Easter Eggs & Tricks (MGS3)

This section will describe in full detail all of the Easter Eggs to be found in MGS3, and will tell you how to find them on your own. I really suggest you try these, because some of them add a lot of replay value and gives you a nice break from all the action.


[edit] Blow Up the Food Storage Houses

Blow up the Food Storage houses that you come across throughout the areas with TNT. The next time you enter that area, all the guards will be hungry and they will always eat the food you throw at them. Throw all the poisonous food you want. You can also blow up the military supply houses found throughout the areas with TNT.

[edit] Easy Way to Beat the Shagohod

If you let the last phase of the Shagohod fight (with Volgin on top of the Shagohod) drag on, it will eventually start raining. Equipping appropriate camouflage while this is going on will make you virtually invisible to Volgin's eyes, allowing you to take up a sniper position on the edge and easily win this battle.

[edit] EVA's Records

During the section of the game where you have to escort EVA to the lake, go into the Cure screen and switch to EVA's profile, before viewing her records. Her food record contains a variety of luxurious meals, while her medical record contains an extensive list of mishaps which she's been hospitalized for, as well as breast enhancements.

[edit] Guy Savage Mini-Game

Access this game by saving the game while you are in the jail cell, and reloading the same file.

You play as a character named Guy Savage who has to fight a horde of zombies. The controls are as follows:

Start: Pauses the game
Select: No use
R1: No use
R2: Dash move
L1: No use
L2: No use
L3: Move character
R3:: Move camera
Triangle: No use
Circle Spin Attack (hold Circle to make the attack last much longer. Guy will fall down from getting dizzy though)
X: Jump
Square: Normal Attack

Jump (X) and then press Square to do an aerial attack.

If you do really well, the screen will turn yellow and you will become more powerful. All of your attacks are different, and the Dash move is faster and longer.

The game can end by either dying, or it will end after a small period of time on it's own.

The environment is fully destructible too, so have fun with that. This game can quickly become addicting. Maybe some day they will make a full game of it!

There is nothing else special to do except kill a bunch of enemies for a nice bloody mess.

When you wake up, there will be a cut-scene of Snake being relieved that is was all just a horrible dream.

Doing this mini-game is also a quicker way to access the special hidden Johnny Sasaki cut-scene, because when you wake up, there will already be two food items on the ground, and Johnny will be right there to give you your third one.

[edit] Hidden R1 Sequences

This is a list of the hidden R1 sequences that will occur throughout the game. They are "hidden" because the game gives you no notification when to press R1. So the best tip is to just hold R1 during all movies and you may just get to see something brand new. Here is a list of the ones I have seen and where they are placed at through the game.

The Torture Scene:
Hold R1 during this scene, and as Ocelot leaves the room, look at The Boss, and you can see her copying his taunt (you should know what that is by now).

The Kiss:
After defeating Volgin and the Shagohod, hold R1 during this cutscene when EVA is about to kiss you. You can also happen to The Sorrow in the background.

The Boss:
After shooting The Boss and the next cut-scene comes up, hold R1 to be able to see The Boss and The Sorrow's spirits together to the left of the horse. After a few seconds, their spirits will disappear forever.

Meeting The President:
In the cut-scene where you walk in to greet the President, hold R1 when the President reaches out to shake your hand. If you want to see Ocelot again, look to the left, and you will see him doing his infamous taunt outside the window.

The Graveyard:
When you are standing in front of The Boss' grave and it has a close-up on your face, hold R1, and you will be able to see the whole graveyard, and Big Boss's eyes tearing up. It is a very cool effect, and quite realistic.

[edit] Johnny Sasaki's Past

This is a fun little Easter Egg, especially for the long time fans of the Metal Gear Solid series who notice that there is always a member of the Johnny Sasaki family somewhere in each game. It is also a way to escape from the cell. After the torture scene when you are in the prison cell, Johnny Sasaki (the guard) will be guarding your cell. While he is patrolling, he will go into the room at the back (to the right), and when he comes back around to your cell, he will give you food. But, instead of eating the food, throw it back outside the cell. The first time, Johnny will say "What, you don't want this?" and eat it. The second time he will say, "Huh? Hey, thanks!" and eat it again. Then the third time he will say "Huh? It's your loss" and a cut-scene will begin. It will start off with Johnny saying that you're not such a bad guy after all. He will go on about how he used to live in America with his wife and kid. He will then describe that every first-born son of the family is always named Johnny. He will show you a picture, and you will have the option to press R1. When you do this, you will see a Codec number on the back (144.75). After the cut-scene, press in the Codec number to have the prison door opened for you to escape.

[edit] Keeping Your Disguise

Two points throughout the game, you will have to disguise yourself as a Scientist and as an Officer. When you are disguised as a Scientist (and you do not do anything wierd like continously rolling around), only other Scientists will be alerted to your presence. When a Scientist is alerted, press Triangle, and Snake will push his glasses up on his nose. This will trick the Scientist into thinking you are the real thing. If you do not, the Scientist will alert the guards. You can do the same trick when you are disguised as an Officer. If somebody is suspicious of you, press Triangle and Snake will do a salute.

[edit] Les Enfants Terrible Snakes

During the fight with The Boss, there are three unique snakes slithering around the battlefield, appropriately named Solid, Solidus and Liquid. They are often very hard to see and/or catch, but capturing one and eating it will fully restore Snake's stamina.

[edit] Main Menu Tricks

The Main Menu comprises of Snake perfoming various CQC techniques on enemies. There is a lot of interactivity that is involved too.

Changes background display to complete black, so the background display is only transparent through the character models.

Speeds up the animation.

Slows down the animation.

Changes the color scheme used.

Switches transparency to either the forefront or background display.

Switches the shadowing and colorization between the forefront and background displays.

Changes the Camouflage pattern used.

Left Analog Stick:
Moves background display in which ever direction you move the stick in. If you click the left analog stick, it will change the background display (only if a CQC animation is being displayed at the time though).

Right Analog Stick:
Changes the color of the screen based on which direction you move the analog stick in. Click the right analog stick to scroll through the preset options of colors.

[edit] Make Snake (or EVA) Throw Up!

Press Start, and then Press R1 to view either Snake or EVA in full 3D. Spin them around by holding R3 (Right Analog Stick) to either the right or left direction. Keep spinning them for about 15 seconds, then go back to the game. They will throw up, taking away almost one full bar of stamina.

[edit] Nightmare of Sigint

Call Sigint immediately after Snake's nightmare in the prison cell, and Sigint will tell Snake of his nightmare involving a giant killer pile of feces.

[edit] Opening Sequence (Snake Eater Theme)

After completing the Virtuous Mission, the theme song will play every time you begin the game. This is a list of all of the cool things that you can do during the Snake Eater Theme credits.

  • If you press R1 during the theme song, the singer will whisper "Snake Eater" in the background.
  • Moving the Right Analog Stick will make icons appear on the screen. The more you move the R3 analog stick, the more icons that appear on screen. The first time you do it, it will be a person parachuting, you can use the R3 analog stick to move these to the left or right. But, if you click the R3 Analog stick, it will change the icons. The first time you click it, the icon will change into a plane that flies to the upper-right of the screen, you can move these slightly with the R3 stick. The second time you click it, the plane will fly to the upper-left of the screen, you can also move these with the R3 stick. The third time you click it, the icon will change into another plane, that will fly to the bottom left, again, you can move these with the Right Analog Stick. The fourth time, it will change into birds that will fly to the right. You can move the R3 Analog Stick to move them up and down. The fifth time, it will change into the Hammer & Sickle, and these will fall down from the top. You can move them left or right with the right analog stick. The sixth time, it will change into a peace sign that will float from the bottom to the top, and you can move these left and right using the R3 Analog Stick.
  • Clicking the left analog stick will make the credits change from English to Japanese slowly. The second time you do it, it will change to Korean, and the third time you do it, it will change into Russian. With the Left Analog Stick, you can move the credits and the snakes that appear on screen in various directions.

[edit] Plant TNT on the Enemies Back

Some of you will know this technique from the previous entries in the MGS series. Have your TNT equipped, and when a guard is facing away from you, press Square to plant it on his back. You can then detonate it whenever you want to. The best tip would be to wait until he walks or runs into a crowd of his soldier friends, and then blow them all to hell.

[edit] Raikov's Special Permissions

When disguised as Raikov in Groznyj Grad, you can do virtually anything you wish, even attacking guards, and they won't raise the signal for an alert. In some cases, they will even thank you for spontaneously assaulting them!

[edit] Special Codec Frequencies

Throughout the game as you interrogate soldiers, you will come across some who will give you the information to special Codec frequencies. The following is a list of the various types and their frequencies. Please note though that these will only work was you acquire the information on your own in the game. If you try just typing them in, they will not work. And also, each frequency will only work once.

Healing Frequencies: These frequencies play songs that will heal your stamina completely when you first listen to them.

    140.01 - Salty Catfish by 66 Boys
    140.52 - Rock Me Baby by 66 Boys
    141.24 - Sea Breeze by Sergei Mantis
    142.94 - Pillow Talk by Starry.K
    144.06 - Jumpin' Johnny by Chunk Raspberry
    147.08 - Surfing Guitar by 66 Boys
    147.59 - Sailor by Starry.K
    149.53 - Don't Be Afraid by Rika Muranaka

Support Frequencies: Call these to have bombs dropped on your area.


Alert Frequencies: Call these frequencies to call of alert mode.


[edit] Tricks For Defeating The End

The non-cheating way:
After you enter the area where you need to shoot The End, (after Ponizovje South) there will be a cut-scene of the Cobra Unit and Volgin at the docks. After the cut-scene ends, pull out a SVD (You can find the SVD in Ponizovje West (which is located on the left side, near the end of the path on Ponizovje South, after the trees, north in a small building near the top of the screen.) and quickly shoot The End over and over before he rolls away. If you do it correctly, you will kill him. Watch out though! When he explodes, one of his wheels will hit you right in the face if you do not move! When you get to Sokrovenno South (where you would usually fight him), instead of fighting The End, you will fight troops of the Ocelot Unit instead.

Setting your PS2 clock forward:
Once you reach the area where you fight The End, save your game, and turn off the game. When you are on the Main Menu of the PlayStation 2 (where you can alter your memory cards and settings for the PS2), set the clock a few weeks ahead, and when you reload your game, a cinematic will play and you'll learn The End is dead!

Reveal The End's location on your map:
During your battle with The End, press Start to go to the Survival Viewer. Select Map and enter the following code:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle

A red dot will appear giving you the location of The End. When you exit the menu and come back to it though, you will have to re-input the code.

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