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NameHelena Dolph-Jackson
AliasesLady Luck
AffiliationsDead Cell
RelativesScott Dolph (father)

[edit] Background

Helena Dolph Jackson, otherwise known as Fortune, was a Dead Cell member. Angry at the deaths of family, Fortune began to wield a railgun - similar to that of Metal Gear REX - and played a significant role in the invasion of Big Shell.

Revolver Ocelot eventually revealed, after shooting her, that Fortune wasn't as lucky as thought. She had been equipped with a device made by the Patriots which caused bullets to miss her and grenades to fail to explode. However, Ocelot had forgotten that Fortune was dextrocardiac, and as a result she survived a shot to the left of her chest. She got back to her feet and, with a display of her real abilities, deflected an array of missiles from Metal Gear RAY.

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