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Liquid Snake
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Sons of Big Boss
Voice Actor (En)Cam Clarke
Voice Actor (Fr)Stephane Cornicard

[edit] Background

One of three clones created by Les Enfants Terrible, Liquid Snake was given to Britain by the United States to determine what effect a difference in environment would have on personal traits. He was recruited by the British SIS and carried out espionage activities. After learning combat as a teenager, Liquid fought with the SAS in the Gulf War. While in Iraq, he was captured, brainwashed and used for terrorist activities in the Middle East. He replaced his brother, Solid Snake, in FOXHOUND after Snake left following the events in Zanzibar Land. Liquid became the organisation's leader.

Snake points out that his goals are similar to those of Big Boss. His intention was to reshape the world into one where soldiers were needed and respected. Liquid was told that he received the recessive genes and the Solid Snake had all the dominant genes. This however, was a ploy to make Liquid Snake want to become as strong as he could

Liquid and the other members of FOXHOUND seized control of Shadow Moses Island to gain Metal Gear REX. Liquid posed as Snake's mentor, Master Miller, and successfully tricked his brother into activating REX for him. After failing to destroy Snake using the bipedal battle tank, Liquid and his brother fought atop the machine, where he was knocked off. As Snake escaped, Liquid gave chase and they battled on the escape route. Liquid eventually died of FOXDIE.

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