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Metal Gear Online (MGO), the multiplayer experience that combines the rich Metal Gear Solid universe with online combat, returns exclusively for the PLAYSTATION®3! MGO carries over the backdrop and control system of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (MGS4) to original online maps and game modes, with future downloadable expansion packs (planned to be released after official service begins) adding additional maps, characters, and other features. Among the new components this time around are battles featuring up to 16 players, and the SOP System, allowing for enhanced squad communication. Close cooperation is essential to survival on the battlefield!


MAPS In addition to all-new environments, journey back to classic locales from the original MGO and MGS games. Forthcoming expansion packs take the action to even more diverse battlegrounds! MATCH RULES New game rules join online staples like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture Mission! Communication Expect a multitude of communication features, an essential component of any online game. From the all-encompassing SOP system to a deep support network bringing players closer together off the battlefield, MGO has you covered!
Online Screenshot
● SOP System The SOP System allows you to visually share information among your squad by linking your internal nanomachines. Information like your teammates' positions, status, and even who they're engaging with will all be provided to you in real-time. It also works through walls, letting you identify individuals by their digital silhouette. Gain the upper hand by scanning your enemy team's link and share their information with your comrades. In this MGO, intercommunication and adaptive teamwork decide the outcome!

Chat and Preset Messages Also included is keyboard chat and voice chat support. Of course, MGO's trademark preset Codec messages are back as well!

Friend Registration, Mail, SNS On the battlefield, you need somebody watching your back. No more flying solo. Now thanks to MGO's easy-to-use Friend Registration system, it's easy to send friend invites to people you've fought alongside with. And keep in touch with your new comrades outside of the game using our mail and SNS communication systems.


Customizable Characters Your first task after enlisting is to create your MGO alter ego. Design your own unique character from dozens of possible combinations, and keep an eye out for additional gear updates, but be careful with your selection, as you can't change stuff after you accept!

Online Character Customization

Metal Gear Characters... ? Intel indicates the presence of Old Snake and Metal Gear MK. II somewhere on the battlefield... What other Metal Gear characters might be lurking in the shadows?

16-Player Battles In the new MGO, combat gets an upgrade from a maximum of 8 to now 16 players -- trusted allies in team games, or heated rivals in solo play! The more players on the ground, the more intense the action.


MGO is made up of a starter pack and expansion packs. Included with MGS4, the starter pack offers players a first bite of what awaits in the new MGO, while various expansion packs (planned to be released periodically after official service begins) will add additional maps, characters, and other features. Details of the expansion pack release schedule will be announced at a later date. Starter Pack Content The MGO starter pack contains 5 maps in addition to the match rules and communication features fundamental to MGO. ● 5 Maps Ambush Alley: A corner of a war-shattered town littered with obstacles, its central intersection branching off into side streets.

Ambush Alley: A corner of a war-shattered town littered with obstacles, its central intersection branching off into side streets.
Ambush Alley Screenshot

Gronznyj Grad: The now abandoned weapons factory that housed the Shagohod in Metal Gear Solid 3. Contains open areas offering unobstructed views as well as indoor and rooftop locations.

Gronznyj Grad Screenshot

Midtown Maelstrom: This Middle Eastern battleground features avenues crisscrossed with alleyways.

Midtown Maelstrom Screenshot

Urban Ultimatum: Negotiate buildings of varying height in this city under siege.

Urban Ultimatum Screenshot

Blood Bath: A kill house consisting of both surface and underground areas.

Blood Bath Screenshot

These 3 maps come with Expansion pack 1

Virtuous Vista / South America Power Station: An outdoor map with natural terrain. Suitable for medium- to long-range combat.

Virtous Vista Screenshot

Tomb of Tubes / Underground Waterway: An intricate labyrinth of underground passages. Suitable for close- to medium-range combat.

Tomb of Tubes screenshot

Coppertown Conflict / City of Sorrow: Wide streets, underground passages, and rooftop areas. Suitable for close- to medium-range combat.

Coppertown Conflict Screenshot

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