Cobra Unit (MGS3S)

The Cobra Unit is a unit composed of The Boss, who is the leader, and friends of hers who were soldiers. All of the Cobras each have a unique power that makes them an asset to the team. They used these powers to help the Allies become victorious during World War II. Now, they work for Colonel Volgin, who wishes to mass produce a machine capable of launching a nuclear missile strike from anywhere in the world.


[edit] The Boss


Leader of the Cobra Unit, she and her team helped the Allies win World War II. She received the code of "The Boss" because of her legendary heroism. She is considered to be literally the greatest soldier of all time. She becomes Snake's mentor later on, and they both develop Close-Quarters Combat, and she teaches him everything that she knows. They become very close.

[edit] The End


The End is a boss battle much similar to Sniper Wolf's in Metal Gear Solid 1. He is over a century old, and is considered the greatest sniper of all time. He is even referred to as the Father of modern sniping. He uses the process of photosynthesis to stay in the same places for long periods of time by using the sun to give him energy.

[edit] The Fear


The Fear is the second boss you encounter. He moves and has the abilities of a spider, and can also turn himself completely invisible.

[edit] The Fury


The Fury is a former astronaut gone insane. He wears his old suit that he went to go into space with, along with a jetpack and flamethrower.

[edit] The Pain


Friend and former bee keeper of The Boss, The Pain's specialty is being able to control hundreds and hundreds of bees to his advantage. He can order them to attack somebody, stinging them hundreds of times and killing them.

[edit] The Sorrow


He was a soldier used to communicate with the dead soldiers to learn more about their enemies during World War II. He appears every so often in the cut-scenes, where you have to hold the R1 button to view him. He helps you out with tips and even code numbers to help you get past levels.

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