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Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Mg2 cover.jpg
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake cover art
DesignerHideo Kojima
PlatformsMSX2, Mobile Phone, PlayStation 2 (Subsistence)
Release DatesMXS2
July 20, 1990 (Japan)
Mobile Phone
October 1, 2004 (Japan)
GenreStealth action

[edit] Plot

It is 1999, and the worlds reserves of oil are falling rapidly. However, a scientist named Dr. Kio Marv has bio-developed OILIX, a type of algae which produces hydrocarbons and could save the world from this lack of fuel. Unfortunately, a group of soldiers from Zanzibar Land kidnapped the scientist and are taking the world hostage, controlling their fuel and protecting it with nuclear warheads. Solid Snake, who had retired after the events of Metal Gear is brought back into the action by Colonel Roy Campbell and sent to Zanzibar Land to rescue Dr. Kio Marv.

Along the way, Snake meets Holly White who is a CIA operative, pretending to be a journalist, Gustava Heffner who is Dr. Marv's bodyguard and Dr. Madnar from the original Metal Gear. Dr. Madnar explains how he had been captured again and is being forced to work on Metal Gear D for the boss of Zanzibar Land - Big Boss. Just as they are crossing the bridge to the place where Dr. Marv is being held prisoner, Gray Fox kills Gustava with the Metal Gear D and Dr. Madnar is recaptured in the confusion.

Solid Snake continues on and reaches Dr. Marv's cell but he was too late - he was dead. Holly White then contacts him over the radio and warns him that Dr. Madnar hadn't been captured again, he was in fact voluntarily working for Big Boss. Dr. Madnar attacks Snake but failed in his attempt. Now armed with the OILIX formula, Snake starts his escape. He is confronted by Gray Fox inside the Metal Gear D but, after defeating the Metal Gear, Snake proceeds to defeat Gray Fox in a fist fight on a minefield.

Just as Snake is about to escape Zanzibar Land, he is attacked by Big Boss and, without any weapons, he resorts to fashioning a flamethrower from an aerosol can and a lighter to kill him. Eventually, Big Boss is defeated for a second time and Snake can leave with the OILIX.

[edit] Characters

Snake and Campbell talk using the radio
  • Solid Snake - He returns from Metal Gear as the main character of the game.
  • Dr. Kio Marv - The scientist who developed OILIX; he is being held prisoner and Solid Snake must free him.
  • Roy Campbell - The new commander of FOXHOUND who gives Snake information over the radio.
  • McDonnell Miller - A survival coach and mentor to Snake.
  • George Kasler - A military strategist.
  • Johan Jacobson - A wildlife expert.
  • Holly White - CIA Agent posing as a journalist.
  • Gustava Heffner - Dr. Marv's bodyguard.
  • Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar - Scientist who designed Metal Gear in both Metal Gear 1 and 2.

[edit] Bosses

  • Black Ninja - Drug-enhanced solder.
  • Running Man - Mercenary who can run very fast.
  • Red Blaster - An expert with grenades.
  • Four Horsemen - Squad who specialize in close-quarters.
  • Jungle Evil - An expert in jungle warfare.
  • Night Fright - An assassin armed with a stealth suit.
  • Gray Fox - Former comrade of Solid Snake returns as an enemy.
  • Big Boss - Former commander of FOXHOUND turned renegade is in charge of Zanzibar Land.

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