Easter Eggs (MGS4)

  • When on the Nomad, you can use the Metal Gear Mk. II to travel up stairs to see a Playstation 3 on the table.
  • Once you retrieve the camera from the Nomad by using Metal Gear Mk. II, throughout the B&B boss fights, if you take a picture of them in their out of suit form, they will pose for you.
  • As above, using the camera obtained from the Nomad at any mission briefing, you can take pictures of ghosts in Act 4, on Shadow Moses. These ghosts consist of Meryl, Otacon, Decoy Octopus, Psycho Mantis, and various other characters from the original Metal Gear Solid.
  • On the Nomad, you can recieve up to three additional batteries for the Solid Eye and other gadgets by going upstairs.
  • Taking control of Metal Gear Mk. II while on the Nomad can get you some alternate face camos as well, such as Raiden with the face mask closed and Raiden with the face mask open. You can obtain those during the mission briefing for the third act, when Naomi stands up, bump into her, and when Sunny stands up, bump into her, once again, with the Metal Gear Mk. II.


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