[edit] Cunningham

Cunningham foxunitmgsop.jpg

A former CIA lieutenant and is currently working as FOX Unit's interrogation specialist. His only mission is to find the location of the missing half of the Philosophers' Legacy.

Voiced by: Noah Nelson - ENG, Daisuke Gōri - JAP

[edit] Gene

Gene foxunitmgsop.jpg

The leader of the Fox Unit, Gene has broken away from the U.S and threatens to turn the Cold War into a blazing hot one. This graduate of the successor project was a top-secret government experiment designed to create the ultimate battlefield commander.

Voiced by: Steve Blum - ENG, Norio Wakamoto - JAP

[edit] Null

Null foxunitmgsop.jpg

Known only as the Perfect Soldier, this young man was a project initiated by the CIA to create the ultimate warrior. Incapable of experiencing emotions or doubts because he was raised in a lab for one purpose only: Accomplish the mission.

Voiced by: Lare Spies - ENG, Jun Fukuyama - JAP

[edit] Python

Python foxunitmgsop.jpg

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