Items (MGSPO)

When the battery levels on your equipment run empty from usage, you will no longer be able to use that item. You can recharge your batteries by returning to the Briefing screen.

[edit] Equipment

  • BINOCULARS: View enlarged images of faraway objects. Cannot be used in conjunction with other weapons.
  • INFRARED GOGGLES: Shows heat signatures. Uses batteries
  • NIGHT VISION GOGGLES: Enhances night vision. Uses batteries.
  • CARDBOARD BOX: A box to hide in.
  • SHIELD: Protects against attacks. Cannot be used in conjunction with other weapons.
  • GA-KO THE DUCK: A decoy weapon that confuses enemy soldiers.
  • BODY ARMOUR: Bullet-proof vest. Reduces damage taken.
  • STEALTH CAMOUFLAGE: Uses optics to reduce your visibility. Uses batteries.

[edit] Medicine

  • SIMPLE EMERGENCY KIT: Life recovery (small)
  • EMERGENCY KIT: Life recovery (large)
  • RATIONS S: Stamina recovery (small)
  • RATIONS L: Stamina recovery (large)
  • PENTAZEMINE Reduces hand movement in first-person view( small)
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