Little John

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Little John
Little John
NameLittle John
BornLate 2009 or early 2010
Voice Actor EnglishJennifer Hale
First AppearanceMGS4

[edit] Background

Little John was first announced in the ending of MGS2, When Rose tells Raiden she's pregnant of his baby during a codec conversation.

According to the ending of MGS4, Rose told Raiden at some point that the baby was a miscarriage. Raiden soon dissappeared after that without a trace, and left Rose, and everything else behind. Only thing he took with him was the bad childhood memories from the Civil War in the 80's, and the thoughts of having no family at all.

Rose then re-married to Roy Campbell some time later.

[edit] Metal Gear Solid 4

At the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. We see the first appearance of Raiden and Rose's son; Little John.

When Rose and him, went to see Raiden (or "Jack" as Rose Calls him) in a hospital. Rose tries to speak with Raiden, but Raiden didn't say much back to her.

She then tries with Little John, and asked Raiden to take a look at the boy. Raiden thought it was Campbell's kid, but she said it's his. Still he didn't believe it and says that he doesn't have any kids.

Then Rose explains to him while forcing him to look to her, it is sis son, and that the miscarriage was just a lie, and that she got a healthy Baby boy, and her marriage with Roy was a fake, to shield them from Patriots' eyes, until Raiden completed his mission.

Raiden then slowly began to realise what's been going on, and finally comes to positive senses again.

After that; he then held his son in his arms for the first time ever. From there on, Raiden can now finally settle down with a family, with Rose, and his son, Little John.

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