[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

[edit] How do I get the bandanna and stealth camo?

To get the bandanna simply beat the game without a single kill. As for the stealth camo, play through without getting a single alert.

[edit] Do cautions count?


[edit] I just played through Act 1 and I didn't kill anyone! How come it says I have a kill?

There can be two ways. If you destroyed a Gekko, its explosion may have killed a bystander. Or if you tranquilize enemies, make sure they do not end up dying or it may count as your kill. An example is when fighting frogs, when they are on the walls, if they get tranquilized they may end up dying from their fall, which ends to be a kill for you.

[edit] Do Gekkos count as a kill?

No they do not, all unmanned enemies are not kills, this goes for the scarabs too [the three legged/hand robots]

[edit] What are the Dolls?

Specifically there are two kinds. The ones you obtain when you fight Screaming mantis and the ones collected after each act boss. The Sorrow and Physco Mantis dolls are obtained when fighting Screaming mantis. The Physco Mantis Doll kills enemies, as the Sorrow doll can only manipulate dead enemies. As for the other dolls, each doll can be obtained only if you defeat the boss of each act non-lethal methods. Act 1 would be the frogs, and the rest are self explanatory.

[edit] What do I get for getting the dolls?

You get the Solar gun, which is a gun that knocks people out as well as enemies. However it needs sunlight to recharge its ammo.

[edit] Where are the Dolls?

Assuming you had defeated each boss through non-lethal methods:

  • Act 1: The area where you start after Meryl has left, a parking lot
  • Act 2: Located on top of a bed.
  • Act 3: At the top of the tower.
  • Act 4: Located near the start of the area in which you fight the boss.
  • Act 5: At the entrance you came in to fight Screaming Mantis.
[edit] How do I tranquilize Screaming Mantis?

Just do what you would do to defeat her beast form. Use Physco Mantis doll.

[edit] What is the White room?

The white room is a room you can get into for each BB boss. However you have to wait three minutes until it happens. In that room you can make the BB model do poses if you have a camera.

[edit] Camera? Where is the Camera?

It is located on the Nomad. You can Obtain it during certain Briefings.

[edit] What does the Camera do?

Nothing in particular. Other than making the BB models pose, the camera is just a novelty, you can take image and then upload them to your computer.

[edit] How come some people have pictures of Naomi and Sunny?

If you wait until a later act to get the Camera you can get these pictures.

[edit] I started on a new playthrough, but I haven't got any of my weapons! Why not?

You need to meet up with the Mk. II first. It will give you your stuff back.

[edit] I met up with the Mk. II, but I still don't have my gear! Why not?

You have to press "load game" when starting again, if you pressed "new game" and overwrote your previous file, then you have to start all over. You must load your old file saying "EPILOGUE:THE END" to start a new playthrough.

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