Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Mgs3 cover.jpg
US version box art
DeveloperKonami Computer Entertainment Japan
Kojima Productions
DesignerHideo Kojima
PlatformPlayStation 2
Release DatesNovember 17, 2004 (North America)
December 16, 2004 (Japan)
March 4, 2005 (Europe)
March 17, 2005 (Australia)
GenreStealth action

[edit] The Plot

[edit] Synopsis

The year is 1964. Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater begins, and a man code named Naked Snake lands on the battlegrounds. It is the Cold War Era and the beginning of the Metal Gear saga. Metal Gear Solid 3 will test Loyalties and see betrayals. Volgin, a GRU colonel plots to turn the world into his own will. With Ocelot, leader of the elite Ocelot Unit in the GRU, and The Boss, known as the mother of US Special Forces, the one who single handily turned the tide of war in World War 2, a mentor of Snake and a traitor to her country, at Volgin's side. Naked Snake is transformed into what he is more commonly known as, Big Boss, and Snake will embark on stopping the Shagohod, a nuclear-armed tank. With the aid of EVA, and Major Zero of the comm link, Snake has to stop the Shagohod and end Volgin's plane. Operation Snake Eater is a go.

[edit] Virtuous Mission

On October 16th, 1962, the U.S. government discovered that the Soviet Union had deployed nuclear missiles into Cuba. After some very intense negotiations, the Soviet Union withdrew their nuclear missiles 12 days later. The Soviets though, would not have done this if they did not get something in return. Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a Soviet scientist who had defected to the United States, had been returned to his homeland. What the U.S. Government did not know was that, Sokolov was the designer of a new type of technology able to launch a nuclear strike from almost anywhere in the world. FOX, a next-generation special-forces unit, sent in a soldier into Sokolov's research facility to take him back to the United States on August 24th, 1964. His code name is Naked Snake.

Naked Snake lands in the jungle unseen, and his mission is retrieve Sokolov before he can finish making this portable missile launcher for the Russians. He is being backed on Codec by Major Zero and Snake's former mentor The Boss. It doesn't take long for Snake to reach the building where Sokolov is being kept, and he manages to infiltrate the building and meet him. At first, Sokolov is suspicious but after Snake assures him that he is a CIA agent he becomes less wary. He warns Snake that they must leave before Volgin and his GRU appear. He tells Snake that Volgin is part of an extremist faction who is using Krushchev's crumbling power base to his advantage. He plans to rally the anti-government forces and seize power by overthrowing Krushchev. The scientist informs Snake of a secret weapons research facility that Volgin has control of, the Granin Design Bureau. He also says that the Bureau is not enough to satisfy Volgin, and he is going to come and take Sokolov and the secret weapon that he has been designing. Naked Snake reports to the Major and tells him that he has found Sokolov, and is going to proceed to take him to the rendezvous point. Major Zero informs Snake that they lost contact with The Boss a while ago, but it was probably just a weak signal.

When they step outside, Major Ocelot of GRU appears and attempts to take Sokolov for Volgin. He quickly dispatches of the sentries who had been guarding Sokolov but, using impressive CQC, Naked Snake succeeds in knocking out all of the GRU operatives. Before knocking out Ocelot as well, Snake analyzes his fighting style and tells him that he would be better suited to a revolver. Snake catches up with Sokolov, who had ran away in fear, by a rope bridge. In the distance, they see the weapon - The Shagohod - that the KGB had been forcing him to design. Sokolov reveals that it is a walking tank, capable of launching nuclear missiles from any terrain without anyone to operate it. He explains that it is not completely finished yet though, and it cannot be completed without his help. He warns Snake that if Volgin gets his hands on the completed model, it will mean the end of the Cold War, and the beginning of a World War.

As they are crossing the bridge, The Boss, Snake's mentor and formerly known as The Joy, steps through the fog carrying two portable missiles. She demands that Snake hands over Sokolov. A helicopter containing the Cobra Unit which consists of The Pain, The Fury, The Fear and The End hover above the bridge and take the scientist. The Boss announces that she has defected to the Soviet Union, and Sokolov and the two recoilless nuclear warheads are gifts. Volgin goes to kill Snake, but The Boss steps in and offers to take care of him. She throws Snake off the bridge, after breaking his arm and displaying her skills in CQC. While flying away, Volgin launches one of the warheads at the facility where Sokolov was being held.

This explosion was blamed on the U.S, because it was one of their warheads that The Boss had taken. To prove their innocence, they must kill The Boss. This, along with rescuing Sokolov again, will be Naked Snake's objective in his next mission, Snake Eater.

[edit] Operation: Snake Eater

Snake is sent back to the Soviet jungle one week after he finished the Virtuous mission, on August 30th, 1964. During this week, he had to recover due to the injuries that the defector, The Boss, caused to him. Also, during this time Krushchev and the US President were having secret conferences about the nuclear warhead that was launched by Volgin. Because the plane that deployed Naked Snake had been detected in Soviet airspace, and the nuclear warhead that was used was American, The Boss, (and therefore the U.S) were blamed. To prove to Krushchev that The Boss had defected and was acting against her orders when the nuke was fired, they had to kill her. Naked Snake's new mission was to defeat Volgin, destroy the Shagohod, rescue Sokolov and kill The Boss.


When he lands, his objective was to find ADAM, an undercover agent who would help him in his mission. He was one of two NSA codebreakers who defected to the Soviet Union in 1960. Before he reaches the meeting spot though, The Boss ambushes him, telling him to go home and give up. He continues on and reaches the rendezvous point but EVA, the other codebreaker, turned up announcing that she would take ADAM's place as Snake's informant. She urges Snake to get some rest before dawn, and he sleeps for a few hours, despite some trust issues. When he wakes up, he finds the building surrounded by the Ocelot unit of GRU. EVA makes her escape, but Snake stays to finish them off. After despatching of all of the operatives, he begins to leave but hears some more shots being fired. Snake goes to investigate, and finds Major Ocelot waiting for him, holding EVA hostage. Fortunately, Ocelot misjudged how many bullets were left in his new SAA (Single Action Army) and EVA took the opportunity to escape on her Triumph motorbike.

Snake continues North, towards the place where Sokolov is being held prisoner. He eventually finds the crevice that EVA had mentioned while giving him the directions but someone was waiting for him - Ocelot. Major Ocelot reveals that The Boss had told them of Snake's plans, and that he was expected. They have a one on one fight over the crevice but the duel is ended when a swarm of hornets descend on the area. After they kill most of the GRU operatives, Snake has no alternative but to jump in to the crevice while Ocelot runs away with the parting message "We'll meet again". After stumbling through the caves in almost total darkness, Snake eventually finds the exit and with it, the first Cobra - The Pain. The Pain is a man who controls a swarm of hornets and can use them in battle. After a tense battle, Snake defeats the first of The Boss's legendary unit and leaves the cavern.

Meanwhile, the player sees The Boss report to Volgin that The Pain is dead. He loses his temper, and demands that Snake is killed before the final test. She informs him that The Pain will handle the matter. We see Sokolov and "his woman", Tatyana, as well, being tortured and bullied by Volgin.

Snake reaches the Graniny Gorki Lab, and infiltrates the building to find that Sokolov has been moved. He is told this by Aleksandr Leonovich Granin, the head of the Granin Design Bureau - a drunk, depressed man. He has been researching a bipedal tank - the missing link between infantry and artillery, the first Metal Gear. However, the people in charge chose Sokolov and his Shagohod to fund instead. Granin reveals that the funding for all of the military budget came from the Philosopher's Legacy. Volgin had inherited it illegally from his father who was in charge of managine The Philosopher's money. Granin then goes on to say that he wants to help Snake infiltrate Groznyj Grad - the place where Sokolov is now prisoner - so that the Shagohod will be destroyed and research and funding will go back to support his Metal Gear. Snake leaves the building and enters the jungle once more, but he is ambushed by the second Cobra, The Fear. The Fear is an expert with arrows and is extremely agile. But also, he has the ability to turn himself nearly invisible with a special suit. Despite his quick, darting movements around the trees, Snake manages to defeat him and The Fear explodes; a trait shared by all the members of The Cobra Unit.

Elsewhere, Volgin is shown beating Granin to a pulp using his immense power and the electricity that he has the ability to control. Volgin shows Major Ocelot a transmitter that Granin was carrying to show him that there is a spy amongst their ranks. Suspicions are being cast because there was also a stockpile of C3 explosives that was stolen.

Continuing on his journey to Groznyj Grad, Snake is attacked by The End, an extremely old man who is shown asking Mother Nature to grant him the life to kill his final prey. The man is almost at one with nature himself, which makes him an expert sniper. A battle of patience, stealth and integrity ensues. The mood is tense as Snake is constantly being watched through the scope of The End's sniper. Eventually, Snake manages to defeat The End and finishes the life of the man who was more than a century old.

Naked Snake

Again, the player is shown a clip of the events that are occurring in Groznyj Grad. The Boss informs Volgin and Ocelot that The Fear and The End have both fallen prey to the hands of Naked Snake. She then tells an enraged Volgin that America - using Snake - are attempting to destroy the Shagohod and steal Volgin's inheritance, The Philosopher's Legacy. She then assures him that The Fury will take care of it. She does, however, tell him to raise the security of the fortress in case Snake reaches it.

Snake continues on his path and meets the final Cobra - The Fury. He is a masked man who has visited space, and kept the astonaught suit. He's armed with a flamethrower and the following fight takes place in a claustrophobic set of corridors. Snake finally finishes the Cobras and carries on up a huge ladder, which leads him straight inside the Groznyj Grad encampment.

Despite the heightened security, Snake manages to infiltrate the main building where he captures Raikov Ivanovitch - a commander of GRU. Snake steals his uniform and uses it to gain access to the lower levels where Sokolov is being held. [Sokolov]] informs him that the preparations for Stage 2 of the Shagohod have been completed and he was too late. Volgin interrupts and finds out that it was Snake in disguise by grabbing his crotch.

The player then hears Volgin torturing Sokolov with the last line being "Well, I guess he's dead". Soon after, Volgin turns to Snake and interrogates him, asking if his real objective the whole time was to steal The Philopher's Legacy. The Boss steps in before it's too late and informs Volgin that he won't talk. However, he persuades The Boss to cut out one of Snake's eyes as punishment for destroying the Cobras. Tatyana, who had been forced to stay with Volgin, pleads The Boss to stop, and Ocelot grabs her. He smells her perfume, which he recognised from EVA's perfume earlier in the game, when he is holding her hostage. He accuses her of being the spy and starts playing russian roulette with her using his SAAs. Snake bumps him out of the way to protect her, but as he jogs his arm, a bullet goes straight into his right eye which he has to cover with an eye patch for the remainder of his life.

Snake is put in a cell, which is being guarded by a man named Johnny Sasaki, who reveals he has a son of the same name. Without too much trouble, Snake escapes and makes a run for it but he is trapped when he reaches a waterfall with Ocelot right behind him. Just as Ocelot is about to shoot however, Snake pulls off a spectacular dive off the waterfall and into the lake below.

Drifting between life and death, Snake meets the ghost of a former Cobra member and wife of The Boss, The Sorrow. Wading through a river with The Sorrow floating in front, Snake is forced to experience true sorrow, as he is shown the ghosts of all the lives he has ended throughout the game. Finally, Snake dies.


However, Snake wakes up in the river and regains his life by swimming to the surface. There it is revealed by Sigint that The Sorrow was killed two years ago in Tselinoyarsk, by none other than his wife, The Boss. Snake enters the back of a waterfall where he meets EVA who gives him back his equipment that was left in Groznyj Grad. She also reveals that she to him that she has been undercover as Tatyana, but she avoids telling him her real name. There, he eats and EVA tells him that they must eat together when they finish the mission.

After a while, Snake leaves and re-enters Groznyj Grad, to finish what he started. Snake applies the C3 in an attempt to destroy the shagohod. He starts the detonation timer and is about to leave when he is ambushed by The Boss, Volgin and Ocelot with Tatyana lieing on the floor behind them. They had found out Tatyana's true identity when she was found sneaking around the underground vault with a microfilm containing all the information about The Philosopher's Legacy. The Boss leaves to find out what Snake had been doing in Groznyj Grad, and also tells Volgin that she'll "dispose" of EVA as well. Ocelot is raring to fight Snake and take revenge but Volgin stops him, wanting to finish him himself instead.

As the C3 detonation timer runs down, the two men fight in a small arena under the watchful eye of Ocelot. The fight is dangerous because Volgin is so strong and has powerful electical powers as well. Snake puts up a good fight, and Volgin, weakened, demands Ocelot to shoot Snake. However, he refuses, saying that he made a promise to The Boss and calling Volgin a coward. A warning is put over the radio, telling all personell to evacuate as explosives have been detected in the building. Volgin orders Ocelot to find them and as he leaves, the two of them continue to fight. After Snake beat Volgin in a fist fight, he runs to leave the building before it explodes. EVA picks him up on her motorbike and they drive off, narrowly avoiding the explosion.

EVA informs Snake that they have to get to the lake, where they can leave. Snake is reluctant, saying he still has a job to do but EVA tells him that The Boss is waiting for him there. Seeing as his other objectives had been completed (Sokolov had been killed, the Shagohod had been destroyed by the C3), there was nothing left to do but to kill The Boss. Suddenly, the Shagohod burts through the wall and Volgin, who is driving, begins to follow them as they escape on their motorbike. Ocelot also arrives on a motorbike and a tense chase follows. They lose Ocelot when debris blocks his path but the Shagohod and other GRU operatives are still on their tail. Ocelot nearly catches them up again but he is thrown off course when Volgin activates the rockets on the Shagohod so that he can keep up with the motorbike. Snake and EVA lure the Shagohod onto a bridge, where a bomb was perviously planted on the foundations. Snake shoots the bomb with a sniper while the Shagohod is driving across, destroying the bridge and preventing Ocelot from crossing.

Just as they begin to celebrate, they see the Shagohod launch itself up the now near vertical bridge. With Snake armed with an RPG and EVA in control of the motorbike, a unique battle begins. Eventually, Snake destroys the Shagohod but Volgin steps out, unhurt. He grabs the wires from the shagohod and using his electrical capabilities, begins to control the Shagohod once again. Snake leaps off of the motorbike and begins to shoot him, while EVA keeps him distracted. Finally, the Shagohod is finished and Volgin is, suitably, "fried by a bolt of lightning".

It's not over yet though, more GRU operatives are on their way and Snake and EVA must escape and reach the lake where The Boss is waiting. After escaping the operatives in another exciting bike chase, the pair crash their motorbike on a tree branch that was lieing in the road. EVA is injured, and Snake has no choice but to help her through the jungle as she struggles to walk. She can still shoot though, which is useful because the jungle is full of enemies who are trying to kill them. Eventually, they reach the lake where The Boss is stood waiting. EVA leaves Snake to finish his final fight while she gets the WIG ready to take off. An emotional battle thenn takes place in a flower field between the mentor and the student.

Before the fight, The Boss reveals many facts to Snake. She tells him that she gave birth to a boy on a battlefield with The Sorrow as the father. She also explains to him that the cleverest people from America, China and the U.S.S.R used to meet in secret, they were known as the Wisemen's Committee. These later became The Philosophers which included her father. Before she is killed, she gives Snake her gun and the microfilm. She says that she wanted to create a world where there was no war, and no communism. That was her wish. When the fight is over, they make their escape in the WIG that EVA had prepared on top of the lake.

Just as they are flying away, Ocelot dives inside the plane using a hover patrol unit and him and Snake have a fight displaying impressive levels of CQC. The two play Russian rouletter with each other, but in the end the bullet was a blank and Ocelot jumps out of the WIG. EVA and Naked Snake are now free to escape the jungle and return home.

[edit] After The Mission

The Boss

After sleeping with EVA, Snake wakes up to find her gone, along with the microfilm of the Philosopher's Legacy. She left a tape for him, explaining that she was never a spy for the KGB and she never worked for the NSA. She was in fact a spy for The People's Republic of China and her mission all along was to obtain the microfilm for them. There were many more revelations on the recording as well. She told Snake that The Boss never defected, she was actually the biggest patriot of them all. Her mission was to find out where The Philosopher's Legacy was, and the Shagohod could be destroyed at the same time. However, when Volgin launched the nuclear warhead at Sokolov's research facility, all the plans had to change. The Boss knew that Snake would have to kill her, and continued with her mission regardless. She had to sacrifice herself for her country.

As a reward for completing his mission, Snake was awarded the title of Big Boss.

After the credits, Ocelot can be heard revealing that the microfilm that the Chinese obtained was a fake, and that America now has half of the Philosopher's Legacy - the KGB still have the other half. He also tells The Director that no one found out he was ADAM and he will still be at the CIA's disposal.

[edit] Gameplay

This was the third iteration of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and it was the second game to be released on the Playstation 2 system. This gave the developers a big advantage so this game featured a lot of new features that did not appear in the previous ones.

An example of Snake using camouflage

[edit] Camouflage

This game moved away from the traditional background that was synonymous with Metal Gear games - industrial areas and buildings - and was set in the jungle instead. This meant that to hide, there would not be the usual places available to the player so they created the camouflage system. Throughout the game, the player had to change their outfit so that they would blend in to there environment more. Different camouflages were unlocked as the player progressed. This feature was very useful and created a fresh, new element to the gameplay.

[edit] Cure

In previous games, when the player was injured, they would simply eat a ration to regain their health. In this game however, things got a lot more in depth. If Naked Snake was hit by a poisoned knife for example, the player would have to open the Cure menu, remove the knife, neutralise the poison and then sew the wound back up. This feature was original and made the game feel a lot more realistic. Instantaneous healing was still there, through Life Medicine, but finding this was rare.

[edit] Characters

Click on the character's name to visit their profile page where there is a lot more information on their background and on all the other games they feature on.

  • Naked Snake - The main character in the game who later becomes known as Big Boss. His real name is Jack.
  • Major Zero - Also called Major Tom in the Virtuous Mission. He is your commander throughout the game.
  • Sigint - The weapons expert who gives advice on weapons throughout the game.
  • Para-Medic - The doctor who gives advice on animals to eat and how to Cure yourself.
  • EVA - Also called Tatyana. She is your informant who has infiltrated Volgin's ranks.
  • Sokolov - The scientist who developed Shagohod for the KGB. Volgin and the GRU unit have kidnapped him.

[edit] Bosses

Click on the character's name to visit their profile page where there is a lot more information on their background and on all the other games they feature on. There you can also find strategies on how to defeat the bosses.

  • The Boss - Also known as The Joy. She used to be Snake's mentor but supposedly defected to the Soviet Union. Leader of the Cobra Unit.
  • Volgin - Commander of GRU. Is hoping to overthrow Khrushchev using the Shagohod that Sokolov designed.
  • Ocelot - Commander of the Ocelot Unit of Spetsnaz.
  • The Pain - Commands a swarm of hornets which he uses in battle.
  • The Fear - Agile man with a stealth suit who is an expert with knives.
  • The End - Extremely old man who is one with nature. An expert at sniping.
  • The Fury - Astronaught who uses a flamethrower in battle.
  • The Sorrow - The late husband of The Boss, he was the father of her child. He appears in this game as a ghost, two years after The Boss was forced to kill him for her mission.

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