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Metal Gear
Mg cover.jpg
Metal Gear cover art
DesignerHideo Kojima
PlatformsMSX2, NES, PC MS-DOS, Commodore 64, Mobile Phone, PlayStation 2 (Subsistence)
Release DatesMXS2
July 12, 1987 (Japan)
September 1987 (Europe)
December 22, 1987 (Japan)
June 1988 (North America)
March 1989 (Europe)
PC MS-DOS / Commodore 64
June 1990 (North America / Europe)
Mobile Phone
August 18, 2004 (Japan)
GenreStealth action

[edit] Plot

Set in 1995, in the Depths of South America, a mercenary group named Outer Heaven was developing a weapon of mass destruction. FOXHOUND's elite member, Gray Fox, with Fox in his code name to represent highest honor within FOXHOUND, was sent in to infiltrate Outer Heaven. Days later FOXHOUND lost contact with the soldier, thus they sent in FOXHOUND rookie Solid Snake for his first mission, Operation : Intrude N313. His mission was to make contact with Gray Fox. Snake meets up with a few rebel militia that help him out through the game, and with the help Snake manages to rescue Gray Fox. Upon rescuing him, Snake learns that Metal Gear, a Bi-pedal walking nuclear equipped tank, is the weapon of mass destruction. With Outer Heaven using Metal Gear to claim power amass the world, Snake must destroy it and stop the "Legendary Mercenary" from succeeding in the completion of Metal Gear.

With the help of Dr. Madnar, Snake learns how to defeat Metal Gear and stops it from resurrection. It is revealed by a hostage that Snake saves, that the "legendary mercenary" is none other than FOXHOUND commander Big Boss. Near the end Snake discovers Big Boss had been misleading him and is confronted by the man in person. Big Boss claims he underestimated Snake thinking he would be given Misinformation to lead him astray. Snake defeats Big Boss, while Outer Heaven is set to collapse and Snake escapes. At the end Big Boss says he will see Snake again, hinting to a sequel.

[edit] The Sequel

The next game to be made was called Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge and was made by Konami without the consent of the game creator, Hideo Kojima. After coincidentally meeting a developer of Snake's Revenge on a train, Kojima was urged to create a true sequel that would continue on with the story of Metal Gear. Even though he had never previously considered a sequel, Kojima took the developer's advice and went on to plan Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. This move turned Snake's Revenge into a non-canonical side story because the actions that took place in it were ignored for the rest of the series.

[edit] Characters

  • Big Boss - provides information on the radio about mission objectives and items.
  • Kyle Schneider - provides locations of important items.
  • Diane - provides information on how to defeat the bosses.
  • Jennifer - assists Snake as an inside agent.
  • Gray Fox - a FOXHOUND agent who had been captured.
  • Dr. Pettrovich - the man who created the Metal Gear.
  • Ellen - Dr. Pettrovich's daughter.

[edit] Bosses

Solid Snake fights Big Boss
  • Shoot Gunner - a former Spetsnaz unit who specialises in the riot gun.
  • Machine Gun Kid - a former SAS operative armed with a machine gun.
  • Fire Trooper - a former GSG 9 operative armed with a flamethrower.
  • Coward Duck - a terrorist armed with a boomerang.
  • Arnold - an android designed by Dr. Pettrovich.
  • Big Boss - at the end of the game, it is revealed that the legendary mercenary in charge is actually Big Boss, the man who was giving the player information throughout the game.

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