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Fatman is a member of Dead Cell, the special forces group that serves as the antagonist for Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Named after the bomb that dropped on Nagasaki, Fatman is an explosives expert that challenges Raiden to a duel near the beginning of the plant chapter. Taking place on a heliport covered in huge metal crates, this boss battle involves Fatman on a pair of roller-skates as he outruns Raiden and plants bombs everywhere in an attempt to blow him up. In order to defeat him, the player must figure out a way to attack the fast moving boss while constantly neutralizing the C4 with some equipped coolant.

Peter Stillman, an expert in bomb disposal was Fatman's former mentor and showed him the know how on hidden bombs and how to track them. Unfortunately instead of using his new learnt skill for good Fatman dissapointed Stillman by aligning himself with Dead Cell. In a race to stop Fatman, Stillman raced to the basement of Strut H to find that Fatman had place a explosive that triggered when Stillman was in close proximity. This killed Stillman and flooded the basement on Strut H.

If you wait a bit while fighting Fatman, he will eventually get distracted by the pretty seagulls flying around the strut and stare out at the ocean. Use this strange window of opportunity to cause massive amounts of damage.

When Fatman is defeated, he tells Raiden that he has hidden the biggest bomb on the Big Shell "somewhere nearby". The bomb was hidden under Fatman's corpse, which the players had to drag away to reveal it.

Fatman serves as the Boss for the Snake Tale A Wrong Doing on MGS2: Substance. Voice actors: Barry Dennen (English) Kozo Shioya (Japanese)

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