Metal Gear Acid 2

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Metal Gear Acid 2
Mga2 cover.jpg
Metal Gear Acid 2 cover art
DeveloperKojima Productions
DesignerShinta Nojiri (director)
PlatformPlayStation Portable
Release DatesDecember 8, 2005 (Japan)
March 21, 2006 (North America)
May 19, 2006 (Europe)
GenreStealth action, card game, tactical role-playing game

[edit] Introduction

The game play is presented with the familiar top-down layout offered by previous releases, but there's a major difference: As in the first Acid game, Metal Gear Acid 2 has abandoned the free form style in the favoring of a turn-based mission format. The top-down map is divided up into invisible squares, and you painstakingly move one square at a time, which forces you to focus on strategy from the onset. The focus of the game remains the same, and stealth plays a significant role in allowing you to navigate through levels. You have to pay special attention to tactics in order to get past some of the more difficult sections of the game, which gets quite difficult quickly.

One unique twist is the inclusion of game cards that control the combat and actions in the game. At the start of each mission, you build a deck of cards out of a store. Hands are drawn from the deck, and the cards present in a hand will determine which actions you can take at any given time. As the game relies on a turn-based structure, the cards are drawn at each turn. The cards are divided up into a few key groups: equipment, movements, and 'use'. The equip cards are designed to allow the player to fill a set number of
Metal Gear AC!D 2 Screen shot
slots with objects to use during play. For example, you can fill a slot with a gun and be able to launch counterattack during your opponent's turn. Movement cards are straightforward: they enable Snake to move from one grid square to another during a mission. Use cards are also simple in concept: they allow you to utilize a particular weapon to attack an enemy.

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