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"War has Changed"

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots takes place a few years after Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and nine years after the first Metal Gear Solid. In the Metal Gear world, life has changed. The world has been thrown into a turmoil or war, with Private Military Companies [PMC] becoming the front line to fueling the war. Now with PMCs larger than Armies, the reason for war is lost, and yet people hire the PMC to continue to fueling war and profiting on production. After the Big Shell, the U.S. Government has issued all PMC soldiers to be injected with nanomachines which help regulate various aspects of a soldier, almost making them artificial.
Snake in MGS4
The nanomachines will supress emotions, heighten performance and puts the weapon ID tagging to be put to use. Nowadays picking up a gun and firing is not as easily possible than before. With ID-tagged guns only people with the right nanomachines can use these guns. This also means if PMC soldier goes astray, all their guns will be deactivated. This system is called SOP [Sons of the Patriots]. PMC has now become more of a business, and continues to grow with its influence, making war a economic way of life. All the major PMC corporation is all under control of "Outer Heaven", the mother of the major 5 PMC corporations, with Liquid Ocelot leading. Solid Snake is sent into the Middle East war zone with a "hired hit" on Liquid. Snakes mission is simple, he must kill Liquid. However Solid Snake is not what he once was, with gray hair and a aging face, Solid Snake is now more suited to be called Old Snake.
Middle East War zone

Snake starts his first mission in the Middle East. His mission is to neutralize Liquid, but first he must meet up with the informant who revealed the location of Liquid. Snake is disguised as local resistance militia and lands right into a conflict. On the way to the informant, Snake meets up with a gun launder named Drebin, who gives him a M4 custom. Eventually Snake makes it into the rendezvous point. The informant is revealed to be none other than Rat Patrol 01, lead by a old acquaintance of Snake, Meryl Silverburgh/Campbell [it is revealed that she is Campbell's daughter]along with, Ed, Jonathan and Johnny Sasaki. Meryl explains to Snake that Liquid has arrived 4 days ago and always with a mysterious woman. She explains what the nano-machines do to a soldier such as suppressing bad memories and pain. Their meeting gets cut short by a group of Haven Troopers [FROGS]. Meryl points out the location of Liquid and Snake sets out to find him. Arriving at a PMC campsite Snake attempts to confront Liquid. Liquid initiates a test on whether nano-machines can be controlled and what happens when the nano-machines cease function. The results causes all soldiers to seizure and collapse due to suppressed emotions. Snake himself collapses and is saved by the only person not under the spell, Johnny. Before Snake begins to black out, he catches a glimpse of Naomi.

Snake wakes up to find himself back in the Nomad, and begins to track down Naomi. Encoded sonar sound file was sent to Otacon and Sunny decoded it and converted it to a Video file to find it was a message sent by Naomi. Naomi explains she needs Snake to come see her and gives her location up. [to be continued..]

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