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"FOXDIE is a type of retrovirus that targets and kills only specific people. First, it infects the macrophages in the victim's body. FOXDIE contains smart enzymes, created through protein engineering. They're programmed to respond to specific genetic patterns in the cells." Solid Snake: "Those enzymes recognize the target's DNA?" Naomi: "Right. They respond by becoming active, and using the macrophages, they begin creating TNF epsilon. It's a type of cytokine, a peptide which causes cells to die. The TNF epsilon is carried along the bloodstream to the heart, where they attach to the TNF receptors in the heart cells." Snake: "And then...they cause a heart attack?" Naomi: "The heart cells suffer a shock and undergo an extreme apoptosis. Then...the victim dies." Snake: " mean the heart cells commit suicide...?" That's the official quote from the game. Here's some more info. Before the Shadow Moses incident Solid Snake was injected with FOXDIE along with Nanomachines by FOXHOUND medical expert, Dr. Naomi Hunter. Snake was supposed to be a vector for the drug. The virus was supposed to kill Solid Snake, Arms Tech President Kenneth Baker, FOXHOUND members Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf, Psycho Mantis and Liquid Snake. It managed to kill Baker, Decoy and Liquid Snake. So why didn't FOXDIE kill Mantis, Wolf, and Raven. I'll tell you. Snake never got close to Vulcan Raven until right before he died, meaning FOXDIE couldn't affect him. Psycho Mantis wore his mask, so FOXDIE couldn't affect him, and the tranquillizers Wolf took constantly kept it from affecting her. Now what about Ocelot? Well things are a bit fuzzy concerning him. On one hand, Solidus gave him the FOXDIE vaccine before he went into Shadow Moses. However, Ocelot was also working with the Patriot's at the time, meaning it's very likely he wasn't a target at all.

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