Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough - Act 5: Old Sun

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  2. Area 1 – OUTER HAVEN Ship Bow
  3. Area 2 – OUTER HAVEN Command Centre
  4. Boss – Screaming Mantis
  5. Area 3 – OUTER HAVEN Missile Hangar
  6. Boss – Liquid



Not much to do for this Mission Briefing because you can’t move the Mk.III seeing as it’s being used as a projector so there’s nothing to do here lets move on. Oh first watch Akiba being a dirty guy when Mei Ling bends over. And one more last thing from now on everything in Drebins Shop is now half price, enjoy.

[edit] Area 1 – OUTER HAVEN Ship Bow

When you get started two Frogs will jump down, take them out, now go to the middle and look South head down this way soon, four Frogs will jump down, finish them of now go back down to the middle and on the left and right side there will be ladders, climb one of them, then climb the next ladder and hang on the pole, move down the pole till you get to the ledge, now hanging on that ledge you need to drop down and then grab the ledge below, to do this press X to let go then press Triangle quickly to grab the next ledge, then climb up and grab the PSS, now ump all the way down, now head South and there will be two paths left or right it doesn’t matter what path you take but both paths will have ammo down them, go all the way down then move to the middle and look South three Frogs will jump down and two will jump down on your right, if you went down the right path, and left if you went down the left path, take them out. Now just keep heading south where you will find some Gekko take them out or there going to be a pain on the ledge above you at the very end there will be Frog Snipers so take them out once its all clear go to the door and open it, to open it you have to keep pressing Triangle. I should also say if you get in an alert mode you can not get rid of it until you go through the door at the end. Once you are through pick up the ammo, RPG, the PSS and the Ration then enter the elevator.

[edit] Area 2 – OUTER HAVEN Command Centre

When you exit the elevator look left and right for some ammo then head straight forward. A scene will trigger and you will find Meryl but a bunch of Frogs have come to ruin the party, you must protect Meryl and kill every last Frog, once you have done another scene will trigger.

[edit] Boss – Screaming Mantis

Who recognized this person? Who does it remind you of? Well if you still didn’t get it, its Psycho Mantis a MGS1 boss who thought he was tough? Well if you thought that was tough then you suck ha-ha only kidding but Screaming Mantis is quite simple here.

Like the other B&B’s you can collect a statue here for the Solar Gun just follow the guide as normal then you can find it.

A little list of her attacks the first is she will throw knifes at you that hurt quite a bit and the second she comes flying at you and tries to slash you with her sword, it’s easy to dodge but get ready for the attack right after the first one

First off Mantis will take control Meryl and the dead Frogs you killed do not hurt Meryl and you won’t be able to kill the Frogs unless they grab onto you then you can kill them my slamming them to the ground but I say just ignore them and concentrate on Mantis. For now you can not shoot Mantis but there is a way, use the Syringe now you can start attacking but wait I still can’t hit her with a bullet easy solution you see the dolls she is carrying shoot them, shoot both of them until they come off of Mantis and then collect them the main doll you want to collect is the Mantis Doll while the Sorrow Doll you just want to fill up your collection of weapons, first shoot off the Mantis doll, that is the yellow one once that is off she will not have any control over Meryl. Once that one is off shoot off the Sorrow doll for her to loose control of the dead Frogs. After you have done that equip the Mantis doll and take control of Screaming Mantis and shake your controller about to defeat Screaming Mantis.

A scene will near trigger reveling Mantises face just like the other bosses she will now be the Beauty under the beast and will come after you, take her out or wait for the white screen to take pictures. And look around for the statue its here somewhere.

After the scene when she dies someone will come back to life… It’s Psycho Mantis, I find this scene funny he is trying out his old tricks but were on the PS3 now there’s no memory card and there’s no vibration in the controller ha-ha poor Psycho. Drebin will call you and let know on a last story.

[edit] Area 3 – OUTER HAVEN Missile Hangar

After the scene where Meryl is fighting alone you will be in a straight forward path, so where must you walk? Straight forward of course, as you move bits of dialogue will be spoken but not bonus DP for you. Just keep moving and don’t stop.

A scene will then trigger not only is a great for seeing great shooting but it can be funny as well.

After the scene you will be back with Snake and still be in the Hangar still keep moving forward only difference this time though is that there are sentries here run or fight its up to you buts there an unlimited supply of them so just keep moving and dive into the sentries when they are close.

At the end a scene will trigger and in this scene it looks like it’s all over for Snake… or is it?

At the end of the scene Snake will arrive at the Microwave room, in this room you can not equip anything but the Solid Eye and you can not pause the game all that you have to do is keep moving and don’t stop, your life and psyche will continually fall. It will be split screened on the bottom will be Snake and on top will be scenes that are going on at the moment like Meryl and Akiba fighting, Raiden fighting and everyone else. Just keep moving forward and a little bit ahead you will get shocked and you must continually press Triangle to regain your balance once you get moving again you can stop pressing Triangle a little bit more down the hall you will get shocked again and must keep press Triangle from here on you must keep pressing Triangle no matter what, if the Triangle symbol appears then that means your not doing it fast enough so quicken up the pace, this bit can be absolute murder to your fingers so be prepared.

Once you make it to the end you will trigger a few scenes.

After the Save Point you will be outside and you will find Liquid there, its time for the final battle

[edit] Boss – Liquid

First a run through on what you must do and what the buttons are. First this is a fist fight no weapons allowed you will be fighting four forms of Liquid – MGS1 Liquid, MGS2 Liquid Ocelot, MGS3 Ocelot and finally the present Liquid. The first fight is easy; the second fight is a lot tougher he becomes more defensive but can still do a lot of damage when he attacks; the third form is not bad he becomes more of a grappler and then the final form is very easy just a few punches and he will fall. Now the buttons: L1 – Guard R1 – Short press punch, Long press will CQC, when guarding a strong punch, when dashing a body blow Triangle – When it displays it does a special action X – Duck, while moving dash

The second form may take some practice to beat but just do your best to finally defeat Liquid.

Once you are done here guess what… you have completed MGS4, congratulations now all you have to do now is collect all of the Emblems, Good Luck with that.

[edit] Epilogue – Naked Sin

After the final battle you will watch a few scenes involving Meryl & Johnny getting married & Snake in the cemetery, who puts a gun to his mouth. Scene pulls away & you hear a gun shot.


The scene changes back to the wedding & focuses on Otacon & Drebin's conversation. Eventually the credits start & if you're like most fans who played this game for the first time, you're probably severely upset, threw a controller at the TV screen, or crying.


The credits stop & focuses on Snake, who is panting on the ground, gun in hand. A voice says to him "I'm glad you didn't do it." & Snake turns around, seeing none other than Big Boss with the Patriot in hand. The two talk for a period of time, discussing the Patriots, even having Zero himself show up (in a wheel chair). Big Boss disconnects Zero's life support system & shortly dies from the Foxdie virus, thus ending the game & continuing the credits.

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