Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough - Act 1: Liquid Sun

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  1. Area 1 – MIDDLE EAST Ground Zero
  2. Area 2 – MIDDLE EAST Red Zone NW Sector
  3. Area 3 – MIDDLE EAST Red Zone
  4. Area 4 – MIDDLE EAST Militia Safehouse
  5. Area 5 – MIDDLE EAST Urban Ruins
  6. Area 6 – MIDDLE EAST Downtown
  7. Area 7 – MIDDLE EAST Advent Palace
  8. Area 8 – MIDDLE EAST Crescent Meridian
  9. Area 9 – MIDDLE EAST Millennium Park

First of we start with a scene, with a truck carrying a load of Rebels (guess which one is Snake). Now that we have watched that, its time to move on, yes?


Area 1 – MIDDLE EAST Ground Zero

A war's going on and no-one's your ally. First, crawl under the van to your left (there's a ration under the one ahead of you), or simply wait until Snake moves off.

After the cut-scene, pick up the AK–102 next to the corpse to your left. Keep going north to view a cut-scene introducing the Gekko. Run past the Gekko ahead of you before it can kick you. Continue until another Gekko appears; run quickly to the second exit on the right before it attacks. You have the opportunirty to save among the cut-scenes.

Area 2 – MIDDLE EAST Red Zone NW Sector

Move right from where you start to pick up extra AK ammo then go back and get out of this alley. Once out in the open you will see two PMC soldiers, easily avoided by heaading into the building to the right. Proceed until the Stryker appears, then crawl through the vent ahead. Crawl across to the building ahead and around the corner, letting your OctoCamo change. Go into the building to the right and stay low to avoid being seen by troops outside. Crawl under the rubble, pausing if you see a soldier killing a rebel, and move on. Avoid the soldiers and enter th building to the right. Wait against the wall until the soldier comes out of the building, then floor him and pass. Make your way out onto the street avoiding any PMC troops on the roads or paths. Go through the door to the right to exit.

Area 3 – MIDDLE EAST Red Zone

Make your way up the stairs or go straight, going straight will lead to more PMC’s and going up stairs will lead to one. Move all the way East till you come to the red dot on your map, it’s a destroyed building.

Now it’s time for a scene it will introduce the Metal Gear Mk.II controlled automatically by Otacon that will follow you everywhere, you can access it from the items menu to put it under your control. The Mk.II will give you some goodies, first a Solid Eye the Solid Eye has 3 modes Binoculars, Night Vision and Normal mode but normal mode is better then no Solid Eye because it will display on the top right information on where bouts of any living thing, that includes PMC’s, Rebels, Wildlife and Unmanned Weapons like the Gekko, this also works for Binoculars and Night Vision mode also in these 3 modes you can view other information such as PMC and Rebels information on there health, psyche, stress and even what gun there holding. There is also a colour thing its not hard to miss, if red then kill them because they will kill you, yellow still stay out of there site just incase, green and blue there fine you can walk right in there face and they won’t do anything to you unless you do something to them. You will also be given an Operator and an Mk.2 Pistol which is a tranquilizer.

Now its time to move on, move south and you will see a few PMC’s take them out if you want to live or wait it out bombs may kill them. Once you move out in the open a couple of flying…things will fly past you don’t worry about them just keeping move North for now again don’t forget to pick up the dropped weapons. Once you come to the area where you can go left or right, on your left a MG will show up so guess what, go right and you will see a hole in the wall that you must go down. WAIT, before you go down look to the left from that hole you will see find a RPG, that’s handy if you want to help the Rebels here its up to you if you want to kill all the PMC’s here I won’t stop you, now make your way down the hole.

Area 4 – MIDDLE EAST Militia Safe House

Its dark in here, you may want to change the Solid Eye to Night mode, go down to the door way and there will be a Rebel here when you run past him he will ask you to wait, I suggest you do what he says and wait until he says you can go, you can of course blow his brains out but I like to stay friends with the Rebels on my MGS runs. Make your way down this tunnel and grab the ration, move down some more to find AK ammo, a few Rebels will talk, stay where you are for now and wait for them to run past you. Now move along and grab the Mk.2 ammo and keep following the tunnel to a room full of animals gab the Regain that’s right in your face and the Noodles behind the boxes, now move along up the stairs and follow the path to where you will find more Rebels who asks you to stay put. Now after that, keep moving to the room full of wounded Rebels, search this room for a bunch of items. Keep moving and grab the iPod Song, keep moving and you will find a Rebel to the left and right of the Rebel there is ammo. Run past the Rebel and he will ask you to stay where you are, move to the room where there are two Rebels just walk past them and move out of this room. Under the vent you will find a Cardboard Box good for evading alerts, there are also 2 Rebels that will, guess what, ask you to stay where you are *sigh* that’s getting annoying. Make your way to the path on the left of the vent where you got the Cardboard Box to collect a White Phosphorus Grenade, a Stun Grenade, a Smoke Grenade and a Normal Grenade. Go back and take the North path, a little up this path you will see on the right another path, take it, and you will find some goodies such as ammo and RPG ammo, open the lockers and you will find an AK, a Playboy Magazine and a Middle Eastern Disguise (it’s the one from the start) to access this go to the Menu-> Camouflage -> Change Costume -> Disguise {M.E.} wearing this will make the Rebels stop asking you to stay where you are. Ok lets make our way out of here and go back to the North path that will lead to a room with two Rebels, walk past them to another path go south out of here to the tunnel and look south there’s some RPG ammo now go North to a room with a Petrol Bomb, Ration, Anesthetic ammo and AK ammo. Now make your way up the stairs and a scene will trigger introducing Drebin, he is ‘neither enemy, nor friend’ he is a Gun Launder that means he will sell you new guns and you can sell him guns that you do not need for example since you have an AK, every AK you pick up from now on will be sold automatically to him for Drebin Points (DP) the DP are used for purchasing new guns, items, custom items to put on some guns and ammo, oh and any gun you pick up you sell if you have it but you keep the ammo. Drebin will also talk about ID locked guns you will have some such as the Mk.17 or the Grenade you can also use your DP to unlock these guns. Drebin will give you a M4 Custom gun, which was nice of him; once we are finished here we will leave this area.

Area 5 – MIDDLE EAST Urban Ruins

As soon as you walk outside you will call Otacon once that is over look behind you and take that path, and behind the wall down here is an RPG which you will sell for DP because you have one for a nice some of DP, take a look in Drebin’s Shop from the menu screen and if anything takes your fancy buy it, I personally will buy the DSR-1 because I love Sniper Rifles and Snipers can be helpful in this game if your on a no kill run I suggest you save up your DP for the Mosin-Nagant it’s a tranquilizer Sniper Rifle.

Ok lets move on, go back to where you started this area and go up the stairs near you, go all the way to the top where a AK and Petrol Bomb is waiting for you, jump down into the building for an RPG and jump the rest of the way down and follow this path, don’t worry about Otacon’s message about the walls coming down, nothing will hurt you don’t forget to the gap the items you walk past that’s an AK and ammo when you come to the two Rebels near the windowless gap be careful you may get shot by the PMC’s outside, keep following the path and grab the ration keep moving then the roof will fall down don’t worry it wont hit you, keep moving, you will then come to a part where you must either wall hug or hang over the edge to get to the other side either way you do it, it don’t matter, just keep moving till you must fall down a hole and a cut-scene is triggered this one is quite funny I won’t ruin it for you.

Area 6 – MIDDLE EAST Downtown

You will now acquire a new item, the drum can, after the scene a fight will break out between the Rebels and PMC’s, you can either help the Rebels and kill all the PMC’s or you can just move on. Go straight on till you come to the first turning on the right, go down here and you will see a path in the corner, follow this path, at the end are a bunch of Rebels follow them at the end of the path they will be killed by a Sniper, you can either move on or help the Rebels, I like to help these Rebels because I take this path and Snipers annoy me, if you took my advice and went for the DSR-1 then equip it and search for the Snipers, there is one in the top window and the bottom window in front of you, next to this building is a arch way on top of that on the right is a Sniper kill him then another one will appear after, then there will be a few PMC’s under that arch way, the Rebels will then cheer ‘We did it’ (more like you did it) you will then know the area is clear so you can move about freely.

Lets move on if you go to where the Snipers was in the top window and on top of the arch way you can collect there sniper rifles it is the M14EBR an automatic sniper rifle. Make your way pass the arch and keeping heading forward, careful PMC’s will arrive here on the right then some will appear straight ahead. Keeping moving forward and follow this path around more PMC’s around here so be careful once your out in the open keep heading West all the way to the red dot on your map when you arrive to that building go through the door.

Area 7 – MIDDLE EASY Advent Palace

Ok let go up the stairs here, there is a mine here, shoot it, keep going up to the next set of stairs and another mine, the next set you can’t use so go out into the hall way go West, turn left and there’s another mine, left again, mine again, then go up the stairs, through the door go West, shoot the mine, go through the doorway and then a scene will trigger to meet another familiar face can you remember her? Meryl, she is leading a team called RAT PT 01 it consists of herself, Ed, Jonathan and Johnny who they have nicknamed Akiba remember him? He is the poopie man in the drum can from before, poor guy.

Ok time for action or no action (Ill explain in a minute) what we must do is get out of here with everyone in one piece. All that I really need to tell you is, is that to follow the RAT PT 01 all the way to the end and killing all the Frogs as you go. Now what I meant by no action is this, if you want the Solar Gun you need to collect all the statues now to collect this statue you must not kill ANYONE in this place. You can put them to sleep but no killing is allowed only the RAT PT 01 is allowed to kill. At the end if you didn’t kill anyone the statue will appear for you to collect. Also these Frogs all have a P90 which is a good sub-machine gun. If you would like some ammo or rations go near Akiba when he isn’t doing anything and he will supply you with something. And one last thing in this place when you get to the area where there is a cut-scene with Akiba disabling a laser grid jump over this hole that everyone jumps down for a custom Grenade Launcher called GP30, ammo and a AK.

Area 8 – MIDDLE EAST Crescent Meidian

Ok were now on our way to find Liquid, pick up the P90’s on the floor for some DP and if you tried to get the statue, you will find it next to the doorway if it’s not there then obviously you killed a Frog. Make your way North to the big hole in the wall and follow this small path out into the open where the Rebels are fighting the PMC’s. A short cut-scene here introducing the Rebels Tank. You may help the Rebels here by killing or ko-ing all PMC’s in the tanks way that includes PMC’s hiding up in the buildings along this path but anyway, make your way towards the tank on the right you will see a opening you need to go through this way to get on the side with the tank or you can go on the left side and jump through the windowless hole here. Ok there’s some PMC’s right in front of you and there is one on the left of the tank in the window. Move long this path and some more PMC’s will arrive wanting to end that tanks life, look North-West and up in the window and take out that PMC quickly, the building next to this has a Sniper on the roof there is a small gap where you can see him and shot him at or you can go along side the building and climb the stairs and take him out there, I prefer to take the stairs so I can have his weapon which is a M14, if you down on the ground keep move up this path with the tank taking out all PMC members, they will all be in your sight, if you are up on the roof you will see a bridge cross it and pick up the ration. If you notice your stress is a bit high use this area to re-cover your stress and any loss psyche, once you are done make your way through the doorway and down the stairs, once you are down the first set of stairs, on this floor you can use to kill any PMC’s down below by going to the North side where the huge gap is you will find PMC’s will turn up at the arch in front of you. Make your way down to the bottom and the tank will move on and will blow you a path to the next area, either carry on helping the Rebels by taking out all PMC members or take the path to the North-West. If the tank didn’t survive up to this point there is another way and the last big arch way the building connected to it on the left will have some ladders for you to climb on, climb up, head behind you and follow this path and a scene will trigger introducing to you the B&B’s (Beauty and the Beast), hmmm one of these member’s look a little familiar can you guess who?

Area 9 – MIDDLE EAST Millennium Park

After the scene all the Rebels from that scene will be dead pick up there weapons for some DP. Now head West (if you go the wrong way Otacon will let you know) and little up this path you will find two PMC members do what ever you please to them, after them head up this path a little more and you will see another PMC member. Now from this part you can go two ways I will explain both but both will end up in the same place. First you can go North where two PMC members are, I like to snipe here and if you have the DSR-1 you maybe low on ammo so buy some at Drebin’s Shop, take out the PMC’s and you will then be at a courtyard. The other way is to take the alley to the West and crouch through the hole in the wall, go up the stairs to find a PMC here, take him out, then go though the door (if you can’t see use Night Vision) and then jump down the hole. In this room search the lockers for some goodies they are Suppression for the M4 and Anesthetic ammo, also under the table is a Ration. If you went the North path and want to come in this room for the goodies then when you turn into the courtyard look left and you will see a hole in the wall. Out in the courtyard will be a few PMC’s leave them alone or take them out you decide but note that one of them has a Masterkey, the Masterkey is a custom shotgun part. Ok in the courtyard lets head North-West to enter the camp note that if your being sneaking there is a hole you can crawl under on the West wall, take out any PMC’s that annoy you and note there is one in the guard tower but head to the North-West corner and you will find a red metal door. Go through here and trigger a scene with Liquid and yet another familiar face…Naomi.

Well that’s Act 1 for you please proceed to Act 2: Solid Sun.

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