Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough - Act 2: Solid Sun

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  2. Area 1 – SOUTH AMERICA Cove Valley Village
  3. Area 2 – SOUTH AMERICA Power Station
  4. Area 3 – SOUTH AMERICA Confinement Facility
  5. Area 4 – SOUTH AMERICA Vista Mansion
  6. Area 5 – SOUTH AMERICA Research Lab
  7. Boss – Laughing Octopus
  8. Area 6 – SOUTH AMERICA Mountain Trail
  9. Area 7 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA Vista Mansion
  10. Area 8 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA Confinement Facility
  11. Area 9 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA Power Station
  12. Area 10 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA High Woodlands Highway
  13. Area 11 – SOUTH AMERICA Marketplace



At the start a little girl is singing numbers in a catchy tune that I’m always humming in my head, and is making eggs; yes it’s the same girl from the beginning, not so random now, huh?

After a little while in this scene you will be brought to three screens, the big screen is just the scene still carrying on. The top right screen are little cameras that show upstairs of the Nomad (the Nomad is this plane you're flying on) and the screen under that is, I’m not sure but its of no importance. You can play around with some buttons at this point press select to know what they are but I’ll just go through them with you just incase you don’t understand them. Triangle will switch the main screen and the top right screen around, press again to switch them back, Square will switch the top right screen to the Mk.II which you can control to explore the Nomad, press again to switch back to camera mode and finally L2 will make the main screen expand and makes it full screen, press again to re-size it.

Now why am I putting this in the guide? Simple reason why there are things on here that can be useful. Ok take control of the Mk.II. Where the Mk.II starts, just head straight and you will come to a Battery useful for letting you Solid Eye and Mk.II survive a bit longer, turn around and head for the stairs, go up them and turn left and go in this room and you will see some ammo go and get it, look behind you and you will find an iPod song, look to the right from here to grab your self some Noodles. That’s everything you can collect in the Nomad for this act.

There is also one little thing, an Easter Egg, no I don’t mean chocolate shaped like an egg, an Easter Egg is a hidden little secret in the game. After the scene when Sunny comes a little down the stairs and talks about the 4-D Sound Data when she leaves follow her and she will sit on a box and starts playing a PSP, ha, little bit of advertising for the PSP I do believe and also Sunny is a smoker! Children smoking now that bad, if you look in her back pocket you will find smokes, I’m sure she don’t smoke them she properly just holding them for snake. There are many Easter Eggs in this game but I’m not going to bother listing them all try and find some yourself.

[edit] Area 1 – SOUTH AMERICA Cove Valley Village

A scene will trigger with snake crawling to his location you will also be introduced to an evil laughing witch who…looks like you? Her name is Laughing Octopus and to me she’s a bit of a psychopath but you’ll understand later on why she’s a bit nutty you’ll also be introduced to *gasp* Otacon’s most despised person Vamp he just won’t die will he?

Ok after the scene its time to get right in the action, a bunch of Rebels have been captured by the PMC’s now you have two choices the first is to save them by killing all the PMC’s around them from where you start this area it’s a great sniping point just to point out turn to Night Vision and it will be a breeze saving these guys. The second choice is the sneaky way just go around this whole area and let the PMC’s take the Rebels behind the house and letting them kill them one by one. Ok let’s move onto what items are around this area that you can collect, in the house South-West there is a Stun Grenade, Playboy Magazine and some ammo. In the house South will have Noodles, V.Ring Shotgun ammo, BUCK Shotgun ammo, Twin Barrel Shotgun, Muna and a South America Rebel Disguise. The Muna is helpful when you have lost some psyche, equip it and your psyche will restore faster. To the West there is a barn? Well inside you will find some C4 and Anesthetic ammo and up the ladders here you will find some Ration and Pentazemin, turn around to find a SVD and ammo the SVD is an automatic snipe rifle. To the far North after the house there is like a metal storage area that’s not used that’s a bit that’s been destroyed and you can’t walk through it but go to one of the sides to find some crawl space, crawl under to find some Regain. Onto of this hut is some Anesthetic ammo to get there go to the house before this and on the West side of this house is a bit you can climb up on to get to the roof, climb up and on the roof you will find a Petrol Bomb then you must jump over to the hut if you time it right you will get on there I have no idea if there’s a simpler way to get up there. Now go to the last house North-East and under that stairs you will find a Smoke Grenade you will also find a hole down here that leads under the house go through to find Suppression for the M4, head back out and go in the house to find an iPod Song and ammo, upstairs you will find more ammo and a good sniping point to take out the enemies ahead.

Ok time to move on head East there are two paths it don’t matter what one you take, if you took the North-East path you will find a Petrol Bomb on the edge above you just head down the path your on till you climb up on this ledge then you can go grab the bomb if you have Night Vision on you will find some foot prints, follow them. If you took the South-East path then go all the way down the end till you find some foot prints that you can follow you will also encounter some ammo on this path so eyes open. Just keep following the foot prints till you get a call from Campbell who wants you to meet someone, Rosemary, remember her? Jacks (Raidens) girlfriend or should I say ex-girlfriend, she has married Campbell, what the hell?!

Anyway after the call its time to move on follow the path till you find some Rebels, there planning an attack if you want join them in this attack there is a small number of PMC’s ahead that you can take on but the main thing here is to just keep following this path Ill say this again try not to kill any Rebels its better if they don’t hate you, but although they do carry some nice weapons like the M10, Twin Barrel Shotgun and a G3A3 if you want these weapons kill them or let them get killed by the PMC’s and grab there guns. Keep following the path to the next area.

[edit] Area 2 – SOUTH AMERICA Power Station

When arrive here you will get an unknown call hmmm this person sounds familiar who could it be?

Follow this path and you will see some Rebels they are planning another attack but this attack has a lot more PMC’s to take care of. Note that some Rebels are carrying a new gun the PKM. Now there’s two ways to what path to take, either follow the Rebels into the heart of the battle or there is a path on the East that you can take, take a look at your map if you get confused. At some point Otacon will warn you about snipers. If you followed the Rebels then the snipers can be found on the cliff to the East chances are they will be behind you because you will most properly be looking straight ahead if you took the other path you can find them quite easily but there hiding in grass so it might be hard to see them be careful up here though there are other PMC’s besides the snipers up here. If you have take this path at the end you will find a Mortar that you can use on the PMC’s but I think there’s an endless supply of PMC’s there until you get in the Power Station. Now make a move closer to the Station on the East side Rebels will come and attack not that some of these Rebels will have a new Rocket Launcher the M72A3. Now if you helping the Rebels attack this station get in the station and also remember to pick up a M60E4 from a PMC here if your not help just follow the road around the station. I’m going to help these guys so I tell you how to do it. Get inside the station and take out all PMC’s and wait until the Rebels come inside and do there thing once they do that clear the area and kill every PMC and then it’s done, simple? Ok follow the road around the station and a scene will trigger, dam monkey nicked my smoke!

After the scene you will have a choice to make on what path to take just to note if you succeed helping the Rebels take over the station then a couple of Rebels will appear and take the left path follow them if you wish, if you didn’t help then a couple of PMC’s will be here instead blocking both paths. First take the left path to find some goodies like Noodles, Sleeping Gas Mine, Javelin, XM8, V.RING ammo, Anesthetic ammo and Playboy. The Javelin is an anti-tank rocket launcher just like the M72A3 and the XM8 is an assault rifle. Little more down this path you will find a Regain and under the rocks where this Regain is, is a PSS Handgun there is also a Compress. Just keep heading down to the end of this path to find the next area.

[edit] Area 3 – SOUTH AMERICA Confinement Facility

When you enter this area the ‘mystery’ person will call again, he will tell you this is not Jack it is Raiden, ok that clears the mystery on who that person was……Ok lets move on, yet another choice game here go left or right, if you go right this will take you to the area where you would have been if you took the right path from before at the Power Station, confused? Yes me too.

This place you may want to help out the Rebels or you might not want to it’s up to you but I’m going to help so Ill tell you what to do. First if you go North-East you will find a small area where two Rebels are being held kill the PMC to free them and inside you will find two Playboy Magazines….wait two Rebels, two Playboys hmmm wonder what they were doing? Anyway enter the door from the North side of the main building there will most properly be PMC’s inside here take them out now its time for item collecting go to the end of this corridor and turn right enter this room for some Noodles, Compress and a Chaff Grenade exit this room and walk down the corridor and enter the first room on the left you will find some Noodles exit through the door you entered then enter the second room for a Playboy and an iPod Song, ok leave this building through the South door and take out the PMC’s, some of them may drop a custom part called the XM320 it’s a Grenade Launcher for the M4 and XM8. Go south to where the MG is and destroy it with a RPG go around the other side of the MG and you will find boxes, near these boxes is a FIM-92A Surface-to-air Missile Launcher. Go back to the main building and kill all PMC’s and help the Rebels do there thing or just move on out of here. If you go in the building North-West you can find ammo and a M870 Custom Shotgun. Head North-West to get out of this area and into the next

[edit] Area 4 – SOUTH AMERICA Vista Mansion

Just to let you know if you took the left path from before you would end up here.

When you start the Rebels are planning an attack on the Mansion where Naomi is located you know what this means we must help these guys take out the PMC’s here and move up to the road where a cut-scene will trigger, the Rebels have brought a Dozer, Otacon says to give it cover but don’t if you want to save ammo because the PMC’s won’t destroy it and once it breaks through all the PMC’s outside of the Mansion will drop dead anyway.

Make you way into the Mansion grounds and take out the PMC’s that try to kill you. When you enter the ground take a left here and up the stairs into a Garden, head towards the Mansion and enter the left door, then enter the door in front of you there will be two PMC’s coming down the stairs take them out then go up the stairs yourself and enter the only door up here and then go through the other door at the end of the room. You will now be out on the roof there is some Anesthetic ammo up here head North and you will find more ammo and a hole, jump down the hole and then follow this path picking up the Claymore as you go at on point there will be a room of goodies in here there is a Stun Grenade, a Grenade, ammo, Compress and a Ration. Make your way to the end of the path and climb the ladder.

[edit] Area 5 – SOUTH AMERICA Research Lab

Ahha we have now found Naomi, another Easter Egg during the scene your talking with Naomi when Snake drops one of his smokes and then benders over to pick it up press and hold L1 and take a look at what Snake looks at when he picks it up ha-ha dirty old man. Another Easter Egg and another yet again dirty Snake, when he learns that he has ‘Half a Year’ and then try’s to have a smoke and Naomi takes it he then looks down, when Naomi crouches down to look at Snake press and hold L1 to see what he looks at this will also recover his psyche he just lost.

After the scene you will be given the Syringe this will become very important later on but the Syringe restores lost psyche and suppresses nanomachine activity. Naomi has been taken away again so you need to go save her only thing is you can’t get out of here, the doors locked, so instead you must fight your way out. Frogs will storm the place in groups of two so it’s nothing hard to deal with. All around this area are ammo and health items like Rations and Noodles so grab them is needed once all the Frogs have been taken care of and the Alert phase disappears no more Frogs will arrive, have a little run around the place and wait for something to shout ‘Snake!’ it will then trigger a scene introducing Laughing Octopus and she’s got a mouth on her ok it time to take her out.

[edit] Boss – Laughing Octopus

First I will suggest you keep you Solid Eye on at all time unless you need to heal. Ok when the battle stats I suggest running out of the room because most likely she will pull out he gun and shoot you which will hurt quite a bit once she stops you pull out your gun and hurt her, if you use any type of Machine gun he tentacles will block the bullets but some may land on her I would suggest shotgun so you can knock her on the floor then you can change to a Machine gun and land many hits on her before she gets up. Also if you’re still trying to get the Solar Gun by collecting the statues you must beat Octopuses first form by lowering her psyche by using Anesthetic rounds and stun grenades

At times she may curl up into a ball and black smoke will come out stay away if you want to see where your going, early on when she does this she will produce homing bombs to chase you just run away and they will blow up eventually, after this she will be invisible, well not completely but a little bit, you need to find he this is where the Solid Eye is handy you can either make it pure and simple by switching to Night Vision then you can see her in plain sight or you can be in normal mode and when she makes a noise it will show up where she is on your map then you just look carefully to where she maybe.

After a third of her life is gone when she goes to hide she will take the forms of things like Cardboard Boxes, Machinery, and the Human Body in one of the rooms and the paintings on the walls.

Once half of her life is gone she will take the form of the Mk.II, I found this quite funny because not only did I fall for this once but I fell for it twice ha-ha then I realize it was her if you land on her mines she will make some remarks there is also another Easter Egg at this point, on the Codec give Otacon a call and have an argument. So when she is the Mk.II just shoot it down or you can make her confused use the real Mk.II against her and she will become confused and not be the Mk.II anymore.

After the Mk.II stunt she will then pull the dead Frog stunt, but wait don’t Frogs turn to dust when they die so why, isn’t this one dust it must be Octopus so shoot it in the head.

After she has a third of life left she will give her self a new face, Naomi! It obviously a trick so teach her a lesson. After this she will just keep moving about and using a rolling attack and if you get to close to her, her tentacles will attack.

Once you have defeated he first form she will lose her tentacles and her mask and will trigger a scene where she’s still a little loopy, after the scene she will try to grab you there’s two ways to beat her, kill her or lower her psyche or run away from her and don’t let her grab you eventually you go to a white screen and a timer will count down as soon as that hits 0 she will die.

Once you defeat her it will trigger a scene where she turns to…. stone? You will then get call from Drebin he will tell you a little story about the Laughing Beauty and you will also obtain the FaceCamo its pretty much OctoCamo but for your face it’s very useful.

[edit] Area 6 – SOUTH AMERICA Mountain Trail

After the scene you will exit the Lab and get a call from Raiden telling you about tracking, why do you need to track? To find Naomi as in that scene you will notice Naomi’s footprints, use Night Vision and follow the footprints. At the first split in the footprints take the Left path, at the next split take the Right path there is also a PMC here, following this path you will come to some mines that have been place so watch your step there will also be a PMC sniping on a small cliff take him out, around the bend where that sniper was will be another PMC, at this area is you take the left path you can earn a little bonus DP on the left path there is a patch of grass with a crop cycle and you will then hear a piece of dialogue from MGS2, cross the river and follow the brightly coloured footprints be more careful now Frogs will be roaming this area but just keep following the bright footprints and forget about the scream you hear as you move along you will find a PMC placing a Claymore kill him and take his MP7 submachine gun, at the next split go left and just follow the footprint that have the most footprints and you will come to a cave opening which will lead to Naomi. A scene will trigger where Snake thinks he’s got a chance to kill Vamp but guess what he doesn’t die god dam it and you will rescue Naomi and Drebin will drive you guys out of here but things aren’t as easy at it sounds.

[edit] Area 7 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA Vista Mansion

You’re now on the run and the zombiefied PMC’s want a piece of you jump on the turrent and take out everything that’s in your way.

[edit] Area 8 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA Confinement Facility

Once again just take out everything concentrate on taking out the Gekko first just shot at the head.

[edit] Area 9 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA Power Station

Same again take out everything just keep shooting at the gate and when the MG arrives take that out then focus on the gate again.

[edit] Area 10 – Drebins MG – SOUTH AMERICA High Woodlands Highway

A bunch of Gekko will try to stop you then a MG will drive behind you, you don’t have to take it out if you don’t want to but destroy the Gekko. After the cut-scene more Gekko will arrive take them out and you will then arrive in the last area.

[edit] Area 11 – SOUTH AMERICA Marketplace

Ooo Raiden has arrived and he’s got some great moves maybe even better then our legendary Snake? Anyway the place will be crawling with Gekko and you can’t do much about it, just run for your life at one point a lot of Market stand will be in the way but a Gekko will take care of that while it does look down the alley to the left to find a M72A3 then go back to that area and just run down here and try as hard as you can to dodge the Gekko’s attack especially there leg sweep. Once you get to the end a scene will trigger where we get to see some real nice moves and that will be the end of this act.

Hope you enjoyed Act 2 just as much as I did because you’re going to love Act 3: Third Sun :(

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