Items (MGS)

These are all the items that you'll be able to find and use throughout Metal Gear Solid.

[edit] AP Sensor

A sensor that can detect heartbeats of living things nearby. Is helpful when radar is of no use.

[edit] Bandage

If Snake is bleeing, he'll leave a trail of blood behind him, which enemies will see and follow. Use the bandage to make the bleeding stop.

[edit] Bandanna


If you complete the game with Meryl's ending (not submitting to the torture), you'll receive this item. It will give you infinite ammo on all your guns.

[edit] Body Armor


While wearing this, it will cause less damage done to Snake if he's been hurt.

[edit] Camera


Once you complete the game twice, you'll unlock the camera. Not really useful, just for taking pictures of things throughout the game.

[edit] Cardboard Box


The famous Metal Gear Solid trademark. You'll find three types of boxes throughout the game (A, B, C). It's useful for hiding from enemies.

[edit] Cigarettes


Snake loves his smokes, so he brings them along with him. They do have a purpose though, and that is for seeing any laser trip wires that are invisible to the naked eye. Once you light it up, the lasers will now be visible. Though, like in real life, cigarettes are bad for you; so when you have them equipped, your health will slowly go down.

[edit] Diazepam


It stops Snake from shaking when using the Sniper Rifle, very handy.

[edit] Gas Mask


This will protect Snake when entering toxic areas.

[edit] Handkerchief


It onced belonged to Sniper Wolf. You'll require it after you kill her. When equipped, it will make the wolves not attack you because it has the scent of Sniper Wolf.

[edit] Ketchup


Otacon will give this to Snake. It's used to fool a guard while you're in the prison cell. When you use it, the guard will think it's blood and he'll open the door to check on you, then you just knock out the guard and get out.

[edit] Medicine


If Snake is in a cold area for too long, he will start getting a cold and start sneezing and that will attract attention. So, use the medicine to get rid of the cold.

[edit] Mine Detector


It will show where mines are located, so you can easily navigate around them.

[edit] MO Disc


Kenneth Baker will give you this disc after you defeat Ocelot. The disc contains information on Metal Gear's test dummy warheads.

[edit] Night Vision Goggles


Equip these when it's dark and hard to see, it will enable Snake to see in the dark.

[edit] PAL Disc


You will use this at the end of the game to stop Metal Gear REX.

[edit] PAN Keycard


A keycard that opens certain doors that are locked. The card will upgrade when progressing through the game, so you'll be able to open higher level doors.

[edit] Rations


Definitely one of the most or the most important items you'll have. You'll definitely want to have at least one with you at all times, because after a heavy firefight and your health is low, eat one of these and your health is fine again.

[edit] Rope


It's used to repel down a wall of a building during a certain point in the game.

[edit] Scope


Good for scooping out an area before you enter it, so you can check out how many enemies lay ahead.

[edit] SOCOM Supressor


It will silence the SOCOM when shooting it, so you don't have to worry about shooting it off and attracting any attention to yourself.

[edit] Stealth Camouflage


If you complete the game with Otacon's ending (submitting to the torture), you'll receive this item. It will make you invisible from all enemies, except the bosses.

[edit] Thermal Goggles


A great item that will come in handy for many situations, such as for seeing infrared beams, hidden items, security guards, wild dogs, auto-guns, and more.

[edit] Time Bomb


If you find this amongst your items, be sure to press Circle (like using a Ration) to get rid of it.

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