shagohod. He's developed numerous weapons with the funding by the Khruschev faction. A family man who is worried about his wife and daughter whom he left in the United States.

[edit] Volgin


His full name is Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin and is the GRU colonel. Volgin is known as a sadist who loves to torture prisoners to death. He has inheriated $100 billion from his father and hopes to use that to fund the superweapon, the Shagohod, for world dominance. His body carries an electrical charge of ten million volts and uses electricity in his battles.

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