Kenneth Baker

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President of Armstech during the events of Shadow Moses. Armstech set up development on Metal Gear REX in hopes of balancing their financial losses in the past. He bribed Donald Anderson (also known as the DARPA cheif) to help him on the project. However when they took REX for a field text both were captures by Liquid Snake during the uprising on Shadow Moses Island.

After his capture, Baker hands a PAL key to Meryl Silverburgh and hides REX's data disc. Whilse being tortured by Revolver Ocelot he breaks his arm but still doesn't tell Liquid or Ocelot where the keys are. Revolver Ocelot then hooks Baker up to a booby trap. Four pillars bounds together with wires that when tugged or snapped explodes C4 explosives placed around Baker's body. After Solid Snake's first battle with Ocelot the Cyborg Ninja appears and manages to free Baker from the trap without triggering it and also slices off one of Ocelot's arms during the encounter. After the battle Snake tries to get information from Baker who dies shortly after their encounter due to the deadly FOXDIE virus.

Voice Actors: Allan Lurie (English) Yuzuru Fujimoto (Japanese)

Kenneth Baker

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