Metal Gear MK. II

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Metal Gear Mk. II

[edit] Background

Metal Gear MK. II is a small Metal Gear made by Otacon to aid Snake. When Snake first gets the MK. II, it gives him the Operator, the Mk. 2 tranq gun, and the SolidEye. The MK. II has many different functions to aid Snake. These include:

  • Another way besides the CodeC to contact characters.
  • Can be used to 'shock' enemy soldiers.
  • Can unlock certain doors.
  • The MK. II has stealth, so it can be used to scout out a path without risk of being seen. However, other machines such as Gekko can spot it even with stealth on.
  • The MK. II can also be used to collect weapons on the battlefield while Snake is out of view. It's not always feasible Snake to sneak out and collect weapons of downed enemies, so in such cases he can send the MK. II out in Camo to pick them up for him before they disappear.

[edit] Destruction and Replacement

When Otacon hides the MK. II on Ocelot's boat to spy, it is found and destroyed by Vamp. The player then gets Metal Gear MK. III, which does the same functions but is a different color.

[edit] Trivia

The Mk. II in Snatcher.
  • The Mk. II first appeared in Hideo Kojima's Snatcher, serving as the sidekick to the game's main character, Gillian Seed.

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