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NameDrebin 893
GamesMetal Gear Solid 4
Created byHideo Kojima
Designed byYoji Shinkawa
Voice Actor (En)Khary Payton
Voice Actor (Jp)Keiji Fujiwara

[edit] Background

A black market weapons dealer whose business ventures span the globe. Not only does Drebin sells weapons and ammo, he is the world's one and only "gun launderer," able to remove the locks on ID guns that can normally be used only by registered owner. He's addicted to the soft drink NARC and always carries a can with him as well as having a small NARC vending machine in the back of his Stryker. "Drebin" is the name given to an entire network of mysterious dealers; this Drebin is number 893. He is never seen without his partner, a monkey called Little Gray.

[edit] Function

Drebin is a businessman primarily. He thrives on the war economy. The better the war is, the more expensive his guns are. Take your chances on Wednesdays and Sundays to avail of his 20% sales. Also bear in mind that at certain points in the game where the war economy is low, Drebin's prices will drop to reflect it. Don't worry, it's not something you will have to watch out for yourself. The game will prompt you when Drebin's prices are low. A smart gamer will take advantage of Drebin's low economy on a Wednesday or a Sunday though. ;D

During the final Act everything is 50% off, this is a good time to purchase the more expensive items such as the Stealth Suit, Bandana and the most expensive item available for purchase the Tanegashima rifle

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