Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty cover art (US)
DeveloperKonami Computer Entertainment Japan
DesignerHideo Kojima
PlatformPlayStation 2
Release DatesNovember 13, 2001 (North America)
November 29, 2001 (Japan)
March 9, 2002 (Europe)

[edit] Plot

[edit] Synopsis

In 2007, a US tanker, the Discovery, sinks in Manhattan Bay. The disaster involves the Metal Gear Leaks onto the black market and a Metal Gear was stored inside the tanker. Solid Snake is sent to infiltrate this tanker, now a member of the anti-Metal Gear NGO, the Philanthropy. After the tanker sinks, it is believed Solid Snake has been lost at the bottom of the sea.

A plant called Big Shell is constructed to clean the water, but in reality it is actually to hide the new Metal Gear. In 2009, two years after the Tanker incident, the Big Shell is taken over by a group called Sons of Liberty, a terrorist group led by Solidus Snake, the third brother of the Twins Liquid and Solid Snake. The President is a hostage and the government sends in a new recruit to the group FOXHOUND, Raiden, to infiltrate the Big Shell. Raiden is a VR trained soldier, with no battle experience. Raiden discovers there is a shadowy organization controlling everything that even the President must answer too. They are known as the Patriots.

[edit] Tanker Chapter

An anti-Metal Gear group called 'Philanthropy' learns of a tanker being transported down the Hudson River which supposedly contains a Metal Gear created by the U.S Marines. The group, which consists of friends Solid Snake and Otacon (Hal Emmerich), send Solid Snake to infiltrate the tanker and take photos of the Metal Gear to send to Otacon. However, upon arrival, Snake witnesses Russian troops land on the deck and attempt to take over the ship under the control of Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich. Snake's mission instantly becomes trickier, because there are now two factions on board: the marines and the Russians. While Snake is making his way down to the hold where the Metal Gear is housed, he meets Olga, the pregnant daughter of the Colonel. Snake wins the fight that follows and proceeds to make his way down to the hangar.

Eventually, he finds the hold and begins taking the photos. This would have been easy for Snake to do, but at the front of the hold is Commander Scott Dolph who is introducing the Metal Gear RAY as a revolution to war to hundreds of Marines. He does succeed in his mission though, and sends the photos to Otacon, but it was too late. Gurlukovich's forces, with Revolver Ocelot in tow, storm into the hangar which was full of Marines. Gurlukovich takes the Commander Dolph hostage, and explains how he plans to use the Metal Gear to take Russia back to the world superpower that it once was. However, Revolver Ocelot, who had been pretending to share the Colonel's dream, announces that he has other plans and had used Gurlukovich and his forces as a shortcut to gain access to Ray. The furious Colonel attempts to shoot him, but Ocelot kills him and the Commander with the revolver skills he is famed for. Ocelot detonates an explosive in the tanker, and, in the midst of the confusion, makes his escape in Metal Gear Ray. On the way out, the Metal Gear destroys the ship which causes a huge oil spill. Solid Snake takes the blame for this and is presumed dead because everyone drowned in the sea.

[edit] Plant Chapter

Raiden, a FOXHOUND operative, arrives at the offshore Facility Big Shell for his mission. Shortly, he sees a man efficiently doing away with several SEALS, before he encounters a soldier named Pliskin. Pliskin explains that the man is Vamp, a knives expert. Pliskin takes Raiden to see Peter Stillman, an authority on bombs, to discuss the current bomb situation on the facility. Pliskin and Raiden tour Shell 2 and Shell 1 respectively, defusing bombs and reporting back to Stillman. Stillman is increasingly concerned by the amateurish nature of the bomb positions, and suspects that there may be a bigger plan at work. As Raiden and Pliskin conclude their tours of the facility, Stillman realises that it was indeed a clever trap; a bigger stack of C4 on each Shell, rigged up to count down upon the defusion of all the small charges linked to them. While Raiden defuses the charge on Shell 1, Pliskin and Stillman fail to do the same on Shell 2, with the core being largely destroyed. Raiden heads for the surface, and encounters Fortune. They duel until Vamp arrives, and Raiden apparently kills him while attacking Fortune. Leaving Fortune to Vamp, Raiden surfaces to confront Fatman on the facility's Heliport. With Fatman down, Raiden defuses the final charge and heads back into the facility. On his way down, a Cyborg Ninja supplies him with a mobile phone and uniform. Raiden is also contacted by Pliskin, safe after the devastation of Shell 2's core. To infiltrate the core, Raiden acquires a weapon to complete his disguise and discovers many officials being held hostage by Revolver Ocelot. After locating Ames - a man who is able to supply him with information - Raiden listens in on an enemy conversation, before Ames dies.

Raiden next attempts to head for Shell 2 while Pliskin and a companion make their way to the Heliport in a Kasatka, but his way is blocked by a C4 trap. After acquiring a sniper rifle and making the bridge safe, Raiden is confronted by a man claiming to be Solid Snake (in fact, he is Dead Cell's leader, Solidus Snake). Pliskin refutes this claim, and reveals that he is Solid Snake (his companion being Otacon). Vamp appears, piloting the Harrier, and Solidus joins him in the plane. Raiden shoots down the fighter, and as it falls to the sea, Metal Gear RAY leaps out of the water to catch it. Raiden takes an improvised route across the remains of the bridge to Shell 2. Eventually, he reaches the core, where he makes an attempt to rescue President Johnson. President Johnson reveals that Metal Gear RAY is in fact not the new Metal Gear; the new one is Arsenal Gear, a giant battleship which uses Big Shell to disguise it. President Johnson also explains a few things about the Patriots, before asking Raiden to kill him so the activations equence cannot be completed. Raiden is unable to, but Ocelot arrives and shoots Johnson.

Raiden sets out to recsue Emma, a relative of Otacon, from the core. On the way, he again encounters Vamp and, again, appears to kill him. Raiden rescues Emma and escorts her to a floating bridge leading back to Shell 1. She safely crosses with Raiden and Snake providing cover, but is attacked by Vamp. Raiden shoots Vamp and knocks him into the water, but not before Vamp stabs Emma's back. Snake takes her to the Shell 1 Core, and Raiden follows. There, Emma's program to corrupt the A.I. of Arsenal Gear successfully destroys most of the program, but Emma dies soon afterward. As Otacon leaves to ferry the hostages back to land on the Kasatka, Raiden and Snake prepare to launch their attack on Arsenal Gear. They are ambushed by the Cyborg Ninja, who reveals herself to be Olga and on Snake's side. Raiden is knocked unconscious.

Raiden wakes up in a replica of Snake's cell on Shadow Moses. After Ocelot and Solidus leave, Raiden is approached by Olga and she explains the situation. Eventually being freed, Raiden chases Snake, who gives him Raiden's equipment and Olga's ninja blade. After a brief training session, Snake and Raiden battle their way through Arsenal Gear "Tengu" troops, eventually being confronted by Fortune. As Snake and Fortune prepare to battle, Raiden escapes. He is soon confronted by Arsenal Gear's complement of Metal Gear RAYs, and gives up fighting them. On the roof of Arsenal Gear, Solidus attacks Raiden and offer more explanation. Ocelot reveals that Arsenal Gear is on an ascent course, before revealing hismelf to be one of the Patriots. Ocelot wounds Fortune and takes command of Metal Gear RAY. As he attempts to eliminate Snake, Solidus and Raiden, Fortune employs her real power to stop the attacks, before dying. As Ocelot attempts to escape, Liquid Snake again takes control of him. Liquid makes off in RAY, with Snake following. Arsenal Gear races toward Manhattan, and crashes into Federal Hall. Soliuds and Raiden fall onto the roof, where Raiden learns the true nature of the Colonel and the mission. Raiden and Solidus sword fight until Raiden eventually cuts Solidus' spine, and he falls from Federal Hall to his demise. Raiden is eventually reunited with Snake and Rose on the streets of Manhattan.

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