Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough - Act 3: Third Sun

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  2. Area 1 – EASTERN EUROPE Midtown’s Sector
  3. Area 2 – EASTERN EUROPE Midtown N Sector
  4. Area 3 – EASTERN EUROPE Chase
  5. Boss – Raging Raven



The mission briefing will start with Sunny cooking eggs again and singing the Periodic Table and then Naomi teaches Sunny how to cook them right did anyone else think Sunny was a little annoyed when Naomi went and told her what to do? Ok time to collect some things by using the Mk.II, go behind the computer Sunny is at and grab the Camera, we will have some fun with this later, go to the end f the Nomad to grab some ammo, go up the stairs to find an iPod song, Compress and another Battery for your Mk.II and Solid Eye and that’s all there is in this mission briefing.

[edit] Area 1 – EASTERN EUROPE Midtown’s Sector

Oh look Snakes gotten younger, oh no wait no he hasn’t. Ok after all of the scene’s you will acquire a signal interceptor, Civilian Disguise, Young face Snake and Young face Snake with Bandana. The signal interceptor is a device to track the location of the Resistance member you need to follow but to be honest I think it’s a pile of rubbish I always just equip the Solid Eye and just follow the member about. Make sure you don’t get seen otherwise you will scare the member and he will run away making you have to find him again. Ok you will find the member automatically when you move up the road a bit all you must do is keep a good distance away from him and take out any PMC member that’s in his way if he gets caught by a PMC member you must quickly take out that member I do strongly urge you to only use silenced guns a loud gun can obviously be heard and if the member hears it then he is going to run if he see you. Ok from here you are on your own why am I leaving you? Because the member can take any direction he wants so my guide telling you where to go he might not follow he may stray off some where else because he wants to or you didn’t do something quick enough but I need to say is stay with the member at all times don’t lose sight of him and take out any PMC’s that is a bother to you or him also if you hear a whistle follow that whistle because that’s him. Good luck this mission is annoying and is my least favorite, have fun.

[edit] Area 2 – EASTERN EUROPE Midtown N Sector

I do believe no matter what the member’s path is he will always come here for a quick change of clothes, he will change into a PMC so make sure you don’t kill him. He won’t be hard to know because of the way he walks it’s different to normal PMC’s and he is whistling, no PMC’s do that. I would also like to point out there will be Vehicle Patrols so be careful of any move vehicle because if they spot you, you might have trouble getting out of there. When the member gets out of his PMC clothes your at the end of this annoying part. A scene will trigger where Snake can show off some of his good moves there is also another Easter Egg here when Snake has that member in a CQC hold when you can look with L1 look at the walls, there’s some nice MGS posters. Whoa Big Mama can you guess what her name used to be? Some people who I have spoken to didn’t realize who she was at first. And who would have guessed what she is Snake’s mother.

[edit] Area 3 – EASTERN EUROPE Chase

From now on in the next couple of area’s you are on Big Mama’s Motorbike and you have to kill all the PMC’s, Frogs and Unmanned things that try to stop the van from getting to the location. You are given a Vz.83 submachine gun and you also have Infinite Ammo while on this Chase you don’t have to use the Vz you can change to a different gun, I personally change to the P90 because I think it’s the best submachine gun and since you can’t equip anything big, go with the P90 or Vz. That’s all that I need to say on this chase just shot everything that is an enemy and shot the Frogs that jump on the van and don’t be cautious at what you shot even if you kill an ally nothing bad will happen although it will cheese off Big Mama, Good Luck.

[edit] Boss – Raging Raven

Again like Laughing Octopus if you want the Solar Gun you must get the statue and to do that you must beat Ravens first form by lowering her psyche

Ok the Solid Eye will be helpful here since Raven makes the most noise out of all these flying unmanned things she would have the biggest circle on the map so aim at the big circle that’s my advice.

From the start just charge upstairs once you get to the top start fighting, Raven has a Grenade Launcher and is he main means of attack at times she may fly over head and cause a line of destruction so don’t be in that line also this place is old so it’s falling apart any part of this place except the floor will break once she fires a grenade at it take note of that and make sure not to get blown off the building otherwise that’s game over for you. Also note every time you shot her she will move. Also when she shouts I’m overheating she will flee some where and all those flying things will fly around her while she lands on a building to recover so find where everyone is going and you’ll find her, use you Night Vision if you can’t find her very well. And lastly watch out for her Smoke Grenades and Stun Grenades.

What I believe you should do at all times is keep shooting, keep moving and be aware of where your walking, you wouldn’t want to be walking off the building now would you.

After you beat her she will lose her wings and mask and will go into a scene where she’s going a little loopy, remember when I said we will have fun with the camera? Well now’s the time as the Raging Beauty comes after you let her until you get to the white room with just you can her, equip the camera and she will start posing for pictures ha-ha this is also an Easter Egg. Note that if you take all the B&Bs to this white room they all will post for you to take pictures such nice ladies.

Again once she is defeated she will turn to stone and you will get her Grenade Launcher the MGL-140 you will then get a call from Drebin who tell you Raging’s story.

You now get to watch a bunch of scenes some interesting some not so but all relevant I you want to learn the story. Have fun watch and oh that’s the end of the act.

Now that Act 3 is done that just leaves two more please proceed to Act 4: Twin Suns

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