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The following is a list of items that you can acquire throughout the game, along with their descriptions.


[edit] Active Sonar

You begin the game with this. Active Sonar sends out a special type of sound wave whenever you click the L3 button (left analog stick). It uses the echo from those waves to calculate and display the position of nearby objects on the radar to the top-right of your screen. Unlike the motion detector, it'll show you objects that aren't moving. But because you are blasting out sound waves, there is a risk that the noise will alert enemies and animals to your presence. So be careful when you use it.

[edit] Anti-Personnel Sensor

You begin the game with this. If you use it in first-person View, it will only scan the direction you are facing. The Anti-Personnel Sensor vibrates when it detects organic reactions from human targets. It has been adjusted to respond only to humans, so unlike other sensors, it'll let you ignore animals and focus only on the enemy. It will even detect enemies that are not moving, and you won't have to worry about it giving away your position. But, it will not tell you the exact location of the target either, so be smart when using it.

[edit] Binoculars

You begin the game with these. Zoom in with the Triangle button, and zoom out with the Square button. These are high-performance binoculars made especially for the military. They're completely waterproof and are filled with nitrogen gas to prevent lens fog. The eyepiece, objective lenses and the prism have been coated to reduce glare. They will work well even in dark places. They are also equipped with auto-focus and zoom functions.

[edit] Book

Found in various places throughout the game, the Book is basically a dirty magazine that you can use to distract guards. Lay it out at a point where you know a guard will see it by pressing the Square button. When it is in a an enemies line of sight, an exclamation point where appear over his head (you can shoot the exclamation point to knock them out), and they will go over to it and get down on all fours to look at it. This is a perfect opportunity to either sneak up on them and interrogate/get items from them, or to kill them.

[edit] Bug Juice

You can find Bug Juice in many different areas throughout the game. Press Circle while hovering over it in the L2 menu to use it. Bug juice is a bug repellent useful for keeping hornets and leeches away for a brief period of time.

[edit] Camera

You can find the Camera in the Groznyj Grad Torture Room. Zoom in with the Triangle button, zoom out with the Square button, and take pictures with the Circle button. Use the Camera to save photos onto your Memory Card. When ever you take a picture, it will go to the Memory Card screen to give you an option of whether you will save it or not. It can also be used as binoculars, but you already own a pair of those.

[edit] Cardboard Boxes A, B, and C

Location of Cardboard Box A - Rassvet (Operation Snake Eater) Location of Cardboard Box B - Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall Location of Cardboard Box C - Groznyj Grad 1F Call Sigint for a funny conversation while wearing the box. Boxes can either be used to hide yourself in buildings, or to be transported between different areas. If you hold L2 and hover over the box, it will tell you what area you will be taken to while wearing it. Boxes A, B, and C will transport you to different places. To have yourself transported, get into the back of a transport vehicle whilst having the box equipped and wait. Soon, a guard will come and drive to the designated area. Do not wear a box in the jungle, as they do not provide very good (or intelligent) cover there.

[edit] Cigar

You begin the game with this. The Cigar can be used to either burn off leeches, or to light up dark areas. When you light up one of these, your health will gradually decrease. It will not kill you though. Call Para-Medic while smoking it, and Snake will go into how cigars and cigarettes are different. She will then lecture Snake about how scientists found that tobacco smoke is full of carcinogenic substances, like nitrosamines. Snake then goes on to say he thinks it is all just a bunch of "hu-ah" and Para-Medic gives him another lecture about how soon the world will know how bad smoking really is. Make sure you do not get this Cigar confused with the more useful and harmless Knockout Cigars.

[edit] Crocodile Cap

This can be found in Chyornyj Prud. It is the area right after Rassvet (on Operation Snake Eater, Rassvet is the same area with the cut-scene of Ocelot and EVA). When you first enter Chyornyj Prud, go straight and go directly into the water. Watch out for the crocodiles though! Swim forward, and soon to your left, you should see two logs and an opening underneath them (this is the same direction you need to go to continue the game anyways). Swim under them and come out onto the land. Continue forward, and you will receive a call from EVA (unless you already have been through this area). After the call, continue forward and to your right, you will see a tree covered in ivy. Climb the tree, and walk along the branch. When you get to what looks like a rope, press Triangle and climb along it. Eventually, you will be above another branch with another rope. Press X, and then press Triangle (it takes good timing) to grab onto the new rope. Continue along it, and eventually you will reach ground with the Croc Cap. This can be used to disguise yourself from enemies while swimming. It can also be used to scare them if done properly. You cannot fool real crocs with it though. If you get to close to one of them, they will tear you apart. So watch out!

[edit] Directional Microphone

You begin the game with this. The Directional Microphone is a listening device. When you equip it, you will go into first-person view and the Mic will pick up sounds in whatever direction you point it in. It will let you hear a lot of noises that you normally would not be able to, such as breathing (i.e. The End) or the footsteps of faraway enemy soldiers. It is a great device to use when you want to know if an enemy is in the woods or not.

[edit] Fake Death Pill

You begin the game with these. The Fake Death Pill is a pill developed by the CIA. When taken, you will "die" and the same menu for when you really do die comes up, saying, "Snake is dead". Make sure you do not hit continue or anything, or the game will end for real. To bring yourself back to life, hold L2 and hover over the "Revival Pill" and press Circle to bring yourself back to life. Also make sure you revive yourself before the lettering changes to "Time Paradox". Important Note: Do not use it if you are going to fall over into water. If you do, you will basically die for real. Use this when you are outnumbered by a bunch of enemies and have no other option. After they check your pulse, make sure they leave before brining yourself back. The Fake Death Pill simply "shuts down" your system and releases chemicals to simulate a real death. A pulse or anything else will not be able to be detected by your enemies.

[edit] Life Medicine

Although rare, you can find Life Medicine in various places throughout the game. So be on the look out, as they are extremely handy in sticky situations. Hover over the Life Medicine in the L2 menu, and press Circle to heal yourself. Life Medicine is a drug recently developed by the Soviet Union for use in battle. The components are still a mystery, but it seems to activate the body's regenerative processes and make injuries heal faster. If you try calling Sigint when you have this equipped, you will see the extent of Para-Medic's manners.

[edit] Magazine

You can find these in various places throughout the game. An empty magazine clip that you can throw to distract enemies. The harder you press Square, the farther you will throw it.

[edit] Mine Detector

You can find the Mine Detector in Rassvet on Operation Snake Eater. The Mine Detector, when equipped, alerts you with a sound to let you know if there are any claymore mines in your vicinity. A mine detector is basically a metal detector, so ordinarily it reacts to scrap iron the same way it reacts to mines. They say that only about one out of every 100 objects it responds to is an actual mine. So they are looking for other ways to detect mines, such as sniffing for molecules given off by explosives and using a kind of underground radar. The one you use in the game though, has been set up so it will only react when it finds a claymore on the ground.

[edit] Monkey Mask

Earn this by completing all of the Snake Vs. Monkey missions. Do not try and aim in first-person view with this if you want any accuracy at all.

[edit] Motion Detector

You begin the game with this. The Motion Detector will display any moving objects in your vicinity; this includes animals along with enemy soldiers. It is only so sensitive, so slower moving objects will not appear on screen.

[edit] Mousetrap

You can find these in various places throughout the game. Press the Square button to set it on the ground. Crawl over it to pick it back up. The Mousetrap is a portable tool for capturing small animals alive. When you set it, you can come back later, and there may be a frog or even a snake caught in there. It is all based on luck, so just keep trying if you do not catch anything the first time. You will also need bait to lure an animal in there. If you capture an animal with a trap, it will not have any bait left. So crawl over it to pick it up, and then put some more bait back in and set it down again. You can use the Map in the Survival Viewer to see where you have placed traps if you have forgotten.

[edit] Night Vision Goggles

You can find these in Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch. Night Vision Goggles let you see in the dark by amplifying light and displaying it as images. Do not look into anything bright, like fire, or it will get burned into your eyes and you will not be able to see for a while. So be careful.

[edit] Revival Pill

You begin the game with this. To use it, hold L2 when you are "dead" and press the Circle button while hovering over it to revive yourself. A pill developed by the CIA, the Revival Pill does exactly the opposite of what the Fake Death Pill does, and "brings you back" to life. You can never unequip the Revival Pill, and it can only be used when you use a Fake Death Pill first. There is only one other instance of you needing to use it in the whole game. You can also never run out of it either. But if you run out of Fake Death Pills, it will make this item useless.

[edit] Stealth

You can earn this either by shooting all 64 Kerotan Frogs, or by completing the game with no Alerts (never going into Alert Phase). Wearing this will make you completely invisible to your enemies. If you wear the Spirit Camouflage along with this (which eliminates footsteps), you will never be detected.

[edit] Thermal Goggles

You can find these in Dremuchij North on Virtuous Mission, or you can find these in Rassvet on Operation Snake Eater. Thermal Goggles can detect and display sources of heat. They are excellent for easily spotting enemies in the jungle, even if they are camouflaged. These can also find traps, but you will not be able to see the terrain either, so watch your step.

[edit] Torch

The torch can be found in Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch in between and under the waterfalls in a little crevice with a skeleton. It can be used as a light source and a weapon. Press the Square button to light it or to put the flame out, and press Circle to swing it. You can use it to clear out a room full of bats, or use it on an enemy. The light from the torch is visible from a long way off though, so make sure you do not accidentally give your position away. Your torch is made of white birch dipped in turpentine. It burns long, so you will not have a problem of it burning out on you.

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