Foods (MGS3S)

The following is a list of all the various foods you can get in the Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence game to eat. Also included is what special uses some of them may have. All of the technical information about the animal will be found at the end of every description so it is easier to skip them if you do not wish to read them. Alot of these animals can be captured alive by using the tranquilizer gun (Mk22) and can sometimes even be used as weapons. In the "Food" Menu, you have 3 cages that are used to keep these animals alive. It will keep them fresh, and provide a better stamina recovery then a adead or rotted animal. To use some of these animals as weapons, go into the "Backpack" Menu and select weapons. Scroll all the way down to where the animals are, and you can select them just as any other weapon. They are most effective when they are alive. For example, you can scare enemies away by throwing a living Reticulated Python at them.

[edit] Arowana

Can be found in the river after leaving the cave that you fought The Pain. Provides pretty good stamina recovery.

[edit] Bigeye Trevally

Can be found in the same river as the Arrowana after leaving the cave that you fought The Pain. Small stamina recovery.

[edit] Calorie Mate

You start off with one of these at the very beginning of the game. Eating this provides excellent stamina recovery.

[edit] Cobalt Blue Tarantula

Easiest place to find is in the building after the docks where Ocelot juggles his guns cut scene.

[edit] Coral Snake

Provides good stamina recovery. Found in Chyornyi Prud (Swamp Like Area) after encountering Ocelot the second time.

[edit] Crab

Found everywhere in the cave before and after fighting The Pain.

[edit] Emperor Scorpion

Found on Krasnogorrje Mountain Base after fighting The End.

[edit] European Rabbit

Found in almost every forested area throughout the game, very common. Good stamina recovery.

[edit] Fly Agaric

[edit] Galova

[edit] Giant Anaconda

You can find the Giant Anaconda at the very beginning of the game. The Giant Anaconda is the largest snake in the world in terms of weight and diameter. It is said to eat large animals like crocodiles. And its only natural predator is man and snake. It is not poisonous, but its large size is what makes it so powerful.

[edit] Green Tree Python

[edit] Hornet's Nest

Shooting one of these down will also provide you with Ointment that heals severe burns. Poor stamina recovery when eaten.

[edit] Indian Gavial

The Indian Gavial can be found near the very beginning of the game, in the Dremuchij Swampland. They provide moderate stamina recovery, and are kind of tasty. You cannot catch these alive, even with your tranquilizer gun. Killing one will give you three different pieces of food for you to eat. The Indian Gavial is a crocodile that originally lived in freshwater regions in India and Nepal. They are large creatures. Adult males grow to over six meters in length. The ones in the game were brought there for research purposes, but escaped and became wild again. Normally they are cowardly creatures, but they have become violent as a side-effect of the atomic research that was conducted nearby.

[edit] Instant Noodles

Provides excellent stamina recovery.

[edit] Japanese Flying Squirrel

This can be found in the forest where you find an upsidedown, dead scientist when you start the snake eater mission and 1 other location. Good stamina recovery.

[edit] King Cobra

Provides good stamina recovery. Found on the ground during Ocelot boss battle.

[edit] Magpie

Magpies can be found in the very beginning of the game. Magpies only provide a slight stamina recovery. They taste pretty nasty. Magpies are members of the 'Crow' family. They are native to North America and the Eurasian continent You can easily identify a Magpie by their dark blue and white bodies and their long tails. Their favorite food are insects, but they also like to eat fruit, fish, and acorns. They are omnivores, so they will basically eat anything.

[edit] Markhor

Can be found after the fight with The End. Provides good stamina recovery.

[edit] Maroon Shark

[edit] Milk Snake

Provides barely noticeable stamina recovery.

[edit] Otton Frog

[edit] Poison Dart Frog

This can be found mainly in swampy areas. If you eat it, you will likely be poisoned.

[edit] Rat

[edit] Reticulated Python

The Reticulated Python can be found in the beginning of the game in the area that you begin in. They provide great stamina recovery. You can throw a live one at an enemy to scare them. To capture a live Reticulated Python, use your Mk22 to put it to sleep and capture it in one of your three cages (if empty). To equip the snake, go to your "Backpack" and go to "Weapon". Go to the bottom, and this is where your food will be at. Equip the Python as you would any other weapon. The Reticulated Python is the longest snake in the world. It can grow up to 10 meters in length. They are native to Southeast Asia. They can swallow large animals like deers and pigs whole! They are not poisonous, but have a highly ferocious temperament. You can identify a Reticulated Python by the mesh pattern of their scales. The pattern acts as a highly effective natural camouflage, so be careful or you will be bit.

[edit] Russian False Mango

[edit] Russian Glowcap

this can be found mainly in caves. it does not taste very good, but it can recharge battery-using items such as the APsensor.

[edit] Russian Oyster Mushroom

The Russian Oyster Mushroom can be found at the very beginning of the game. To be more spcific, growing on tree stumps and hollow logs. It belongs to the Shimeji family, and it is very rich in vitamin B1 and Niacin.

[edit] Russian Ration

Provides full stamina recovery and never goes bad. Tastes horrible.

[edit] Siberian Ink Cap

The Siberian Ink Cap can be found at the very beginning of the game. It gives you barely noticeable stamina recovery, it tastes disgusting. Naturally, it is a mushroom from the ink cap family. Its life cycle is transitory, meaning that as soon as the spores mature, the cap starts to turn black, liquefies, and melts away. In its immature state (before it melts away) it is valued as a source of food. Do not ever eat them whle drinking alcohol though. Ink Caps contain coprin, which inhibits the function of aldehyde dehydrogenase, which prevents the body from breaking down alcohol, causing a buildup of acetaldehyde, meaning it will give you one hell of a hangover.

[edit] Snake Liquid

This can only be found at the very end of the game, in the large field of flowers at the final boss.

[edit] Snake Solid

This can only be found at the very end of the game, in the large field of flowers at the final boss.

[edit] Snake Solidus

This can only be found at the very end of the game, in the large field of flowers at the final boss.

[edit] Sunda Whistling Thrush

[edit] Taiwanese Cobra

Provides moderate stamina recovery.

[edit] Thai Cobra

Provides moderate stamina recovery.

[edit] Tree Frog

The Tree Frog can be found at the very beginning of the game. They give you barely noticeable stamina recovery, they taste terrible. You can scare enemies if you throw a live one at them. The Tree Frog is a green frog that is found throughout Asia. It is arboreal, meaning it will spend most of its time in shrubs and bushes. The Tree frogs that live in the jungle that you start out in are a lot bigger than ordinary tree frogs. This is probably due to a mutation caused by nuclear testing and waste from the nearby research facility.

[edit] Vampire Bat

[edit] Vine Melon

[edit] White-Rumped Vulture

[edit] The End's parrot

Yes, it can be killed. It is usually found sitting on a log either near The End, or in an area where he can shoot you. After you shoot it, The End will become more agressive. (he will shoot at you more)

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