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[edit] Background

[edit] Shadow Moses

Metal Gear REX, with its railgun attached to it.

Metal Gear REX was a bipedal tank which was introduced in Metal Gear Solid. It was developed by the U.S. Army, was being housed on the military base Shadow Moses and was the target of FOXHOUND's attempt to seize control of the island. The weapon was shaped vaguely like a dinosaur and had its cockpit in the "mouth" of the machine.

REX could only be activated in one of two ways. The first was to input two passwords, one of which was known by the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and the other of which was known by Kenneth Baker. When Anderson was killed while being tortured, Psycho Mantis suggested using the other option, which was to activate three terminals using three different forms of a PAL key. Snake was tricked into doing this and as a result the weapon became active. Liquid Snake assumed command of the machine.

It was nearly defeated when Snake apparently destroyed its radome; however, Liquid continued to fight. Gray Fox saved Snake from being destroyed by REX and destroyed REX's radome. He as a result forced the mouth open exposing the pilot. Liquid then used REX to kill Gray Fox before returning his attention to Snake. Snake soon defeated REX, causing it to stagger and fall defeated to the hangar floor. When Snake woke up after the battle, he and Liquid fought on top of REX, with Liquid being knocked off by Snake.

[edit] Blueprint Leak

After the Shadow Moses incident, REX's blueprints were leaked by Ocelot. Before long, countries, armies and private organizations all over the world had versions of the machine. In MGS2, a new weapon to combat them was developed by the United States Marine Corps. The result was the powerful "anti-Metal Gear" weapon, Metal Gear RAY.

[edit] Guns of the Patriots

A railgun-less REX in MGS4. Snake is visible in the cockpit.

REX returned in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Liquid Ocelot planned to launch an attack on JD with REX's railgun. Because REX wasn't active as the SOP system was introduced, authorisation wasn't needed. Snake flew to Shadow Moses, but the railgun had already been gained. Otacon and Metal Gear MK. III reactivated REX. Snake used REX to escape from Shadow Moses before hordes of Gekko detonated it. Snake and REX reached the port where they fought Liquid Ocelot. Liquid Ocelot piloted RAY. Although RAY was designed to destroy REX, REX won with its designer helping it.

[edit] Design

Metal Gear REX was designed primarily by Dr. Hal Emmerich, who took inspiration from the mechas often seen in Japanese animé. Otacon refers to the weapon as REX, and, perhaps out of a personal attachment to his project, frequently refers to REX as "he". REX's main weapon was the railgun on its right arm. It also had a laser cannon below its abdomen powerful enough to slice through armour (as shown when it cuts off Gray Fox's arm). It had vulcan cannons on its upper body and missile launchers, which could be used with its targeting systems to accurately fire on any frontal target, generally with several missiles at once. REX also had an additional weapon; its strong armour. It could use its body to attack opponents, and could perform kicks. According to Otacon, this was implemented to give REX the ability to defend itself against near opponents. It was not officially given the go-ahead for implementation, but Otacon went ahead with it.

Its only critical weakness was its clearly exposed radome; destroying this deactivated the VR-like targeting system, forcing the pilot to use his own eyes, open the weapon's beak and expose himself to attacks. According to Otacon, this is REX's obligatory design flaw.

[edit] Other Games

A model REX appears in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Subsistence. It is visible via a hidden first-person view in Granin's office. A RAY model is also visible.

REX also appears in the Nintendo Wii's Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It can appear in the Shadow Moses stage when the rear wall blows up. It is one of three possibilities, the others being RAY and Gekko.

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