Items (MGS2S)

There are many items in the game and each item will help you in many ways. In this section you will find a list of these items along with a description of what they do.

[edit] AP Sensor

Effect: Senses enemies
Description: When this is made active and your pad will vibrate when there is a guard nearby. Very useful when the radar isn't working. It's also good when you want to play with the radar turned off.

[edit] B.D.U.

Effect: Body Guard Uniform
Description: This is a guard uniform that allows you to slip past the camera's and other guards unnoticed.

[edit] Bandage

Effect: Stops blood loss
Description: You will usually find that when you have been shot you will be bleeding. Using a bandage will help you in two ways. The first is that you will stop losing health which you always need plenty of. The second is that it will stop you from leaving a bloody trail to where you are hiding.

[edit] Cardboard Boxes

Effect: Hide from enemy, go to a certain strut
Description: Use these in the earlier difficulty levels as in harder levels the enemy won't be fooled. The boxes can be good to hide in, but make sure you don't move about to much or you will alert the enemy if they see you moving. A great way to sneak up on unsuspecting enemy. Using it in certain places such as the conveyor belts you will be taken to different struts depending on what box you have on. Box 1 takes you to Strut C (Dining Room) Box 2 takes you to Strut B (Transformer Room) Box 3 takes you to Strut A (Pump House) Box 4 takes you to Strut F (Warehouse) Box 5 takes you to Strut E (In a room same area)

[edit] Cigs

Effect: Reveals infrared beams
Description: These are very bad for your health but the smoke from them does reveal infrared beams. They can also be used to increase aim whilst sniping.

[edit] Mine Detector

Effect: Senses mines
Description: This detects mines and shows them on the radar. You can however just crawl over the mines adding them to your inventory. (You don't need the dector for that).

[edit] Pentazemin

Effect: Increases aim
Description: When using the PSG-1 you will notice that your aim moves around alot, you can improve this by crouching however, you will still be crouching. To reduce the shaking even further is to use a pentazemin. It's an anti-anxiety medicine with autonomic nervous system stabilizing effects.

[edit] Phone

Effect: Talk to Ninja
Description: The Ninja gives you this mobile phone and whenever he has something interesting to tell you he'll call you.

[edit] Rations

Effect: Restores HP
Location: Varies throughout the game based on difficulty
Description: The ration, it is one of the most useful items. It refills a small amount of Snake's life. To use it simply press the O button. If a ration is selected, when your health is low you will automatically use the ration.

[edit] Scope

Effect: Use these to see objects that are further away
Description: Use these handy binoculars to see far into the distance and catch unwary guards sleeping on the job.

[edit] Sensor A

Effect: Finds explosives
Location: Peter Stillman
Description: This sensor is given to Raiden to find Fatman's explosives which are located in various places in Shell 1.

[edit] Sensor B

Effect: Senses explosives
Description: Another device which can be used to sniff out Fatman's explosives.

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