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[edit] Metal Gear Solid 2

Emma Emmerich

Emma only appears in Metal Gear Solid 2. Raiden finds her in the flooded core of Shell 2, hiding in a locker. He has to get her to the computer room to infect Arsenal Gear's AI (GW) with a virus, but she is afraid of swimming due to an event earlier in her life where she nearly drowned in a swimming pool. Raiden persuades her to come, and tells her to listen to his heartbeat while they're underwater.

When they get out of the flooded core, Emma then has to cross the Oil Fence with Raiden and Snake making sure she can get across by shooting any guards she encounters. However, along the way, Vamp who was presumed dead, jumps out of the water and grabs Emma. The player then has to snipe Vamp. He falls into the water, but he stabbed Emma before he went, damaging vital internal organs.

They make it to the computer room and they insert the virus, which aborts half way. Emma then dies because of her stabwound.

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