Crying Wolf

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Crying Wolf
Crying Wolf.jpg
AliasCrying Wolf
AffiliationsBeauty and the Beast Unit
GamesMetal Gear Solid 4
Created by??
Designed by??
Voice Actor (En)Debra Wilson Skelton (Beauty)
Fred Tatasciore (Beast)
Voice Actor (Jp)Eriko Hirata
Beauty appearance ModelMieko Rye
Beauty appearance Model Mieko Rye

[edit] Background

Crying Wolf emotion of constantly crying stems from a terrible incident in a war situation during her young child hood, when she one day had to hide with her baby brother from Rebels or Soldiers. While hiding, her Brother started to cry, so she held his mouth with her hand as tight as she could shut to prevent him from crying, and to be found and probably killed. When the Rebels or Soldiers went away after a while, she came to her senses, was relieved to be save, but horrified when she released her hand from her brother's mouth, covered in sweat and spit, that her Brother wasn't crying anymore. Her brother died in her arms, while she tried to protect them both from being killed. She then walked off with her brother in her arms. And was spotted some time later in a camp. How long it took for her to get there is unknown, but by the sound of that her brother's body has rotten away in her arms, it probably was a very long trip.

She also had visions of a wolf following her since the incident with her and her brother.

While being at the Camp, she heard Babies and children crying that were also in that camp. Then one night, those babies and children got killed one by one, she believed that a wolf was killing them, and she tried to stop it, but failed. But infact; there was no wolf in that camp. She was the one that killed them, and cried like a wolf while she did it. Most if not all of them died, and the ones that survived were severely badly injured.

[edit] Metal Gear Solid 4

A unit with 3 member, that just like she, have post-traumatic stress disorder witnessed from wars, each of those 3 member as well as her, are having their own emotions that they carry with them.

  • Battle Area: Snowfield & Communication Tower, Shadow Moses.

[edit] Battle the Beast

  • You battle her at a Snowfield close to an communication tower during a blizzard storm.
  • The wind will change directions, and you will have a clear view when the snow is blowing away from you, but a bad view when the wind turns and the snow is blowing against you.

But the wind is also a useful tool for Crying Wolf. She can smell you if the wind blows away from you to her direction.

  • Crying Wolf isn't the only enemy in this area while you battle her.

The FROGS are also scouting the area, so checking your surroundings as much as possible is advised for this battle.

  • Using NightVision Mode is advised for this Battle.
  • Her Strongest weapon is the Railgun( Which looks a lot like Fortune's Railgun from MGS2 ) that's attached on the back.

But it's also her weakest spot.

To be able for her to use the weapon, she has to get out of her suit, which gives you the opportunity for a clear shot/open attack to Crying Beauty.

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