Metal Gear GANDER

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Metal Gear GANDER before fighting Snake.

[edit] Background

Metal Gear GANDER appeared in the Game Boy Color's Metal Gear Solid. If viewed from above, it bore some similarities with Metal Gear REX, having a railgun on each arm (REX only had one). Its other weapons included shoulder-mounted machine guns and a missile pod on its back. It could also deploy defence robots.

Snake first encountered GANDER when he attempted to ascend the mountain to its hangar. GANDER's railgun shots chased him back. After eventually returning, he fought GANDER as it chased him along a road. He then had to avoid the incapacitated Metal Gear's attacks and destroy its weapons. While Metal Gear GANDER was defeated, Black Arts Viper intended to ascend to the surface and use it for his purposes even so. Snake defeated Viper in front of GANDER.

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