Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough - Act 4: Twin Suns

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  2. Area 1 – MGS1 Heliport
  3. Area 2 – SHADOW MOSES Snowfield
  4. Area 3 – SHADOW MOSES Heliport
  5. Area 4 – SHADOW MOSES Tank Hanger
  6. Area 5 – SHADOW MOSES Canyon
  7. Area 6 – SHADOW MOSES Nuclear Warhead Storage Building 1F
  8. Area 7 – SHADOW MOSES Snowfield & Communications Tower
  9. Boss – Crying Wolf
  10. Area 8 – SHADOW MOSES Blast Furnace
  11. Area 9 – SHADOW MOSES Casting Facility South/North
  12. Area 10 – SHADOW MOSES Underground Base
  13. Area 11 – SHADOW MOSES Underground Supply Tunnel
  14. Boss – Vamp
  15. Area 12 – SHADOW MOSES Port Area
  16. Boss – Metal Gear RAY



Here we are again with the egg scene and Sunny is singing again this tune is not so catchy but at least she’s learned how to cook eggs now. Anyway since the Mk.II is now destroyed by Vamp we have a new Mark, Mark.III. Ok take control of it and from where you start turn around and on the left side of the helicopter there is some ammo and a Regain, head for the stairs and grab the iPod music and the Battery and that’s all here.

[edit] Area 1 – MGS1 Heliport

That’s right MGS1 your back in the old style remember how to do this? If not then no problem go to the far right, then head up watch out for the solider there he may see your footprints keep heading up to where the camera is, get past the camera and head upstairs, go left till you get to the middle where there is a gap here crawl through here and it will trigger a scene ('I...had that dream again'), you're back in the present and will acquire a new FaceCamo, MGS1 Snake.

[edit] Area 2 – SHADOW MOSES Snowfield

Head straight forward and take note on Otacon’s warning of Unmanned sentries like Gekko, as you head straight you will encounter a Gekko do not fight it just leave it alone and try not let it find you, head up this little cliff to grab some ammo, get back down and hug the right wall you will see a hole you can crawl through, do so and grab the ammo, Regain and Noodles, come back out and head West and keep out of the Gekko’s sight.

[edit] Area 3 – SHADOW MOSES Heliport

Would you look at this place, hasn’t changed much has it before we move on lets do a little item search. Remember MGS1 Heliport and where that Ration was on the right wall? Well its there again pick it up and the Chaff Grenade on the Helipad, going on the helipad will trigger some dialogue where you will obtain some bonus DP from the helipad look North, under that vehicle is a Mk.23 automatic handgun, from this vehicle head left you will see some Ration that you can’t get, still on the left there is an open hanger door head inside to find some RPG ammo and 40mm Grenade ammo, inside head South-West and you will see a hole, crawl through, in this room you will find a Stun Grenade and some Ration, go to the next hole that you saw in front of you when you entered this room, in this room you will find Anesthetic ammo and a Compress, head outside and go South for a Ration you will also trigger some dialogue where you will get bonus DP and that’s everything as far as I know.

Now there are three ways to get in two vents one door, its obvious where the door is but if you go through there the sentries will attack if they see you and a Gekko will appear outside, the first vent is the vent you went through on MGS1, going through there will trigger some dialogue and more bonus DP the other vent is left of the main door you can’t miss it, you will trigger dialogue and bonus DP here also but it’s the same as the other vent.

[edit] Area 4 – SHADOW MOSES Tank Hanger

Once inside you will find many and I mean many sentries, fight or run it’s up to you but these sentries have GSR and D.E. Handguns which I don’t think you have. A little bit of item collecting in here, in the room on the right there is ammo and Suppression for the Mk23, go left and up the stair and the first room you see you can acquire a GSR and a Stun Grenade, head around to the other side to the other room to find a Ration and at the end of the rail you will find a Stun Grenade, I will also point out if you went through the vent up the top and not the bottom at the end of the vent you will find a iPod song.

Ok time to move on, head down stairs and go North to outside.

[edit] Area 5 – SHADOW MOSES Canyon

Just a little shot area there are two Gekko here they are trying to hide but it’s quite obvious where they are, one to the left and one to the right. If you head right and up the slope you will find some ammo. Kill the Gekko with a Rocket Launcher if you want to and search the place for some items you will find ammo, Rations and if you find the hole on the left wall you will find an iPod song. Head North and crawl under the door.

[edit] Area 6 – SHADOW MOSES Nuclear Warhead Storage Building 1F

Head left and go along the rail to find a Ration then jump down, crawl under the door and you will get a call from Otacon to go to the back door, do so it’s right in front of you. When you find out you can’t get in Otacon will call letting you know it’s locked you must go to his old office and log in to unlock the door his code to access is 48273, head South-West and head up the stairs and use the elevator and go to B2.

Look around here on B2 to grab some goodies once your done head down the corridor you saw when you arrived here and just follow this path all the way to the end, you will hear some dialogue of fighting and you will obtain bonus DP, head in the room to trigger a scene in this scene Otacon forgets the code and wants to ‘punch’ in the code, do so. Note if you get it wrong don’t worry to much Otacon will remember and put it in and Snakes psyche will go down a bar. After the scene it’s time to move on, first search this room for a few goodies and you will trigger a dialogue for some DP now head out of this room, once you reach the corridor with the electric floor a Gekko will appear, there’s to ways to tackle this either destroy it will you RPG or activate the electric floor to save some ammo, to activate the floor head to the elevator and turn left and go in this room from now on you don’t have to worry about the Gekko it won’t come after you. Equip the Mk.III and go to the destroyed control station at the start of this room and give it some power and it will destroy the Gekko and bag you 5000DP, you can now use the elevator to take you back to F1.

Do exactly what Otacon said, get down and go to the North door, this will trigger a scene where a Gekko will arrive, again there are two ways to tackle this, destroy it how you would normally kill a Gekko or run around for 3 minutes, keeping it away from the Mk.III I prefer destroying it.

[edit] Area 7 – SHADOW MOSES Snowfield & Communications Tower

When you arrive at this area ammo will be right in front of you for you to take, go down the small ramp and into the building next to it to pick up some goodies there is a Ration, Claymore, ammo, an SVD and Anesthetic ammo, head out side and on the right side of the ramp are two Stun Grenades, head North and jump down the cliff to trigger a scene so you can meet your new friend, Crying Wolf.

[edit] Boss – Crying Wolf

Like the other bosses, you need to defeat its first form by taking down its psyche for the statue to acquire the Solar Gun.

The Solid Eye Night Vision is key to this fight, it will make things 10x easier. Now you have a huge area to play with here but many enemies to annoy you, not only have you got Wolf on your tail but a supply of Frogs as well. Equip your Solid Eye and switch to night vision I would suggest using a Sniper Rifle for this fight. When you look around for her and then find her shoot her in the head as quick as you can or suffer the wrath of her Rail Gun. To the North when you start there will be a few Frogs head North-West this is where Crying Wolf always starts now Wolfs primary weapon is her Rail Gun it takes time to charge it up so use the time wisely to get a good shot at her head, after she is shot, she will hide inside her Wolf suit and then run away, some times she’ll run some where random but normally when I play she runs South-East but try to stay with her when she is running, she will get away but as long as you know the direction she was running in then you shouldn’t have a problem finding her and when she is running don’t get in the way or suffer a hash bash from her.

This fight is all about knowing where she goes next, if you can do that and take out the Frogs along the way then you shouldn’t really have a problem, Good Luck. Also around this whole area there are plenty of ammo and health items.

After the battle a scene will trigger and Wolf leave her Wolf suit and reveals her face. After the scene Crying Beauty will come after you I think you know what you have to do.

After she is finished with, you collect her Rail Gun and Drebin gives you a call to let you know about her past. After the scene with the Wolf your exit will be right in front of you, oh and don’t worry about the Wolfs behind you, they won’t hurt you. When you go through this door that will be an iPod song inside on the right and a Regain on the top left and as you go tot eh next area one of the funniest lines in MGS4 will come up listen to Otacon and Snake Ill give you time………..Ha-ha I think that brilliant ‘Dam it Otacon, get a grip!’ ha-ha brilliant. Anyway lets get to the next area.

[edit] Area 8 – SHADOW MOSES Blast Furnace

Ok your objective here is to get to the bottom, go to the top left area where the elevator is and get a lift from it, when you arrive in this area go left there are two rails if you take the top one you can grab yourself a Stun Grenade, take the bottom one and go to the end, wall hug here and move left for a ration, now move right and go all the way till you can’t go anymore. Now go North to the stairs but don’t go down them instead jump down the railing on the left, then jump the next railing and the elevator is right there call it down and go to B5 you will hear some dialogue during this ride and receive some bonus DP.

[edit] Area 9 – SHADOW MOSES Casting Facility South/North

When the elevator doors open a Gekko will be here run or fight it’s up to you, there will also be some ammo right in front of you, on the far right there is a Ration, in the middle there are some more ammo and a Stun Grenade and last top left for more ammo. Now the left and right path will lead to the same room just obviously on the other side, down the left side you will find some Anesthetic ammo and some other ammo, on the right side you will find the same thing and a Ration.

Now inside the North side there are plenty of sentries and Gekko as I have said before run or fight it really doesn’t matte all you need to do is get to the other end and on the right you will find a doorway to go through. The Gekko will be much easier to handle now that you have a Rail Gun, get it fully charged a the Gekko will fall like flies but anyway just get out of there, also there is ammo and a Javelin in that room, once your through the door way jump down the ladder and go through this doorway to the next area.

[edit] Area 10 – SHADOW MOSES Underground Base

When you arrive go straight down this corridor, pick up the ammo then crawl through the hole on the other side will be sentries and two holes so don’t fall down them also try not to get caught here otherwise deal with a lot of sentries, it’s not hard to deal with but is annoying. Make your way up the first set of stairs and turn right and go up these stairs to find yourself some Noodles, Rail Gun ammo, PG ammo and a FIM-92A head back down the stairs go through the first door then you come to a second door that is locked and this time.

[edit] Area 11 – SHADOW MOSES Underground Supply Tunnel

[edit] Boss – Vamp

Its Vamp’s turn to finally die or will he? I just thought how can you kill a man…. That can’t be killed? This is a tough fight because no matter what you do he just gets back up and comes right at you. Vamp has a few attacks up his sleeve his main one is just throw knifes at you which isn’t hard to dodge and even if you do get hit it won’t hurt that much. Now when I said this is a tough fight I was only joking this is the easiest. Just grab the guy and don’t let go, equip the syringe (this is what I meant before by this being very important) once equipped press Triangle and there you go, simple enough for you? Well its not that simple you must take him down at least once because it will be hard grabbing him at first but once you killed him once he will then get up then be easy to grab and inject him with the syringe.

After he is done with a scene will trigger with a bunch of Self-destruct Gekko coming at you and then Raiden comes in to save the day.

This next fight we must have is we must defeat all the self-destruct Gekko while Raiden tries to kill Vamp who will succeed and come out the victor? Who case at the moment we need to save our own ass. It is extremely important that you stay mindful of the self-destruct timers associated with each of the Gekkos. If you aren't able to kill the individual Gekkos before there time runs out you will have to restart the scene over again.

You will have the Rail Gun automatically equipped and you will be blocked off from going anywhere in this little area around REX so we must take out all the Gekko from this small point make sure to look all around you they may even come in from behind. Also the screen will now be split off into two screens one will be your main screen the second will show you Raiden and Vamps fight it actually quite entertaining to watch but anyway destroy every Gekko you see and also just a little tip keep the Rail Gun charged at all times.

Once you her Vamp say ‘Kill Me’ its all over, finally Vamp is dead and Otacon has got REX running. This scene can be very emotional so this scenes not to be watched by the emotional type.

After the scene you will have control of REX and you have three weapons the first is a Gatling Gun, second are AT Missiles and third we have a FE Laser. When you go into first person mode on the top right it will let you know the conditions of these weapons, for the gun it will have a percentage for overheating if it reaches 100% you can’t use the gun for a short period of time so keep an eye on that if you use the gun a lot, the missiles will have a 15/15 that’s the number of missiles you have they do reload so use them as much as you want and the Laser has 100/100 that’s how much laser power you have, there are also certain levels to the laser it goes up to 5 so obviously if it reaches level 5 it will do some serious damage, you can also do a melee when not in first person press R1to do a melee you can do up to a 3 hit combo, for now I would suggest just using the Gatling Gun. What you need to do is get to the end before the time runs out I would say just keep moving and shooting at the same time and destroy the sides so not more Gekko can get through but anyway just keep moving forward and don’t stop for anything.

[edit] Area 12 – SHADOW MOSES Port Area

[edit] Boss – Metal Gear RAY

Yes your going against the king of killing other Metal Gears…RAY use your weapons wisely. RAY has the same weapons as you do but he can do a charge attack, where he just runs straight at you, dodge that attack and hit him hard this isn’t a tough battle you should get through easily. When RAY falls over get close to him and press Triangle to do a special move, he can do the same to you if he lands his charge attack. Anyway have fun against this guy.

Now that he is over with its time to watch some scenes after the scenes it’s the end of the Act yeppie.

I hope you enjoyed Act 4 because Act 5: Old Sun gets better, please proceed.

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