Laughing Octopus

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Laughing Octopus
AliasLaughing Octopus
AffiliationsBeauty and the Beast Unit
GamesMetal Gear Solid 4
Created byHideo Kojima
Designed by??
Voice Actor (En)Paula Tiso (Beauty)
Fred Tatasciore (Beast)
Voice Actor (Jp)Haruna Aimoto

[edit] Background

Laughing Beauty

Stealth member of the Beauty and the Beast Unit in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Like all of the other members, she too suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her Beauty form is based off of Lyndall Jarvis.

Laughing Octopus was born in a small seaside Scandinavian town known as the Devil's Village. It was there where octopus was eaten customarily. However, there was an anonymous cult that hated the village for this. During Octopus' teenage years, the cult was able to gain access to heavy weaponry, and they struck the village with a deadly overnight assault. Soon enough, the village became a war zone, ending with the cult gathering all of the surviving villagers and executing them one by one, all but Octopus. Instead, they referred to her as the Devil's Child, and forced her to torture her family and friends and then kill them herself, all the while making her laugh hysterically. Fearing death, she did so, killing her entire family. Eventually, the blood staining her skin turned from red to black, resembling the octopus' ink which they loved so.

The event left her emotionally scarred, laughing with pleasure while killing her victims. Eventually, she was recruited into the Beauty and the Beast Unit, soon becoming Laughing Octopus. She apparently was informed by Liquid Ocelot that by killing Solid Snake she would be cleansed of her pain and sorrow. She was fitted with an Octo Camo suit developed by DARPA and a tentacle-barren helmet, which she could use to carry herself as well as attack.

[edit] Abilities

Since she is using a advanced version of Solid Snake's Octocamo suit, she can not only mimic colors and textures, but complete shapes like a CT Scanner power generator or a medical mannequin. This makes her incredibly difficult to spot unless a person concentrates extremely hard, or alternatively uses the Solid Eye's Night Vision mode. Her most noticeable mimic, however, is when she mimics Metal Gear MK. II. She calls Snake over and leaves a trap of several micro-bombs on the ground that explode when touched. Once she is low on LIFE, she mimics Naomi and lays on the floor, begging Snake to stop.

Her most noticeable feature, besides her stealth, is the octopus arms originally used by Solidus Snake in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. These arms give her increased maneuverability and speed and allow her to climb and attack at a distance. These arms can be wrapped around her body to provide a bullet-proof protection from all types of firearms, even explosives. She can also roll with them wrapped around her to cause severe damage. The tentacles can also be extended and retracted at high speeds to cause damaging blunt-force trauma.

When she is attacked repeatedly, her helmet releases octopus ink and obscures Snake's vision if he is close enough to her. Usually after she does this, she uses her Octocamo to hide from further attacks. The ends of her tentacles are temporarily covered with ink afterward though, allowing Snake to find her easier.

After she uses her ink, she releases several flying bombs that follow Snake around the battle area. They move in short bursts of propulsion and are fairly adept at moving around corners.

Her main defense is her P90 submachine gun. She fires continuous bursts until her clip is empty.

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